Choose a bed for a teenager

Parents always try to give their children all the best, sometimes even what they themselves did not have. For example, many grew up in publications or close apartments, where even the speech did not go about a separate room. Times change, and today it is accepted that, from a certain age, the teenager had its own space. Parents are trying to highlight him the room and furnish it so that it is beautiful, functional and comfortable. Good bed – the key to the fact that all these items will be observed.


The first thing to do is to decide what kind of bed. And there are many options today, and even for the smallest room or non-standard layout you can find a suitable place to relax your child.

For a teenager, a sliding couch or single sofas with a Dolphin mechanism can be selected. Such beds should be approached under the headset in the room.


This is a solution for small children’s. Single beds today are very diverse. You can choose a fixed model – it’s just a bed that you put in a particular place. But to save space, you can look at folding or lifting options.

For example, the bed can be hidden in the cabinet niche and decompose only before bedtime.

Also for convenience, manufacturers often equip the beds rear back, which is not removed, and along with zones about the legs and heads it looks like a one-piece design. It is also very practical, because so the child will not constantly touch the walls to the walls, which will save the wallpaper from the allocation and derete repair.

Modern single models are equipped with spacious boxes and niches, where you can store things. They can be under the bed or the base itself can be lifted and linen in free space.

On sale today you can find entire systems in which the bed includes, as well as a small table, folding as it is necessaryT. Also interesting options in which the bed is on the second tier, and below there is a desk section. So the teenager will be convenient to do lessons. Many people like this option because it creates a sense of privacy.


If a child is big or just want to buy a larger bed, choose double models. They have all the same properties as one-sized options, only places for storing things will be even more.

It is important to pick up such a bed so that it is not too high for a teenager.

Pay special attention to mattress manufacturing material. It is necessary to take into account the rigidity. Doctors do not recommend buying a teenager soft mattress so that his posture is not spoiled. In a dream, the spine will not relax, and it is fraught with problems with the back, as well as a decrease in the quality of sleep. Better to give preference to medium stiffness mattress. Go to the store along with the teenager, and let him sit for 5 minutes and goes on the mattress. So he will understand what he needs.

Increased rigidity is necessary if the weight of the teenager exceeds 60 kilograms. In other cases of averaged options, it is enough.

It is better to choose a springless mattress, because it is more even and will not cause an excess tension in the back. Also popular models with fillers. For example, many prefer natural materials: Wool, Coconut, Latex. They possess hypoallergenic properties and serve long.

Before buying, it is desirable to arrange the mattress near the wall and put on it.

If a deflection is more than 10 centimeters, it is better to look something else.


This is a functional option that will save position if the room is very small. So the teenager will have a place for sleep and day pastime.

Sofa is practically no different from the sofa. It can only have a wider seat, and armrests and backs are placed on the same level. Often models are equipped with hidden linen storage boxes.

When choosing a sofa, it is important to determine the transformation mechanism.

  1. Folding. In her sleeping place is under the seat. Need to lift it up and forward, the back is shifted to the vacant place. Minus such an option is the lack of boxes.
  2. Picky. In this model, rollers are attached to the bedroom, and it rolls out from under the seating. Section for bed linen here usually eat. It is important only before buying to check how easy the mechanism works.

Also pay attention to the framework. It is desirable that it be metallic. Also on sale are less durable, but cheaper models made of wood massif, laminate, chipboard. They can bother with skin, nubuck, flock and other materials.

As for the upholstery, it is good if it is removable – in this case it will be possible to wash it. But options with a pile are very complex in care and do not suit the teenager room. They are more likely to use in the living room.


When choosing a chair-bed, it is worth navigating the same parameters as sofa. This is an excellent option for saving space. Only on the sofa you can take a break, not even laying it out, and it will not work with this. But it is often cheaper and suitable for small rooms.

When ordering, you can choose the filler for the chair and the frame type. Today, the Bonnel block is relevant with dependent springs, which when loading becomes tough and perfectly hold the body weight. They do not creak and provide comfort in the recreation process.

Do not forget about hypoallergenicity. It is important to prevent the spread of fungus and bacteria. If the house of the teenager comes out on the north side, mold can be formed on the surface of the furniture. In this case, it is better to give preference to materials that are better passed air and do not hold moisture (for example, the foamon is not suitable for sure).


These designs are suitable if it is not possible to allocate a room for each child, and the room itself is small. The above mentioned the structures in which the bed is at the second level, and the first takes the table. These are not full bunk beds, only models can be considered in which sleeping places are located at the top and bottom.

