Choose a wooden children’s bed

The choice of a suitable baby bed is a very responsible case, because not only the harmony of the interior of the room depends on the quality of the selected model, but also the level of a comfortable sleep baby. The range of similar furniture is especially great today. The model range of children’s beds is regularly updated with new variants of a variety of modifications, however, high-quality wood structures remain invariably popular.

Features, pros and cons

Today, the choice of an ideal children’s bed is complicated by a huge selection of such furniture. However, choose a suitable product for the interior performed in any vehicle, will not work.

    The main requirement that is presented to children’s bedroom furniture is its safety. This applies not only to the absence of sharp parts and corners, but also the environmental safety of the material from which the design is made. Unfortunately, currently environmentally friendly furniture is found not so often.

    For example, common options from cheap LDSP such characteristics can not boast. Absolutely safely recognized as a tree of natural origin. That is why furniture for children of different ages made from a similar material is the most successful acquisition.

      Children’s wooden beds have their advantages and disadvantages. Benefits include several positions.

      • Furniture from wood has an excellent appearance. She is able to fit into many styles: both classic and progressive.
      • As part of the wood array there are no dangerous chemical components, so you can talk about the ecological safety of wooden beds.

      • Furniture made of natural wood is not subject to mechanical damage. It is difficult to break, even if the child is hyperactive.
      • High-quality wooden models can serve many years. Often, similar furniture in families are transmitted from generation to generation. Even after decades, the bed of wood will not come out of fashion.
      • Massif furniture can be renovated. It is permissible to do both independently and contacting the specialists.

      • From furniture made of a wood array, a pleasant fragrance comes to children soothing. In such an atmosphere, the child will sleep hard.
      • The view of the wooden furniture can always be changed at its discretion. For example, it can be painted in another color or lacquered.
      • In furniture salons you can find a huge amount of wooden beds for children of any age. Buyers have the opportunity to choose both a small cozy cradle for a newborn and a full-fledged two-level model for a child school age.

      The criteria described below can be attributed to cons.

      • The main minus of wooden children’s beds is their high cost. This is especially true of valuable models: beech or oak array. Not every buyer can afford to acquire such furniture.
      • For very young children, it is not recommended to buy expensive models of beds from the wood massif, because in this acquisition there is no special sense – the baby will grow soon and it will still have to pick another product. However, you can save a little by purchasing a more affordable model of pine or birch.

      • Wooden furniture needs special care. Natural material need from time to time to process protective compositions – antiseptics, because without them wood can dry, lose the saturation of the color or become a “dessert” for wood insects.
      • As a rule, the beds are made of wood have an impressive weight. It is quite problematic to rearrange them from place to place, it can be damaged outdoor coverage.


      In modern outlets specializing in the sale of children’s furniture, you can meet many different bed options.

      Round crib

      For newborns produce high-quality ral cribs from wood, which are very convenient to use. In addition, such models are often equipped with various mechanisms and can turn into other furniture items. But these products are expensive and not designed for long use.


      For the older child, you can buy a classic one-bed model, but with sidelights. In these models, built-in retractable storage boxes are often present.


      Such options for children’s beds are especially popular today, because they allow you to equip beds at once for two children in the conditions of one room. Also occurs the option and two-story bed modification of the attic, in which the first tier is not allowed to bed, and under the workplace, the game zone, a small sofa or a wardrobe for things.


      Similar furniture can be performed in the most unusual variations. For example, in stores you can meet models in the form of locks, machines, airplanes, cosmolets, forest tents and other similar objects. The thematic products are more expensive, but they look very original, and the children simply adore them.


      Transformable beds today are one of the most popular options. They will be able to rationally use the space available in the children’s room. Variations of mechanisms can be quite a lot.

      Often a sleeping place in such furniture can be masked under the wardrobe or table, without giving out itself in the daytime. Before bedtime, with the help of simple manipulations, this model will easily turn into a full bed for sleep. Of course, you can also purchase any other design – it all depends on the wishes of the consumer. But you need to consider that transformers from the wood array are quite expensive.

      Sofa bed

      A good solution for the children will be a comfortable and functional sofa bed. This option is also equipped with various mechanisms, for example,. This furniture is unfolded very easily. In addition, the sofa bed is often equipped with linen drawers.

      How to choose?

      If you need to choose a high-quality wooden bed for a child, then you should rely on some important criteria.

      Instead of high-quality furniture made of natural wood, do not buy a bed from plywood or chipboard, copying expensive material, it is worth requesting the seller documentation for the selected product. If the documents refuse to refuse, then you should refuse.

      Natural wood furniture will not cost too cheap. Democratic prices have only some products from birch or pine, but should not doubt them. The available cost is determined by the fact that such rocks are not rare, therefore they do not relate to valuable.

      If the bed is equipped with a mechanism (any), the serviceability of his work must be checked in the store.

      Furniture should be collected on conscience. No detail should catch or swing.

      Furniture should not be chips, scratches or faded sites.

      The size of the bed must be seamless in accordance with the growth and age of the child (it is better to take the option a little more).

      You only need to buy branded beds from wood, despite their high cost.

      About the nuances of a baby selection for a baby describes in detail in the video below.

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