What is Hollcon in the mattress?

Man half of his life spends in a dream, so it is especially important to pay attention to what he sleeps, because high-quality and healthy sleep is the key to success in any activity. There are a large number of diverse materials from which mattresses and technologies are manufactured, which are used. Have long passed those times when the mattresses were filled with a fortune, cotton or even straw. Modern production technologies allow you to create synthetic fabrics that are more wear-resistant and hygienic than natural materials. After reading this article, you will find out what Hollcon is in the mattress, how to choose such a material.

Production Characteristics and Technology

Today, Hollcon filler (hereinafter – Hollarcon) is especially popular with high performance properties.

Hollon is a nonwoven material obtained from synthetic polyester fiber. It is a special spring fiber, manifesting resistance to moisture and helling. That is why it is actively used as a filler and insulation in the furniture and sewing spheres of production.

For the manufacture of material, a unique technology is used (thermopol, or otherwise – thermoppage). Its essence is the effects of high temperatures on bicomponent polyester fibers. Chemical fibers melt in special sectional furnaces, due to this dense connection with each other.

For the production of packing, hollows are used (that is why in the title of the material there is the word “Holl” – “empty”, “hollow” from English) Spiral polyester fibers. Then the so-called Italian abutto-technology is used when the items of the product (fiber thread) are stacked vertically with respect to each other. Due to this, the material is not primarily and is rapidly restored in the amount. The location of the fibers is beneficial relative to the pressure on the entire surface, because the fibers after the thermal cessation are twisted into the helix.

It can be concluded that High compression resistance is provided in this material due to the following innovative methods used in the manufacture:

  • unique thermal binding;
  • vertical orientation of fibers in the material canvas (stream);
  • Perforation of already formed reservoirs;
  • High rise of fibers.

It is worth noting the high ecology of this Blueless Method of Connection of Synthetic Fibers.

Russian manufacturers produce high-quality products that complies with standards (when choosing Hallcon products, pay attention to the Quality Certificate “OEKO-TEX Standard 100”), so this material is safe for children and people suffering from allergies. It is used not only with furniture or textile production, but also when creating toys, in construction and other fields.

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Pros and cons of filler

However, we turn to the filler – Hollon in the mattress. First of all, this is a number of indisputable advantages. These include:

  • Named higher ecology – due to innovative material production;
  • The material is not distinguished by toxicity, it is hypoallergen;
  • The material is resistant to the absorption of odors and moisture;
  • Hallcon products are hygienic and possess antibacterial properties, so parasites, fungus or mold will not be charged;
  • Material is resistant to burning;
  • Hollon has a high wear resistance, which guarantees a long service life of the product;
  • high thermal safety material;
  • Mattress from Hallcon is hygroscopic and well ventilated;
  • ease and convenience in caring for the material;
  • The mattress is easily adjusted under the shape of the body, but at the same time quickly takes the initial appearance after deformation or washing;
  • Hallcon mattresses have an affordable price (thanks to the unique manufacturing technology), there is a reasonable value for money;
  • Hollon mattress is convenient in transportation – it is easily folded and moved;
  • The product has a neat appearance, which also plays a last role when choosing a bed.

Many specialists are convinced that Hallcon production is a new step in improving the quality of recreation and sleep with a minimum cost.


There are several varieties of mattresses that use Hollon filler:

  1. This is the mattresses of 100% -Hollcon. They possess all the above benefits. In addition, there are combined mattresses. Hollon is perfectly combined with certain fillers: bamboo, coconut, cotton, wool.
  2. Hallcon and bamboo combination Provides high heat exchange properties of the mattress and increases the antibacterial capacity of the product. Adding coconut to packing adds rigidity to the product and increases its hygiene.
  3. Combination of cotton and Hallcon Increases the softness of the mattress. In such a bed, it will be more comfortable and comfortable to sleep those who often frown at night. On the mattress from Hallcon and wool nice to sleep at any time of the year. On the one hand, he is immune to moisture, on the other – has special healing properties (thanks to wool).


Size of the bedroom are different: 150 × 200 × 8, 140 × 200 and other options.

