Comfortable children’s travel beds: from inflatable to folding models

    Going with the baby on a journey, parents must take care of his health and comfort. If the baby does not get enough sleep in a new place, you can just forget about rest. Provide a comfortable place to sleep a child – an important task. What a crib is easier and more convenient to take with you on a journey, you will learn from this article.

    Criterias of choice

    Choosing a sleeping place for the baby, it is important to take into account:

    • child’s age;
    • Safety model;
    • Mobility and transportability of the bed;
    • Weight product.

    Models and manufacturers

    Consider the most practical mobile models.


    The perfect option for children from 0 to 3 years is a folding playpen bed.

    It has certain advantages.

    • Made from safe and lightweight materials.
    • Easy folds and going on the principle of umbrella or book without the help of tools, packaged in a portable bag.
    • Perfectly washing. Removable cover from a crib can be wrapped in a typewriter.
    • Safe. Highlights. Getting on the legs, the child will not fall out of the bed.
    • In the manequer, the child will not only sleep, but also play. The walls made from the grid give the opportunity to see what the baby makes.

    Choosing folding beds in stores today is just a huge. Parents pay attention to bright and colorful options, but pay attention only to external design when choosing a player for trips is not worth.

    • Sustainability. Please note whether a playpen is secure on the floor and whether there are additional supports for stability.
    • Safety. Check the strength of fixing all parts. To make sure that, assemble and disassemble the playpen on your own in the store.
    • Presence of protection against unexpected folding. Ask what model there is such a function. Make sure there are motion locks on the crib wheels.
    • Stiffness of the bottom. Sleeping affects the formation of the kid’s spine. If the bottom is not sufficiently flat and hard, it is necessary to lay an orthopedic mattress in the bed.

    Very comfortable model of playpen with two levels of the bottom. Top level is designed for babies from birth. This will appreciate moms who have a back hurt. With such a design, you do not need to lean hard to take out or put a baby in bed. The lower level will be needed when the child learn to get up on its own. Convenient detail in the Manege – LAZ in the wall, through which a year old baby will independently get out and climb into it. Commier about the child can do it only under your supervision. Clasp should not be available to him.

    There are models that have additional accessories complete, it increases the playpen in price.

    You can easily do without these parts:

    • Baldakhina;
    • music buttons and audio systems;
    • vibration block for teaching;
    • suspended arcs for toys;
    • Visor from the wind and the Sun, if the child will not sleep on the street;
    • Mosquito net.

    Changing table, modules for bottles, pockets for small things, too, can not be considered essentials.

    Model Capella Sweet Time Heart. Characteristics:

    • Classic playpen bed for children from 0 to 2 years weighing up to 14 kg;
    • wheels with retainers;
    • toy pocket;
    • Included there is a portable bag, an anti-mosquito net;
    • Size: 126×166 cm, height – 62 cm;
    • Weight -10.5 kg.

    Advantages: Attractive price (from 3500 rubles. ), the presence of a reinforced support system, low weight compared to other models. Disadvantages: no Stand protection system, lateral laza.

    There are models under the same name with side laser and a music module at a higher price.

    The Cubby model from Noony offers:

    • Comfortable sleeping place for kids from birth to 3 years weighing up to 15 kg;
    • 2 level level in the crib, upper tier can withstand weight up to 7 kg.


    • Folding protection;
    • Side Lases on the clasp;
    • baby changing table;
    • Comfortable storage and transport bag.

    There are additional features: Music, Texaging, Removable shelves, pockets, backlight, Suspension for toys. Product Size: 125x 65 cm. Manege height – 76 cm, weight – 14 kg. Disadvantages: High price (from 6000 rubles. ), high weight. Favorites in this category are products of Brevi, Patron, Baby Born. Models of these companies have a small weight, hard bottom.


    Child older than 3 years Manege will not fit. Perfect Option – Inflatable Bed.

    She has many advantages:

    • little weight;
    • easy to inflate and blow up;
    • There are no problems with transportation and storage;
    • affordable price.


    • DISTRIBUTY, the service life of inflatable products – 3 years;
    • Easy to damage sharp objects.

    One of the leaders in the market is the manufacturer of Intex. The company produces inflatable products that use for sleep and outdoor activities. Bed Intex 66810 is designed for children up to 7 years.


    • has flights with a height of 10 cm;
    • Bedside size 107×168 cm is in the recess;
    • total height – 25 cm;
    • Material – PVC, hypoallergenic, moisture resistant.


    • The bed does not bend;
    • Flock coating, pleasant to the touch;
    • The child cannot fall out of the bed;
    • Price from 1600 rubles.


    • weight of more than 4 kg;
    • Pumps up with a manual pump.

    The well-known manufacturer of Bestway offers an inflatable bed of Angry Birds for children under 8 years old:

    • Size – 132x76x20 cm;
    • Material – vinyl, hypoallergenic flock;
    • There is a sleeping bag of polyester.


    • Bed is practical, convenient to wash, store;
    • not afraid of water, does not deteriorate in the sun.

    Disadvantage – no pump.

    Model Bestway Winx Club size 135x79x41 cm for a girl up to 10 years. Advantages:

    • withstands the load up to 35 kg;
    • longitudinal frame;
    • sleeping bag.

    Disadvantage – no pump and repair kit. The cost of Bestway beds is about 4000 rubles.


    • For kids from birth up to 3 years old, take a reliable playpen, taking into account the recommendations received.
    • An inflatable bed with sabers and deepening or a sleeping bag and anti-slip hypoallergenic coating is suitable for 3 years.
    • Inflatable bed is suitable for a relaxed child. You can’t jump and run.
    • Do not forget that the sleeping place should contribute to the preservation of the right posture. If the child has problems with the spine, use inflatable beds without a doctor’s doctor is not worth.

    Choose a comfortable bed, travel comfort and pleasure.

    How to choose a cot for a child’s travels, look in the following video.

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