It is very important to choose the height of the bed to the teenager who sleeps on the second floor could calmly sit down and do not rest in the ceiling. In addition, security is important. The bunk bed should be durable and equipped with a special staircase, which can easily climb up. Also in modern models there are safety sides, which in the afternoon add up, and in the evening, before bedtime, they simply raise them and fix. After that, the teenager will not fall down the bed, even if he sleeps restless.


The best are the beds for adolescents produced from a natural tree. They are hypoallergenic, which is very important, considering how many allergies today.

Wooden beds serve long, but cost expensive. Whether it is advisable to buy them, everyone decides itself, because the children grow very quickly. Maybe the bed will soon have to change. Or initially you need to buy a big model.

More budget option – MDF. It is also related to natural materials. MDF does not secrete harmful substances and can be used for the production of beds. Paraffin and lingin are used to fasten parts among themselves in this case.

Bed from MDF for strength is no less inferior to wooden analogues.

Recently, more and more often can be seen on sale plastic beds. The opinion of them is ambiguous. On the one hand, if we are talking about a child of 12-14 years old, which may even be markedly grow up, then you can look like such a bed. It is cheap, and therefore it can be changed then, do not regret the money spent. But plastic beds do not hold the weight of the child. For large children, it does not fit. In addition, it is short-lived and does not look very attractive. But the price is often acceptable.

Selection criteria

Several tips on what to consider when choosing a breakfast for a teenager.

  • Functionality. Bed can be a place to store things or area for classes. For small rooms, this is a real salvation. Of course, here the first place is kept behind the chair and sofa, which are compact and several tasks are performed at once.
  • Safety. This applies not only to the materials, but also accessories. It should be securely fixed. Better if the bed does not have sharp corners. For bunk options, insurance in the form of an additional sideboard and a reliable staircase.
  • Quality assurance. Bed for a teenager is a serious purchase. Therefore, it is better to contact a major producer who will guarantee the repair of the product if such a need arises. Usually, the standard warranty period is 2-5 years, depending on the model and price.

  • Strength. It is important to make sure that the sleeping place is withstanding the weight of the teenager. Choose a bed better with a slight reserve for the future when the child will grow up.
  • Design. Bed must be combined with the situation. Today there are no problems with this – the range is quite wide, as well as the color gamut.
  • The size. As a rule, standard adolescent beds have a length of up to 190 centimeters. Sometimes you can find models in 200 centimeters. Their width is 160 centimeters. If you need other parameters, it is possible to manufacture furniture to order.
  • Form. You can buy a rectangular bed or consider more unusual options in the form of spacecraft, machines and other solutions.

Today, the model line of teenage beds is very widely represented by manufacturers, for example, such as Giovanni, “Hummingbirds”, Lelle and T. D. Let us dwell on the most popular options.

Loft bed

Initially, there were only baby beds that were equipped with sections for storing toys. But now manufacturers offer similar options and for adolescents, only with a large number of sections and shelves, where you can place books, equipment and other items. The bed is on top, and the workplace with the desk – down.

Such 2-tier models are quite popular and suitable for two children.


From the side it looks like a flat surface. There are no sidelights in it, which allows you to lie on this bed in any position and lay out things. If it seems to you that such a model looks boring, you can decorate it with bright pillows.

The model is perfect for a teenager who likes to spend time at home. The only thing wallpaper from the walls should not be marked, because the child will rely about them.

Such a model can also be completed with additional sections and drawers. It can be located on a hill or right on the floor. It is easy to move, which will make care of cleaning. And if you wish, you can always change its position if there is a mood in order to make a permutation.

Wardrobe bed

In this design combines a sleeping place and a wardrobe for things. This is a transformer bed, which is inside the cabinet and declines only before bedtime. Perhaps this is the best solution for a small room. And in the closet there are also sections where you can store things.

Beautiful examples

Finally, several options for interesting models that may be interested in a teenager.

Restrained colors and minimum decorative parts. For such a bed it is easy to care, as dust will not accumulate under it. It is perfect for the room of any size.

Sleeping place in the form of a ottoman, which allows the use of a room for both relaxation and as a living room. You can even invite friends here.

Cozy bed, which is on a small elevation, and under it there are shelves. Rounded flights make the model as safe as possible, and the restrained color is suitable for any interior.

Nuances when choosing a teenage bed a lot. But the task of each parent is to provide a comfortable and safe rest for the child. Now you know exactly how to do it. Enjoy the shopping!

How to choose a bed for teenagers, look in the following video.

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