Mattresses with Hollon (like any other similar products) can be divided into four groups:

  • Children’s – The length of such a mattress is about 120-140 cm, width – 60-65 cm.
  • Single – The length of such products reaches 190-200 cm, and the width ranges from 70 to 90 cm.
  • Semi-gun – Length here coincides with a single place, and the width increases to 110-130 cm.
  • Double mattresses. Standard length of the adult bedroom – 190-200 cm, width – from 140 to 180 cm.

The main thing is to correctly measure the size of the bedroom to pick up the most suitable mattress.

Density of material

Hallon products differ in density and thickness. Thickness of a blurred mattress usually ranges between 6 and 12 cm. Products with a thickness of 8 to 10 cm use especially popularity. Such mattresses are used to smooth out the sleeping irregularities. In addition, the mattresses of this thickness can easily take with them into the car during the far road.

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Any Mattress from Hallcon has a fairly high density, so people will suit almost any weight category. Optimal Mattress Density – 1500 g / m².

In addition, the most interesting duets of the Hallcone material with natural fillers were indicated; Depending on these combinations, the density and thickness of the mattress can both increase and decrease.

There are I Mattress covers with Hollon, which can save those who are increasingly tossing on an uncomfortable bed. Their indisputable plus is that they are cheap, their thickness reaches about 2-4 cm, and you can wash them in a conventional machine machine.


In the Russian market today, many manufacturers appreciated the advantages of the Hallon material and produce mattresses with this synthetic filler:

  • Wide selection of mattresses with Hollon offers a factory “Alvitete”, which specializes in the production of bedding.
  • Assortment of goods with Hollon pleases buyers and firm Shed4Tailor.
  • SN-TEXTILE (“CH textile”) Also one of the largest Russian wholesale suppliers of bedding, in the range of which includes mattresses with synthetic filler HOLLON.
  • Of course, it is worth mentioning “Ivanovo Textiles”. Most comfortable and comfortable mattresses, low price – the main advantages of this manufacturer.

How to care?

Of course, you first need to familiarize yourself with the instruction manual of the product or with a label on it, where the manufacturer marks the most important points on the right handling of the product.

Buying products from Hallcon, you can not be afraid to apply almost any kind of cleaning. They do not require special care. Welcome both dry and wet cleaning.

Permissible are washing and thermal processing. Hollon dries quickly, because the material is hygroscopic and does not absorb liquid. Manufacturers indicate that the material is not afraid of high temperatures (up to 95 degrees). Due to the high strength of the HOLKON, it can be squeezed.

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Please note: if your mattress is combined, then when cleaning such a product it is necessary to comply with the rules of care for other materials.

Consumer reviews

Excellent quality mattress with Hollon confirm the positive feedback from many buyers.

Mattresses perfectly hold the form and differ in durability, which very much like consumers. Due to the special structure of the material, it actively resists compression. A pleasant and healthy dream on a lush mattress is that everyone must afford.

Of course, pleases consumers. Rostable price and quality ratio. The unique material production technology makes it possible to reduce the cost of the product.

Consumers especially emphasize the orthopedic properties of such mattresses. Hollon creates favorable conditions for the formation of proper posture, because there is a uniform load distribution on the spine.

All this indicates that the mattress from Hollcon is universal – it is suitable for both adult and for the child (even for newborns).

People who could not choose a filler for a long time, are very glad that they ended up on the mattress from Hallcon. Fall asleep on it – just a dream. Many forever forgot about the irregularities of an old bed, because the sleeping surface has become perfectly smooth. People faced a new problem – to leave the bed there is no desire. Many consumers advise to acquire just such a mattress.

Mattress from 100 percent Hallcon can be an ideal solution for the bedroom, and people understand it. Buyers especially like what they managed to find their optimal level of stiffness. In addition, the cost of the mattress is not very much affecting the budget, and at the present time it is especially important.

People buy themselves a new mattress, because it became impossible to sleep on an uneven old sofa. High quality products more than suit. Many ceases to hurt the back. Few people might think that the filler plays such an important role. Conveniently that the mattress does not take up much space, the day is easily hiding in the drawer of the sofa.

To choose the most suitable product in all plans, you need to get acquainted with customer reviews, compare several possible options, find out the characteristics. So you can find an option that will fully suit you.

About how Hollon produce, look in the following video.

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