Choose a bed for a child from 3 years

If your child is 3 years old or more, then you have already definitely collided with a question of a personal corner arrangement for your baby. This is a special and important moment both in the life of parents and in the life of the child. An important subject in the children’s room remains a bed. It is necessary to arrange everything is functionally and convenient, but at the same time express the individuality and character of your Chad. Fortunately, today manufacturers offer a huge range of children’s furniture for different needs and wishes of buyers.


Until a three-year-old, the child sleeps in a crib for babies or with parents. That is why this age border is too important in the development of the child, he begins to sleep separately and he has his own corner. Children’s bed selection is huge. You can find everything: ranging from the sofa bed and ending with a separate “bridgehead” for children’s sleep. Not all parents will be able to quickly and unmistakably determine the quality and features of the bed. That is why before buying it is better to study the types of children’s beds from 3 years old and their distinctive features.

The first thing is important to remember – for a cot for a crib needed increased safety. It makes no sense to buy a large bed for the whole room for a three-year-old baby. But what is worth taking care, so this is about elevated safety measures and softness of the mattress. If you have a limited budget, then put the health and comfort of the baby in priority, and not the size of the bedroom. Speaking about the varieties of baby beds from 3 years, the modern market can offer several options. Below are the types of beds for one child, but this classification is up to date and for twins, twins and even children of different ages.

In the process of the selection, you can mix the furniture and create your designs.

  • Standard single bed. This option is most often chosen for a long time. Such beds are familiar to everyone. Usually such a bed is bought for a three year old and serves as a child before adolescence. For this reason, a low design and reliable design is selected. Single orthopedic mattress is better to take 20-30 cm more child growth, to grow. Plus this choice – the absence of the problem of buying furniture in the nursery for the next 10-12 years. But by cons can be attributed to the lack of individuality at the bedroom. Although stickers, paints and other prickly materials, it can easily fix this laughter. As an additional storage location, such beds are often equipped with bedside tables or baskets.

  • Sofa bed. If you vote for convenience and durability – sofa bed, what is needed. At night, it serves for a three-year bed with a full-fledged bed, and in the afternoon – a comfortable sofa. The same combination is possible with a chair-bed. This piece of furniture can be part of your sleeping headset, if the child sleeps with you or supplement his own room.

  • Bed-transformer. Today all the furniture can be very functional. This trend is dictated by the absence of sufficient number of free space in the house. With the help of transforming furniture you will have more space for storing things that are hidden from prying eyes and does not interfere every day, or just your bulky furniture can turn into a compact suitcases. This approach is especially relevant for the children’s room. A three-year-old child needs a lot of free space for games and development, and that is why the transformer bed will be useful. Usually during the day it may look like a small chest, and in the evening with a light movement of the hand turn into a full bed. All mechanisms in bed are usually reliable and easy to manage, so this can be done even to the baby.

  • “Modular” sleeping place. Such a bed also refer to functional furniture. It is not just hiding the pillow and the mattress, but creates a whole module, where does the table or a puppet castle come from. Such folding elements make up a complete list of the necessary child of the furniture. Thoughtful design allows all mechanisms inside the design to work as a clock, and the child is happy to explore all the hidden corners of the bed module. For twins from three years, several modules in the children will solve all the problems of parents.

  • Bed-attic or hill. This is perhaps the most children’s bed from all. She will resemble a special island for a child. Usually the sleeping place is at the top, so the presence of sides must. Bottom can be located halabuda, playground for games or sports. Special joy for a child is to get such a bed with a slide, on which he can descend every morning. With such a descent to raise a child in the morning work quickly and easily.

Almost all of these varieties of beds for a three-year-old baby are represented with one or two bedroom seats. Many configurations are equipped with additional bed linen boxes or children’s toys. And you can also buy soft pillows for sex games or for other entertainment. It is recommended to use flights on a children’s bed, especially if the bed is on the elevation. Often they are already built into the frame, but if not, do not suck and protect the life of Chad with removable sides. Most often, the side is a few vertical regions. They should not be too far from each other so that the child could not push his leg or head between them. By the way, boots, like the side panels of structures, can serve not only as protection against falling, but will be an excellent place for shelves or suspended organizers. This is a good way to teach to order from birth.

The appearance of modern beds is also very diverse. And we are talking not only about the girl’s or boy color. Little princesses can sleep in the present castle, and young Amazons – in the colorful jungle. And the boys will not give up the pleasure of sleeping in a racing car or spacecraft. This design can strongly help parents, because children will be happy to run to sleep every evening. The choice of bed depends only on the budget, the wishes of the child and adults.


Having understood with the species of beds, special attention should be paid to the materials from which good beds should be made, because no appearance is important if the low quality bed. The first thing about what is important to remember is a healthy back and a child’s sleep. When choosing furniture you need to pay attention to two aspects – body and mattress. The best material for construction is wood. This is a natural basis that is deprived of chemical and radioactive substances, and the natural smell of the wood array soothes the baby. In addition, such a material is distinguished by wear resistance and durability, so it will be able to withstand any tricks of three year old robbers. The basic minus of good wood is a high price. Along with a lot of other purchases, it can scare away parents, for such cases there are other suitable options.

Cheaper option is a frame of chipboard or MDF. These materials are not so reliable and, most likely, they will have to change more often, but they are not so expensive. They are also relatively eco-friendly and are provided in different color solutions, which gives the will in choosing a design. Separately, it is worth paying attention to the material of the side. They can be like soft tissue and very hard. It all depends on the activity of the child in a dream, because their main task is safety.

