Baby Sliding Beds IKEA: Tips for choosing and instruction assembly

A place for a comfortable stay and strong sleep is important not only for adults, but also for children, especially since they still have a spine. But they have their own feature: they grow, so the bed with age is needed more and more. During the growth period, the child can be changed to three models, which is not entirely economical, and even pick up the furniture of the desired design is not so quick. Therefore, sliding mechanisms will be simply the best options for practical and spent parents.


The main difference between sliding beds is a mechanism that allows you to choose the length of the child’s height. Such furniture items are produced different styles, colors, there are both wooden and metal options. Bottom usually solid or rack.

When choosing a sliding bed, you can see that they are two species.

  • From 0 to 10 years. Initially, the place to sleep looks like a baby: he has fencing and a chest of drawers with a changing table. The size is 120×60 cm, but when the child begins to grow, the bed is lowered by the bottom, the fences are partially or completely removed. The third option to increase the place is the case when the chest of drawers is dismantled with a changing table, and then the bottom of the chest becomes one with the bottom of the bed. The size in such a disassembled form reaches 160×70 cm.
  • From 3 to 15 years. Initially, the length is from 130 cm, and with a sliding reaches up to 210 cm, width – 90 cm. Such beds have a patented Sliding System, often in the configuration are drawers from below or dressers.

Pros and cons

An explicit advantage is the acquisition of a crib for a long time, and this is very economically profitable, since the bed change for the entire period of growth of the child is not meant, of course, with proper and neat operation.

Many manufacturers are equipped with such beds with additional chests or boxes, which is convenient and significantly saves space.

Since all furniture and interior items are selected in a single style, then the only selection of the bed also saves time, because to choose or order a bed in a certain style – this is an unbalance.

Sliding models are exposed to a larger load than ordinary beds, so they are made of more durable material and with more reliable accessories.

But there are also its cons: since it is a children’s bed that is exposed to a larger load (jumping on the bed), then the mechanism of the splen can be breaking.

The lineup

Currently on the official website and stores contain several types of sliding beds from different series.

  • “Minnen”. The model is sophisticated and elegant, on the backs of the head of the head and plot thin rails and small wavy partitions with the beams on the sides. The bed is presented in black and white, has a metallic sliding frame with a pigmented powder coating based on epoxy resin. Complete bottom of the rails, the composition of which beep with birch veneer. The smallest length is 135 cm, and a large – 206 cm, width – 85 cm, the greatest load – not more than 100 kg.
  • “Sundvik”. This model also has a sliding mechanism. The base of the bed is made of a pine massif covered with acrylic varnish. Both backs are solid from fiberboard. Also in the kit goes the rush bottom. The model is presented in two colors: white and gray-brown. The smallest length is 137 cm, the greatest – 207 cm, the height – 80 cm, width – 91 cm, the load should not exceed 100 kg.

  • “Lexvik”. Classic model, the basis of which from the pine massif covered with colorless acrylic varnish, which does not interrupt natural color. In the kit there is a rush bottom of a natural tree: beech and birch. The minimum length is 138 cm, the maximum – 208 cm, width – 90 cm. Suitable for people who love the naturalness and presence of a tree in the interior.
  • “Boussung”. Model with a high solid back of the headboard, with rounded corners. Presented in two colors: White and light pink. Ideal for a maiden room. Running bottom included, consists of an array of pines, and the bed itself is from the Fiberboard, a coalid filler from recycled paper and plastics. The minimum length is 138 cm, the maximum is 208 cm, the width is 90 cm, the height of the headboard is 100 cm, the maximum load is 100 kg.

Here in the style of the bed you can pick up other furniture from these series, and baby bedding kits.

How to choose?

When choosing one of the IKEA bed models, you should pay attention to what they go for children from 3 years old, as in infancy for children’s beds it is necessary to install partitions so that the child does not fall.

Also a good aspect is the presence of all models of the roll bottom, and not solid. This will significantly improve the fan of the mattress, which is important for small children or in the hot season.

If the child is too active, then it is better to choose the model that has a housing and backs of solid material, and not from chipboard with internal paper filler, which are less durable.

But the choice of design design is already purely individually, because the color and shapes can like parents and children are absolutely different.

How to collect and exploit?

To all models on the manufacturer’s website and complete with beds there are detailed instructions with assembly and operation illustrations. There is a separate assembly service and installation of furniture that can be issued in the store. The site also contains video showing how to use the sliding mechanism.

For self-assembly, you will additionally need a cross and flat screwdriver and a hammer, everything else is in the package with the bed. It is better to collect all the parts on the soft coating, as on slippery and solid, if some details are slipped out of the hands, chipsets may form.

At first, screwed dowels are screwed into already drilled holes, as shown in the figures in the instructions, then the sleeves are inserted, after the screeds for the dowels are inserted and the body parts are fastened. When the backs and sliding mechanism are already collected, additional fences are attached to them, rush bottom and legs.

During cleaning, the bed and the rush bottom should be wiped with a cloth that can be mixed with detergent. Uncomplicated spots can be removed with a sponge, moistened with water and soap. If the stain is more complicated, on wooden beds you can try to remove them fine skin.

About how to assemble the model “Minnen”, look next.


On responses of buyers of the Bed Beds, IKEA perfectly fit into the interior of children’s rooms, are compact and reliable, withstand heavy loads, if the child is very active and likes to jump.

Parents who have several children of different ages say that sliding beds are a good option for design, because the beds are the same, and the length can already be varied.

Model “Minnen”, as its metal frame seems cold, but it can be decorated with garlands or tied toys.

Many users also talk about easy assembly and detailed instructions, because all the details are absolutely thought out and easily collected. And of course, – the savings that is important for any family, because the sliding beds do not need to be changed: they will serve for a long time, as they grow together with the child.

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