Bunk Children’s Bed Transformer: Excellent Option for Small Flat

In many married couples who have several children, problems arise with a place to sleep. This issue is especially relevant in the conditions of a small housing area. In such cases, the correct solution will be a bunk transformer bed, which will give a place to rest with both children.

Constructive features

There are only a few types of transformation mechanisms. Some of them are built on a spring method characteristic of Italian systems. Are considered very reliable and durable, due to the fact that they do not have any mechanical elements. In the composition of the mechanism, only twisted springs, which in a stretched form hold the weight of the bed. Well, the retainer that does not give the bed to work back. No longer mechanics there. Loads such a system withstands very large, reaching up to 120 kilograms.

There are beds based on the German system. Represent a hinge compound with a gas elevator. Their incomparable advantage is silent and softness of laying and folding design. The durability of a highly executed mechanism is also high enough. For many reviews, such a mechanism is able to serve more than 50 years. When choosing a German system, you need to check the power of shock absorbers. They must be not weaker than 1400 H, and better more. Also often, such a system is synchronous, that is, folding or folding one bed, the same actions also produces other.

If we compare durability and reliability of work, then it’s still an Italian option is more optimal. There are no moving mechanical elements in it. On the other hand, the German design has a smaller and quiet move. Every buyer chooses for himself what is closer.

Now as for the beds themselves. A two-storey combination of beds is only horizontal cleaner. Their mean size is the size of a conventional single bed, that is, a width of 100 cm and a length of 190 cm. Mattress thickness with orthopedic base on average is 20 cm. Considering the fact that the beds are folding, and therefore possess the volume closing mechanism, the thickness of the entire carrier structure (cabinet) is less than 60 cm. In addition to the fact that the mechanism itself and the bed are in niche, there are often hidden shelves, which are not visible during folded beds.

It should be emphasized that if a double-transformer combination is used, the lower part is sofa, and the upper can transform:

  • in lockers;
  • table;
  • The second element of the lower bed, which turns it into a cozy sofa.

Lower bed can be with linen storage boxes or toys.

All of the above concerns mounted two-bedroom places, which are folded in the form of a part of the monolithic furniture structure. There is another version of bunk folding beds. He is more mobile, but less reliable. In folded form it’s just a small and cozy sofa. When it is laid out, it turns out a beautiful two-story bed with one bedroom to the floor. For the mechanism in them, the German, gasolyphs system is used.

Consider the advantages of such folding sofas:

  • compactness;
  • relative mobility.


  • In folded form, it still takes place as a sofa;
  • Due to the design features, additional storage locations are or completely absent in this form of furniture or very small;
  • The reliability of the structure of the second floor is much lower; Similar to this larger number of different hinge mechanisms, unlike a conventional folding bed.

Advantages and disadvantages

Such a type of furniture like a children’s transformer bed, especially bunk, Posses near plus.

  • Of course, the first and basic – small dimensions of the occupied place in the folded form. Especially relevant for small apartments.
  • Such furniture fits perfectly in any interior, as it is often part of it.
  • Soft and orthopedically correct foundation that will not allow to deform the spine of the child.
  • Very long service life. Enough for the child to grow. Many transformers for children are performed in size, which is perfectly placed not only a small child, but also can comfortably accommodate an adult.
  • Some transformer beds have several decomposition opportunities. For example, some of them makes it also to perform the functions of a comfortable sofa, a chest or even contain a table in its composition.
  • In the production of such furniture, only an array of natural wooden materials is used.
  • Due to the fact that the bed is children, it is often equipped with the elements necessary for the safety of the child. Such as sides.
  • Reliability. Baby beds are always made with a margin of strength, as children never sit on them calmly run on the surface of the bed, they jump on it.

It is worth mentioning about the minuses of such furniture.

  • Horregious. Understandable thing that such a design can not be cheap. The cost of transforming mechanisms and natural materials is high.
  • Since the transformer is often part of another furniture (for example, a cabinet), and the mechanism is also often synchronously combined, the dismantling of the transformer bed is possible only, and with the subject of furniture, part of which it is.
  • While the child is small, fold and put out such furniture will have to be his parents. The child is just not forces.

Choice of furniture

When searching for furniture for two children, of course, first of all it is necessary to pay attention to the materials from which it is made. Furniture containing basic plastic is extremely undesirable, as it may be simply toxic for a children’s body. Or because of its chemical base, it will cause any allergic reactions. It is necessary to choose such beds in which the carrier part is made of natural wood, and not any glued chipboard and MDF, but only from solid grades of the wood array.

Good suitable oak, gevent, beech. It must be remembered that the upper shelf in any variant of the transformer bed is very high and saved on the material just risky for both children’s health. As an upholstery (if there is such), it is necessary to use only fabrics on a natural basis, not the synthetic.

Best of all, such furniture is made to order so that it fit into the design and interior of the room of the room, where children will conduct their main time. It is also worth deciding which additional cabinets, shelves and other items are required in one way or another.

After all, the configuration of the bedroom strongly depends on the age and interests of the child. For example, for young children, sides are desirable on the edges of the upper floor. In addition, children of any age need lockers under clothes, toys, and accordingly, and you need to decide where they will be located. And if possible – to include them in the entire design to save space.

As for the decorative functions of the built-in transformer beds, the rear side can be issued as you like, in any colors, right up to applying photographic images to their surface, which, from the point of view of parents, will be interested in their children. Side sides (artistic) and color solutions are also performed at the request of the buyer, if this furniture is made to order.


Bunk Folding Baby Beds are an excellent solution for any family in which two children. They are comfortable, reliable and occupy a minimum place. Thanks to a registered or personally made decor, they perfectly fit into the space and appearance of any room. Thanks to its universal functions, it will also be useful not only as a sleeping place, but also as a place for storing various things.

Many families who have already acquired a similar piece of furniture, can’t mess around, as he harmoniously fit into the overall environment and perfectly serves the goals of rest and entertaining their children. Even if the housing area allows you to freely put two separate children’s beds, you still have your meaning to use such folding pieces of furniture. In any case, it gives a large area for children’s games and entertainment.

Among other things, there is a question of order in the room. Often, such beds do not need to be stuck – they just pulled into the wall and everything, in the room order.

There is another nuance. When children grow or even simply will be absent at home (for example, let’s go to a children’s camp or to relatives), then such folding beds can be used and simply as sleeping guest places, in case of reception of any visits. What, by the way, they can be pleasantly surprised: both the presence of a similar “invisible” design and the fact that they do not have to sleep on the floor.

In the next video, you will find a brief overview of the children’s bunk transformer bed.

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