Short curtains in the interior of the children’s room

Children’s design should be practical, but at the same time very cozy and comfortable. Special attention deserves the improvement of windows, since the curtains are an important final stage of interior design design. Short curtains are very popular in children’s great popularity. Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of products, various design and structure of fabric, as well as mounting.




Short curtains in the nursery are usually purchased during the period when the child is still a preschooler. Active fidget often grabs your handles surrounding his things in the desire to know a new one for yourself. That is why experts do not recommend decorating the children’s room with long curtains.

Children often, playing with them, can get confused in them or spoil the cloth, for example, breakdown or painting it. There were also cases when children in the active game accidentally disappeared curtains with loops or even with a shaky eaves, which, of course, does not exclude bad consequences for the child. That is why many decorators and parents when choosing a curtain for children’s room usually prefer short models to the windowsill.

It can be like dense curtains and light curtains.

At the same time, their combination is allowed, although for the nursery, in which kids live, usually the curtains of dense tissue are not purchased. This is due to the fact that small boys and girls are often afraid of darkness, and therefore their parents do not have to delay the curtains at night.

In addition, such products are an additional source of dust that can become an allergen and causative agent of many negative reactions on the sensitive skin of kids.

Materials and design

Curtains for nursery are light translucent short-livel curtains or blinds that can dispel sunlight or lure the attention of kids fabulous embroidery or print. Manufacturers produce interesting products enriching them without a large assortment of children’s short curtains.

The curtains made from such natural and eco-friendly materials, such as flax, cotton or paper, are particularly popular. They will be safe for the health of the child and at the same time will look as effectively as curtains from modern materials.

Also relevant curtains-blinds from plastic and wood, which are perfectly humid cleaning. Recently, bamboo blinds are often purchased in children who perfectly emphasize the simple interior of the room.

The design of the product is also important in the curtains for the nursery. It should not be boring, but, on the contrary, should attract attention and be bright and interesting to raise the mood of the child together with other items of the room, as well as to help develop his imagination. In the design of the curtains for children’s bright prints (geometric or depicting, such as favorite cartoons of cartoons), as well as embroidery and photo printing.

Color palette of products may vary depending on the style of the interior. For the girl’s room, it is characterized by warmer and gentle tones, while the boy’s room is usually made in dark neutral shades.


There are several relevant varieties of curtains differing in appearance, device and attachment to the nursery.

  • Roman curtains. Pretty universal option. As a rule, children’s products are made of environmentally friendly fabrics, and they may have interesting prints on their canvas. The device of such curtains allows you to adjust their height, which is convenient for many parents. They are also comfortable in circulation and care.
  • Classic curtains. Usually performed from light fabric. Close-in curtain options often do not have additional fastening for decorative ribbons or fringe, but may have an elastic band or a special method of fastening for a more spectacular and gentle window design.

  • Austrian curtains. Often creative moms make such curtains alone from light colored fabric. They occupy from a third to half of the height of the window and may have an asymmetrical or curly end. Can act as an independent product and in addition with more flying curtains.
  • Blinds. Common short variety of curtains, which is attached directly close to the glass window and does not go beyond its limits. Pretty practical and universal version, whose surface can occupy an interesting photo printing.
  • Rolled curtains. Recently, gaining great popularity due to the possibility of convenient operation and washing. Manufacturers offer many different designs, fabrics and fastening options, among which the most successful model is easily enabled for any interior of the children’s room.

In search of the ideal option, it is worth considering the preferences of the child and the general design of the room to achieve the most colorful and interesting effect.

How to properly decorate the children’s room with curtains, you will learn from the following video.

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