What are inflatable beds and how to choose them?

Inflatable bed performs many functions, and acquire it for different purposes. A comfortable and spacious bedroom is useful to guests, it can be used in the country, in the campaigns, for relaxing on the terrace or during bathing in the reservoir. The main value of the product lies in its ability to decrease to the sizes of a small box, for the storage of which there is a place even in one-room apartment. In our article, we will tell about the types of products, about leaving her, we will help to understand the large range of inflatable beds.

Advantages and disadvantages

Inflatable bed has its pros and cons. Those who are too criticizing such products, we want to remind you that it is not acquired for constant night sleep (although there are such models), and for specific cases, when you need to quickly organize a sleeping place, then also quickly remove it, or when you need to transport it During the routing on nature. Banal clamshell can take the entire trunk, and blown and folded mattress is almost impaired. Other advantages have an inflatable sleeping place.

  • In the formation form, the design is light, but at the same time contains a large surface on which several people can relax at once.
  • Using the pump it is easy to adjust the degree of stiffness of the bed, adjusting to the preferences of users.
  • Air filling is a good heat insulator, on such a mattress you can sleep right on Earth.
  • The product does not collect dust, ticks, it is easy to wash and quickly dries in the sun.
  • Inflatable beds, unlike any other beds, are easily transported, stored and do not occupy a useful area during wakefulness.
  • Large selection of models allows you to purchase a product for solving specific tasks.
  • Inflatable beds can be multiple, contain different sizes, refer to children’s or adult category.
  • Such products are much cheaper than landline traditional beds.

As for the shortcomings, they also have.

  • Due to their insecurity, rubber beds are not too long service life. They are easily punctured pet claws and any sharp objects. The mattress can be damaged by simply throwing into the grass, in which spines, glass, dry branches hidden in thick vegetation.
  • Hot nights on rubber products stuffy and uncomfortable sleep.
  • Many feel the smell of rubber.
  • Especially unpleasant if the bed descends the air during sleep. Tourists wake up in a tent from cold, as they sleep, in fact, on earth.

Comparison with Mattress

The inflatable product is a secondary sleeping place applied from occasion to occasion under different circumstances. Purchasing it, many think that it is better to buy, bed or mattress? What are their differences, and what product is more practical and in demand? Let’s understand.

All inflatable sleeping places inside are made of vinyl, a small difference can be only a surface layer of flock. Many well-known companies make their innovative changes to the flock method, achieving greater similarity with the skin, velor. Products are obtained more comfortable and pleasant to the touch.

By the way, the flocked layer helps sheets not slipping from the surface of the bed.

The main difference between the products is the elevation parameters. If we consider, for example, Intex products, the height of their mattresses is 23-25 ​​cm, and the beds – 42-57 cm.

The following differences are subject to appearance. The mattress has a conventional flat plane, while the bed may contain headwinds, sides, assemble from several components.

In the navalized form, the product is different in size and weight. Beds are more massive, besides, they often go with built-in pumps, which increases weight more.

Unlike mattresses, Intex beds in its framework may contain not ordinary PVC partitions, and special fibrous stiffeners (fiber-tech), characterized by elasticity and high strength. Sleep on such a surface more comfortable.

Especially significantly the difference in products when buying goods, bed is worth more. The cost depends on the amount of material used, the complexity of the structure, from the number of partitions, sections, from the use of Fiber Tech technology.

So, we draw conclusions.

  • Mattresses are lighter, mobile, it is convenient to transport, take with you hiking, to the country, on a picnic or on the sea. If guests do not spend the night, and the apartment is small, also more practical to purchase a mattress.
  • The bed is more suitable as a spare bedroom for home or apartment, without transportation. Dear options can be used for daily sleep, if you cover them with a covering, not distinguish from the real bed. Height makes it easy to use products to people in old age or with sore joints, low mattress for these purposes does not fit.


Domestic and foreign manufacturers produce a large number of species of this product. It is characterized by dimensions, appointment, color, constructive additions, form. Most often there are rectangular beds, but you can also purchase round, semicircular or oval option. Data varieties are needed by special interiors for daily use. Hiking bed has the simplest forms.

Deprived of additional amenities in the form of a head restraint, sideboards or built-in pump, she tangible wins in weight.

Some varieties of products deserve to stop them in more detail.


The difference between orthopedic inflatable beds from simple lies in the ability of the surface to keep the human body in the usual state, without deflection and other deformations. These are large in the height of the model containing a special internal structure, allowing with the help of rigidity and stability to redistribute the weight of sleeping, maintain its spine in the natural position.

