Bits for newborns with a chest: varieties of shapes and sizes, tips on choosing

The expectation of the baby is a thrift and exciting event. It is important that everything is ready to appear in the house in advance. First of all, it is necessary to decide where the cot will be located, because the first months the baby will spend in a dream about twenty hours a day. Together with this, the question arises – where to place the dowry? First toys, clothes, pelleys, diapers and care products – not count. Well, if the family has a large house where the child has a separate large room. In this case, without difficulty in the nursery, you can accommodate a crib, and a changing table, and a wardrobe. But in the face of a small urban apartment, the question of the planning of the children’s room is quite acute.

The solution is: Modern manufacturers of children’s furniture offer a wide range of models Cots for newborns with a built-in chest of drawers, crib-designers, which are upgraded as the baby grows in accordance with its needs.

Bed with dresser: advantages and disadvantages

The crib with the built-in chest will have to be quite by the way and will serve as a good help for young parents in care of the kid. Such a model has a number of advantages:

  • Practicality and multifunctionality – perhaps the main characteristics of modular beds for newborns;
  • Built-in drawers allow you to compactly arrange things and tools to care for the baby, everything you need will always be at hand;
  • In some models, the dresser’s countertop is equipped with additional sideboards, which allows it to be used as a table for swaddling;
  • If all the necessary things are assembled in one place, the baby will not remain unattended; This is especially important when the crumb is becoming more mobile, begins to turn over and sit;
  • The transformer models have the opportunity to change the length of the crib, disconnecting the chest of drawers, so the sleeping place grows together with the child, which is fairly economical.

However, it is worth saying about the disadvantages:

  • Large dimensions and weight structures make it difficult to perplete, it is inorganized in a limited space;
  • Models Cots with a chest, as a rule, are static unlike standard beds, equipped with a mechanism for the teaching;
  • The built-in drawers is significantly ordinary, therefore, it will fit fewer things into it;
  • Transformer models allow you to increase only the length of the bedroom, but not its width, and therefore, it will be disturbed during sleep;
  • Wardrobe bed is an order of magnitude higher than the usual baby bed.

Views and models

If future parents have chosen on a crib with a dresser, then they also have to decide on a suitable option for this modular design. Saving space of a children’s room – far from the only plus of such models. The module with the dresser can be placed both on the left and on the right side, manifold mom.

Models, which includes a table for swaddling, are easily transformed in the future in a children’s writing desk or an end. The table with a built-in dresser has a solid foundation that creates additional security. Caring for the kid is becoming easier and comfortable, and most importantly – the young mother will be much more convenient to swaded and dress up the child, standing right than beating above the ordinary bed. As a rule, in such beds-designers is provided by the height adjustment of the height. The changing table is easily folded, it is screwed onto the hinge to the back of the chest. When the baby is growing, you can remove the lateral fences and lower the base of the bed, thereby getting an ordinary children’s bed. Such a model can serve up to 10 years, but it can quickly get bored.

Sometimes, put the baby – a difficult task. Designers of baby cots managed to provide for this question. More expensive models are equipped with a special pendulum mechanism that allows you to rock the baby, which is very convenient for newly minted parents. The pendulum can work independently by reacting for restless movements of the baby. As the child grows, the pendulum can be removed and lower the bottom of the crib, transforming it into a manipile. Choosing a model with a pendulum system, it is worth paying attention to the design of the mechanism – bearing type or on the basis of wooden planks. The lulle on the bearings will last a longer period, while wooden structures are more susceptible to wear.

Any models are equipped with a movable adjustable side side. This allows you to raise it as high as possible, providing unrigible baby additional security, or omit to the level, in which the parent will be convenient to take a child in hand.

Safety Materials

Regardless of the shape and model of the crib with the chest, much attention should be paid to the materials from which the design is made:

  1. There should be no sharp corners and protruding metal parts.
  2. Experts recommend to give preference to models from natural wood species (birch or coniferous breeds).
  3. The child tries everything “taste”, so the coating of the side and partitions should be environmentally friendly and non-toxic. This is usually varnish or water-based paint.
  4. Special attention should be paid to the width of the distance between the rods of the side partitions: they should not be too wide (in this case there is a risk of jamming the head of the child) and too narrow (limiting the kid review). In the first months of life, the toddler manufacturers offer kids bedding kits with soft sideboards in a crib that are easily fixed on the side rods.

Special attention when choosing a class of a baby cot with a chest of drawers to pay the quality of the assembly of the design itself and, in particular, drawers. When the baby is growing and starts actively studying the world around the world, lockers and drawers can represent a certain danger to it. Today, the market of children’s goods offers parents to acquire special mechanisms blocking the opening of the boxes. These may be baby locks in the form of bright fabulous characters. Best if the pens of the chest will be made of durable plastic and securely fixed.

So, cribs for newborns with a chest of drawers – a great and ergonomic choice for a small children’s room. Such models will provide a safe and healthy dream, and parents – comfort and ease of care for their children.

In the next video, you will find a review of the Forest Cot Transformer Yelochka.

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