Choose liquid wallpapers for the children’s room

To create a modern decor, the color and texture of the walls are the basis of the subsequent setting in the room. With all the variety of finishing materials for walls, liquid wallpaper is beneficial.

Their application does not require special training, which allows you to act as a designer to anyone.


Liquid wallpapers are a combination of cellulose or silk, glue and decorative ingredients (sequined). According to the consistency in a dry form they resemble plaster. Are also applied, but they differ in a more cozy texture, which manifests itself after applying.

This type of wall coverage is applicable for any residential room in the apartment, including children. Material is environmentally friendly, since it does not allocate harmful substances into the environment. In addition, it is durable, well sufficiently repaired.

And this is one of the main positive characteristics of the coating for the children’s room. After all, small children are often dirty walls with hands or handles and wovers.


Liquid wallpaper can be:

  • cellulose;
  • silk;
  • Silk-cellulose.

Cellulose coating are created using various adhesive compositions. There are a large number of their species in which decorative ingredients add. They allow you to diversify any design, and are well combined with other materials.

In silk wallpapers there are fibers, which improves the strength of the coating. At the same time, the walls look very stylish. This type of wallpaper is for a long time.

The combined mixture has high strength characteristics at the average value, which makes the coating optimal when the children’s.

Liquid wallpapers are represented by the widest color palette. Available and creating the necessary shade manually. It is enough to mix the desired color of the koller (special dye) with a powder mixture of wallpaper in a certain proportion.

For intense color, the entire bubble is required, for pastel shades – a small part.


In addition to the variety of color solutions, the mixture can be applied on the wall any drawing and even create a picture that is great for children’s. If you doubt artistic abilities, you can use a stencil. Child can join creativity. He will receive many pleasant impressions and invaluable experience.

Excellent noise insulation and air passability inherent in liquid wallpaper contribute to creating in children’s comfortable conditions for active children’s games. Such quality coverage received due to the combination of different materials on the texture.

The convenience of applying when using liquid wallpapers combines with the possibility of disguise small irregularities of walls. This advantage also follows from the inhomogeneity of the structure of the mixture.

It will also be the repair of a damaged area of ​​such a coating. Since the liquid wallpaper absorb moisture well, to remove them part from the wall you only need to wet a certain area. Then take a new wallpaper and apply a new coating.


The coating is poorly combined with constant high humidity. If an air humidifier is installed in the child’s room, it is not worth covering the walls with liquid wallpaper.

High and the price of this material. It exceeds not only the cost of paper, but also vinyl wallpaper.

Features decorating

When creating a children’s decor in a certain style, it is necessary to consider the fineness of the combination of texture and styles of the room.

With classic design, bright tones of liquid wallpapers in the children’s room will look unnatural. This statement is true for Provence. Natural and inappropriate shades are better. Wallpaper with a nonsense simple pastel colors structure perfectly emphasized the design in the country-style.

Electrician and High Tech closer to teenagers. In this case, contrast and bright colors are applicable when designing.

In adolescence, children are looking for their style. Therefore, the decision is better to agree with the child so that he does not have negative emotions during rest or studying.

Ceiling design

Liquid wallpapers are universal material, with which you can decorate not only the walls, but also the ceiling. The simplicity of application allows you to process both a smooth ceiling and any curved ceiling lines in several tiers.

This is a wide field for any fantasies. Ceiling can be painted under the starry sky, with one constellation in the center. If you apply the drawing of trees on the wall, the end of the crown on the ceiling will be an unusual addition to the design.

Liquid Wallpaper will help to transform the children’s room by making it a unique, emphasizing the individuality of the child.

About liquid wallpaper in the nursery, see the following video.

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