To keep the human body in due state, one or two cameras. Approaches to the creation of an orthopedic surface for each company their own, so there are beds with different internal devices.

  • Fully or partially cylindrical partitions are used, as well as string ribs, it prevents the effect of the hammock on the surface of the bed.
  • Intex mattress strength, not creating a deflection, is carried out at the expense of ribs made using DURA BEAM and Fiber Tech technology. Such partitions in the fortress and stability are twice the usual mattresses with PVC ribs.
  • Good effect reaches a model of two-level beds, where the lower tier is responsible for the stability of the design, and the upper for the adjustable stiffness of the bed.
  • Convenient models with a double view of partitions – longitudinal at the bottom and transverse in the upper. Numerous transverse screeds provide reliable spinal support.

With sideboard

Beds with sides most often found in children’s versions. Walls protect kids from fall during sleep. Adult models can also have fencing, they help maintain a pillow in a comfortable position and prevent the location of the rest of bedding.

Beds with sides often contain a removable mattress, which is easily removed from the overall design.

With pump and without

Pump – an important element of inflatable design. There is no consensus between users, which option is the best – built-in or autonomous. In fact, it all depends on the place where the bed will be operated, if in the conditions of the apartment, undoubtedly, the built-in version will be convenient, and a separate device will be suitable for trips to the cottage. To make sure that we consider the types of pumps Read more.

  • Built-in. The pump is not removable, located in the mattress with a special valve, works from electricity. Use such a bed as convenient as possible. Literally in a few minutes, the sleeping place is ready for use, with the same speed you can pull the air to send a storage product. For home conditions, the built-in device fits perfectly. But for transportation, the mattress is heavy due to the embedded pump. In nature, it is impossible to use it due to the lack of electricity.

  • Outer. Convenient view of the journey pump, as it works without an electrical network. They can be administered not only the bed, but also other inflatable products – swimming pool, toys, swimming agents. Outdoor devices have different ways to work, you can purchase a manual or foot version. There are models running on a battery or with auto-shock, from the cigarette lighter in the car.

If the pump is not embedded in inflatable furniture, it can go bundled with it or acquired separately. It is better to pay attention to the device of the same brand as the bed, although it is easy to choose another product.

With head restraint

Practical fixture for containing pillows in a convenient position. Products with headrests are two species.

  1. Contain a small elevation, on which you can put a pillow on top.
  2. The bed is equipped with a real high headboard. The pillow does not cover it, but only relies, which makes it even more protected from slipping.


The most popular transformer models include comfortable sofas with a back, which when laying turns into bed. The back at the time of transformation becomes headboard.

More compact options are chair beds. They are designed for one person, both in the assembled and disassembled form.

The most spacious and at the same time, you can consider beds with two mattresses, folded like a sandwich one on top of another. Both sections are connected by four plastic locks.

The inflatable bed with an adjustable back allows you to stay in the bed of half. She is suitable for those who like to read in bed, or to relax on the beach.

The bed-chaise lounge, powered by air, is with a double bedroom or with a removable back and headrest. Design ideal for relaxing outdoors.

It is possible to make a transformation of any bed quickly and without any effort, so products are in high demand.


The size of the bed is selected depending on the purpose and number of users. For example, choosing a hiking option, you need to know the floor area tents and the number of tourists. For 3-4 family members, two products are purchased – single and double, they are perfectly installed in a three-seater tent.

You can find 4 categories of beds that differ in size.

  1. Single – 70 x190 cm, 80×190 cm, 90×190 cm. The cheapest option is convenient for children, walking hike, for the beach.
  2. Semi-gun – 100×190 cm; 120×200 cm. Comfortable one person. Model Width 120 cm Allows you to relax together with a small child.
  3. Double – 140×190 cm; 150×200 cm, 160×200 cm. Designed for two vacationers. Conveniently transported.
  4. Royal Size King Size – 180×200 cm. On the bed of high comfort, a family with a child can be located.

As for height, inflatable beds it varies from 30 to 76 cm. Model with built-in pump can not be less than 40 cm.

It should be understood that the dimensions of the bed affect its weight and cost, as well as in the place that it will occupy during storage and transportation.

Without need, it is better not to choose the big dimensions of “just in case”, except for comfort they will add and hassle.

Rating the best models

Having studied buyers’ reviews, we made up the top best models of domestic inflatable beds, as well as models from Europe and China. All products are reliable, good quality. For objective filing of information in the review, positive and negative sides of inflatable products are noted.

