Baby beds for boys older than 5 years

For a child, age 5 years old becomes a kind of frontier. Kinded baby is already becoming more independent, but still needs parent care and care. At this time, his interests change, he is actively growing and developing. Not only children’s wardrobe is subject to revision, but also the furniture in his room.

Against the background of new hobbies in the nursery, additional drawers and storage racks appear, the number of libraries and the number of board games. And the baby grows out of his bed, pretending to a more spacious and functional sleeping place. His organization depends not only on the wishes of the growing offspring, but also on the reasonable approach of the parents. When choosing a new baby bed, you need to connect rational thinking and common sense.



Main options for designs

At this age, furniture for children is represented by a kind of transitional option: a shortened model up to 140 cm long with a width of 80-90 cm.

Baby beds designed for age from 5 years and older, differ from bass for kids in several criteria.

  • Functionality. The bed can be a whole ready-made complex with a sleeping place, a table, shelves for books and drawers for clothes and toys. Models are constructed in one or two tiers. The place from above takes the bed, and under it there are additional modules.
  • Unusual design. In preschool years, children are distinguished by a rich fantasy and reach everything unusual. Beds of bright colors in the form of cars, carriages and houses incredibly pleased with the defense and develop imagination.
  • Possibility of transformation. The collapsible model of the bed in the assembled form frees an additional place for moving games during the daytime, and in the night turns into a full-fledged place to sleep. In bed, a place for linen and pillows.

Types of designs Beds for boys are two species.

  • “Growing” together with the baby bed. Such constructions are a very profitable purchase. Having bought a bed with changing dimensions, many years do not have to think about buying a new year. Spend only for a new mattress. The size of such a bed can be changed as the child grows. The design of such models is usually universal: this is not a pronounced kindergarten version, but averaged, close to teenage style.

  • Standard bed on one bed. Possible additional equipment with drawers for linen or shelf in the headboard. Each of the designs should be examined in more detail, taking into account all the advantages and disadvantages. Then it will be easier to decide which bed is needed in each case. In this article, in particular, we will talk about what a single bed for a boy older than 5 years old.


Model without special design features. The size varies from 1.4-2 m in length and 80-90 cm in width. It is easy to choose bed linen (1-bed standard sizes). The bed is made of frame, headboard and squatting. The most popular choice of parents.

We will not equip the bed with a removable side. It will save the child from falling in a dream and make a sleeping place. Over time, the need for sides will disappear, and the bed will acquire more adult outlines.

Nelisses will be retractable boxes under the frame of the bed. It can be designs on wheels or retractable on rail. In any embodiment, this method is the most convenient. Saving space, maintaining order in the room and convenience of location – all these items solve additional storage locations.

Having bought such a model once, you can postpone the question of replacing the bed for several years ahead.



With an unusual design

Baby beds are called so that everyone will talk about what childhood is cheerful and interesting time. Surely every boy will have to do with a sleeping place similar to a racing car, a cargo or a police car. Bright colors of facades and unusual details in the form of real wheels with bumpers will cause genuine delight from any preschooler. On this bed, you can not only sleep, it becomes a favorite place for the Games.

But you need to understand that the model of such a design will have to change in a few years: children grow actively, and their preferences change as mature. A nine-year-old boy will probably be shy to sleep in a typewriter and she does not boast it. For such ages, a teenage design is suitable, devoidful, but more functional.

More about the bed in the form of a house you will learn by looking at the following video.

Loft bed

Optimal choice for children 7-12 years. At this age, the guys are often looking for privacy and simply love to sleep in unusual places, where they are difficult to get. They dream only about their territory, where there will be a place for all the valuable things for them. Such a corner is easy to create, equipping the children’s complex, including a bed, table and wardrobe.

The bed located at some height of the floor creates additional space under him. It can be used very rationally, which makes the designers of teenage furniture with great pleasure.

But the product of such a modification, special requirements are put forward:

  • A staircase that helps the child climb up should not be slippery;
  • It is better to choose a gender step: it improves the safety of the product during operation;
  • Bursts must be high (including the height of the mattress).

So you can be absolutely confident that neither during active games on the bed in the afternoon, nor during the night sleep, the child will not fall on the floor.

The combination of compactness, functionality and originality turns this object of the situation into one of the most beloved children. Especially children’s bed-attic will appreciate the inhabitants of a small apartment in which every free meter of the square is valued.


In 5 years, the child is already movable and strong, he confidently runs, climbs on the stairs and can climb on a certain height without support. A low bed with an appropriate ladder – a suitable safe option for such thunders.

The transformation of such a model occurs due to retractable modules of steps and tables for classes. In the afternoon, the staircase moves into bed, and the table, on the contrary, leaves from under it. Reading and reconnaissions are now held in a comfortable setting and deliver special pleasure.

Bed height typically reaches no more than 1.2 m. But this distance is enough to equip under the bottom of a small clothing cabinet and shelves for the office and books.

In operation, the model is for more than three years. Ocelfires, as a rule, need more adult models of beds and lose interest in the semi-children’s complexes. Therefore, the option is considered exclusively as temporary.

What to pay attention to when choosing a transformable model?

Similar types are presented in several modification methods: folding and retractable.

Some easily turn into a sofa, while others go out from under the podium or a second bed with special mechanisms.

Last option perfectly solves the problem of lack of free space.

Even a five-year-old boy is easy to put forward an extra bed. If it is also sliding, two children will fit it without constraint.

Remember that the top place located above the bottom must necessarily be supplemented with a side, otherwise there is a chance that in a dream one child will fall from above on another.


When buying any bed for a child, require the seller quality certificate for materials used in the manufacture of the product.

Interior stylists recommend to parents to combine objects in the setting of children’s. Bed boy from 5 years old can pick up in the style of high-tech or minimalism.

The color scheme of the crib allows any colors, with the exception of pink shades. You can decorate the bed with all sorts of animal prints, landscape or favorite heroes of the small owner of the room.

    After performing your parental debt, taking care of the functionality and safety of the bed and taking into account the wishes of your Chad, everything is guaranteed to get a sea of ​​positive emotions.

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