But it is better not to use, so it is metal and plastic structures. They are completely unpleasant to the health of the baby due to chemical impurities, which are added during production. What is even worse if you choose a bad base, then plastic or metal can be brought or break during sleep and cause damage to the baby three years. In any case, sharp corners and roughness on the design should be saved, because active children can harm themselves. When buying it is necessary to trace all the mechanisms working properly, and in the process of using furniture regularly need to check the quality of the whole design.

But on the right case, the purchase does not end. Equally important to decide on the mattress. High-quality mattress is, first of all, the comfort of the child. A bad choice affects only the emerging spine and the internal organs of a small man, so that there is no thoroughness in this matter. To begin with, decide on the sizes of the mattress. Big will not be placed in the frame, and with a small child will scalle. Typically, the housing is made under the standard sizes of mattresses, so that there should not be problems.

Like ordinary, mattresses for children from three years are divided into spring, black and orthopedic. The most correct option is the last. High-quality orthopedic mattress is the prevention of early stages of the development of diseases of the back and other internal organs. It is not surprising that the price of the orthopedic mattress can “bite”. Then you can choose the remaining options, but it should be borne in mind that they need to be regularly changed, so that the springs and batting do not fit.

Since childhood, the standard is considered a soft bed, but for the back of the child it is better to choose more hard substrates. The mattress is no exception. To create comfort while sleeping perfectly use soft and pleasant to the body of the mattress covers that create an additional tender layer. In addition, the covers are conveniently changed and washed, and the mattress remains clean. All components of the mattress must be wear-resistant and environmentally friendly. Frequently used materials such as flax, knitwear and terry fabric. Softness is created due to elastic foam, batting and reliable springs.


The question of the size of both the bedroom as a whole and its individual parts is quite simple. Ideal, pick up the size of the bed based on the growth of the child. The formula is as follows: child growth plus 10-20 cm. More or less standard size – 150×75 cm. But it is not worth blindly oriented on standards, it all depends on the body of the baby and its sleep habits. In the same method, a pillow and a baby blanket is selected.

Selection criteria

After examining all aspects of the issue of buying a bed for a child from three years, You can select multiple key criteria for choosing a high-quality bed.

  • All material used should be environmentally friendly and natural. But do not forget to rate the level of wear resistance of furniture. For the housing, a tree is best suited, and the mattress is correctly choosing orthopedic.
  • In an attempt to save one should not buy too big bed. Focus on topical dimensions so as not to spoil the dream. Optimal gap – 20 cm more child growth.
  • Bed frame must be durable and not having sharp corners. All mechanisms should work regularly to not harm their owner while sleeping and games.

  • In the question of functionality, it all depends on your needs. But it is still recommended to buy a design with additional boxes, places for entertainment or a fully functional module. And adults and children will be able to evaluate such a purchase in the process of use.
  • Actual design – this is where children’s creativity really manifests. It is recommended to mention “boring” options and add a real lock for a doll or a whole automotive station to the children’s corner. Do not be afraid to experiment with the child, create a separate fabulous world. As a result, such furniture will delight the eye of the child, to cheer it every day.

Perhaps these are all the basic recommendations with which you can safely go to the store. Key points are environmental friendliness, reliability and creativity. Manufacturers are ready for any suggestions, and only the budget is the restriction.


In any good furniture store, a wide range of furniture is not only in quality, but also by manufacturers. Especially appreciated furniture from Italy and Canada, but also domestic producers are not lagging behind. Almost every large company is focused on both a private individual buyer and large volumes of wholesalers. There are small furniture boutiques with capsular collections. Usually such furniture is very high quality, but also has a high cost. If we talk about large manufacturers, then they can find furniture for every taste and wallet, almost all collections are followed by modern trends and can equally compete in the market. And, perhaps, the main thing – many firms are ready to refine and form furniture headsets based on the needs of the family.

Choosing the manufacturer, it is worth paying attention to the following points:

  • Before buying, check whether you are given a warranty card and which cases it covers;
  • Learn more information about the manufacturer: how many years it is already on the market, which quality certificates have, as solves the problems of customer support;
  • Additionally, learn about the ways of delivery and special promotion proposals;
  • It is still not bad to get detailed instructions for assembling furniture items or to collect with the help of a specialist, because today many companies provide similar services;
  • Consult about reworking or finish design and functional design bed; If the manufacturer is ready for an individual approach to the client, this indicates a high quality of service.

Beautiful examples

As mentioned earlier, children’s furniture is full of various design options. Here you can get raised much more than with sets for adults. Let your child exercise individuality through the furniture in his own children’s. Stylish beds smoke the room, so, even if you have the most common bed, decorate it on your own. Today there are special paints, adhesive paper or ordinary stickers. And if your child is afraid to sleep in the dark, then a suitable cheerful nightnight significantly improve the situation.

For the princess, it is best to build her own palace, where she can play a mother’s daughter or any other games. Another option is a bed of a real oriental beauty with a slurry and a lot of pillows. And a small male is perfect for a plane bed or a whole spacecraft. And if you still build a whole starry sky on the ceiling, happiness of a child or children will not limit. There are many options for labeling. And it is best to start discussing options with the “real” owner of the room from the very beginning. Remember, you at three years old, most likely, I wanted the most unusual bed in the world. Why not fulfill this dream for your baby.

How to choose a bed for a child from 3 years old, look in the following video.

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