Relax Twin JL027273NG

A semi-gun bed with an integrated electric pump can be inflated and blew up without effort in a few minutes. Flocked coating holds bed linen on the surface without letting it slip. Relax product and reliability company is not inferior to other eminent companies.

Despite the strength of the material, with time in the recesses, barely noticeable holes can be formed. Ferry Flock surface with difficulty breaks up with small crumbs.

Intex “Ultra-Plush Twin” – 67906

Intex – the most famous manufacturer of inflatable products, its numerous products is in most countries of the world. This model has a budget value and is available to many customers. High quality bed with velor coating withstands weight up to 135 kg.


Another representative of the famous firm – a double bed with dimensions of 202x153x50 cm can withstand the load up to 270 kg. Thanks to the Fiber-Tech technology, the product can be safely attributed to the category of orthopedic mattresses. The bed contains a built-in pump, but in nature, where there is no electricity, it is possible to use a simple pump, for this there is a special valve.

Of the negative points, the creaking and large dimensions of the product are notable for operation in small apartments.

Bestway Angry Birds

Children’s model sizes 132x75x20 cm contains a bright drawing with cartoon characters – Angry Birds birds. Made design from strong vinyl, endowed with a built-in pillow. Designed for use indoors. The model is produced with a good design, hypoallergenne, in folded form almost invisible.

Child Nuances

Inflatable bed do not buy spontaneously, make a purchase when there is a need for it. For example, It is planned to travel or arrival guests. In the first case, it is better to choose lower, lungs and compact options, they are easier transported and stored. The pump in the tourist products should be an external working without electricity.

The model for guests may well be double, for storage at home, dimensions and weight are not a hindrance, the main thing is to ensure comfort of resting. In this case, the built-in pump would be the best solution.

But for relaxation on the beach is convenient single beds with adjustable backs or model-chaise lounges.

Having understood with functional and sizes, pay attention to the inner device of an inflatable bed. More expensive and durable options have transverse ribs consisting of polyester fibers. Excellent models with cylindrical or cup backups.

If the mattress has often to use, it is better to choose orthopedic options. Of course, inflatable products cannot compete with traditional orthopedic mattresses, but for a healthy sleep they are more useful for other types of inflatable beds.

How to inflate and blow?

Good inflatable bed can hold the air week. If the product is blown away over time, it must be slightly drunk if the podachka does not help – look for a hole. Mattress pumps are used different – manual, foot, electric. It is better to choose the model of the same company as the bed.

It is easiest to inflate and blow up products using built-in pumps, for this you just need to use the outlet. Upon completion of work, you must disconnect the electrical wire from the network. To install the outer pumps of the bed contain a special valve. Manual and foot options are universal and practical, although more employers.

The process of inflation to the bed will be safe if you follow the rules of exploitation of inflatable products.

  • Do not use the compressor or high pressure pump for an inflated.
  • Do not use hair dryers, hot air is contraindicated with rubber products.
  • Electronasus do not use more than 5-6 minutes. If there are several mattresses, you need to do ten-minute breaks, otherwise the device fails
  • After an inflated bed should be dense, the air is pumped by 80%. Do not patch, do not experience the limiting capabilities of the product, it can end the bundle of seams

Care rules

Care rules are completely simple, but they should be performed to extend the operational service life of the bed.

  • After use, wipe the product with a damp cloth from sand and dust. You can use a weak soap solution, but not tough chemistry or abrasives.
  • To blow the mattress only after its complete burden.
  • During invention, you can not rush, the active pressure may lead to discrepancies of the seams.
  • Need to take care of the product from claws and teeth of pets.
  • Do not allow children to jump on the mattress, he will start dropping from excessive load.
  • Provide products storage in a dry place at a plus temperature.
  • Take care of the beds from rodents.

Features repair

            The main breakdowns of the inflatable bed include punctures and failure of the pump (if it is built). Repair the pump will help the master, but you can make a hole alone.

            If the surface of the mattress swelled and went folds, then he began to descend, and it is necessary to fix it. Detect the puncture using a liquid soap solution. Must be gradually fragments, put it on an inflated mattress and follow what is happening. In the place where the air bubbles begin to ride in the solution, is imperceptible to the hole.

            To repair the bed, you will need a special Remkomplekt (glue and patch). If they were not in a set with an inflatable product, you will have to be purchased at the tourist goods store.

            Glue type “second”, “moment” can not be used, they can make material.

            The repair process itself is simple: you need to wash the damaged area, dry it and consider a lumpy layer for better adhesion. Then lubricate the hole with glue, install the pay and press for a while. Using the bed can be used in a period of time specified in the glue instructions.

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