Choose a children’s bed attack with a wardrobe and table

In apartment buildings there is a serious drawback – small on the square of the room. Cramped conditions do not have a sufficient place for the placement of furniture, so you have to carefully think over the furniture to use each square meter to use. Help in matters of arrangement can furniture complexes consisting of a bed, augged table. Often they are additionally equipped with cabinets and shelves, drawers and even a sports corner. Before choosing your complex, it is worth understanding its features.


The design of the bed-attic is made in two tiers. The bed is located at the top. To get to the high bed, the staircase is provided. Its configuration can be different – from vertical metal crossbars to stable steps with drawers in each of them. There are options for a bed with a folding table and a sofa on the first tier. The bed combined with the table is loved by most designers and popular with different categories of buyers.

She won such popularity thanks to the following advantages:

  • Saving places in the apartment will have to be very useful in children’s and small mysteries, because this furniture allows you to accommodate several useful interior items in one place;
  • The combined casual furniture modules and a bed at height from the floor visually increase the volume of living space;
  • Unusual forms and different structures make it possible to create a unique bed; Such a design is simple for the design, so it is not difficult to make analogue in drawings;
  • The bed combined with the table solves many tasks, for example, serves as a place for overnight stay and studying, and if you combine it with sports equipment and a wardrobe – it will not be equal in functionality.

Important! Such a furniture “hybrid” will take the square exactly as much as one standard bed would occupy. Of course, with the exception of the height of the complex.


On the joy of parents and children, All cons in this design are solved without problems, but worth paying attention to them.

  • Bed location height. This is the first and most important disadvantage, as it assumes the opportunity to get a serious injury. The solution is simple – the choice of model with reliable high sidelights on the bed or their own installation.
  • The design is uncomfortable in the apartment with low ceilings. Solve this question can only select a low furniture headset. The bed at an altitude of 1.2 m and a little more will also be salvation to save square meters in the home. In the absence of suitable ready models, you can make the desired complex to order. This option is the most expensive, but in the end is the most successful of all, as we think about every detail for the needs of your child – it is very reasonable and profitable.

  • The bed on the top tier first (with inappropriate) will bring some discomfort, meant descent and rise. And also a little tense at first bed linen change. If with a pillowcase and a duvet cover it is easier to cope at thenime, then the sheet will have to be stamped at the place. Especially for a person to have a sheet with a rubber over the perimeter. With low ceilings, it becomes a problem, but only the time will solve it for which experience will work out the bed in an unusual position.
  • Big weight design. Move from place to place it will not work. To change the dislocation of the bed-attic will have to make out furniture on modules. It turns out, it is advisable to think in advance where the overall complex will be located, then it is not necessary to engage in the assembly.

Types of designs

The presence of a computer or writing table is an important element of any modern child room. For him, often lacks the place. And the model with a sleeping place is released below with enough space to install a full-fledged table for classes. Thus, in one place, two questions are solved at once: recreation and study. It remains to figure out what features every variation of models of such unusual beds has.

Divide the following types of attic beds intended for adolescents and children:

  • The table is located directly under the bedroom;
  • The countertop is put forward from a niche under the bed as needed;
  • The small table is compactly equipped in the corner and adjacent to the cabinet.

The work area can be wide, full length of the bed or an angular intended for computer and school sessions. Such a workplace is often equipped with drawers and shelves for books. The plus of traveling countertops is its small height. Such a bed is suitable for children from 6-7 years old and older. With a low bed, the risk is seriously injured is minimal, and the benefit from the complex for sleep and classes is the maximum. Engineering idea in the form of an angular table is also beneficial to save residential quadrature. Free space is suitable for equipment of the cabinet with clothes or a small clothing chest, while there is enough space for the chair. It remains to purchase it, and the parental mission on the equipment of the room can be considered performed.

Lighting space in niche under the sleeping place

The table located in the “shadow” of the bed must be covered properly during classes. It is very important to preserve good vision in a child since childhood. Siblost will have to spend a lot of time for classes, so the daylight lamp from the right side is a mandatory element of arrangement. The presence of additional “point” lighting is only welcome.

Requirements for materials

Purchasing a bed-attic, you need to take into account what raw materials used for its manufacture. How long will the furniture last, it depends on what material it was made. Knowing it, it becomes easier and care for her.

It is worth paying attention to the main types of materials.

  • Plate made from pressed sawdust. From above, a special coating is applied, imitating the tree or any structure. Such a bed is easily clean, it looks wonderfully and has a small weight. The minus is that with an aggressive exposure from the outside the bed will deteriorate and gradually lose their attractive. Neaxorate appeal will lead to chips and cracks, which means you have to look for a replacement.
  • Bed on metal racks. Such a frame is distinguished by an unlimited operational period. Strong material withstands active mechanical impact. If something can be damaged – only enamel, if it is extremely inacked in the use of construction, but such cases are rare. Minus metal consists only in the high cost of the design.

The size of the heads and their features

In size, the attic bed does not exceed the standard single bed, excluding only height. The idea of ​​such a model is that it occupies as little area as possible if there is a mass of favorable features. Traditionally, the furniture set reaches a height of 2 meters. It is enough to stay at the table and comfortably settled in bed on top. If there is a desire, you can construct the bed according to your own drawings.

Furniture masters embody all sorts of ideas of customers in real exclusive complexes. Supplementing such a construction with a horizontal bar or staircase with storage places in steps, you can combine even more benefits in one place. Individual in this case, you can make the height and width of the complex. You can choose the desired color under the environment, use the most reliable accessories and think over the protection and configuration of the writing desk. After the Children’s Bed is the attic bought and collected, it remains only to begin to get used to refuel the bed and use all the functions of the new furniture fully.

About how to collect a loft bed with a wardrobe and table with your own hands, look in the following video.

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