Truma with a mirror in the bedroom

Beautiful tremor with a mirror in the bedroom is not only a room decoration, but also a real assistant any lady. Before the mirror is always convenient to make makeup and hairstyle, and all sorts of drawers and various shelves are great for storing cosmetics, decorations and various useful and necessary things for every woman (studs, pins and much more).

Functional furniture for modern fashionistas

The age of the mirror is quite solid (about three centuries), but it does not cease to be relevant and is considered one of the required furniture items in any bedroom.

In the tremo, you can hide a significant number of small things – and thereby keep order in the room. This piece of furniture also has a mass of other advantages:

  • Simple design. This makes it easy to disassemble and collect furniture without the help of specialists.
  • Freedom of movement. If you wish, you can easily change the situation in the room. Truma can be easily moved to another place.
  • Large mirror surface, in which you can see yourself in full growth – for example, trying on clothes.
  • Functionality. This is a comfortable locker, a large mirror and a small table where you can put a vase with flowers or night light.
  • Wide range of, allowing you to choose a model for any interior.

With all this, this subject of the interior can be easily accommodated both in the spacious and in a very small room, since the modern range is represented by various sizes and shapes.


Today, designers and manufacturers offer many options for the tremor in various design styles. Classic models are performed as:

  • small in size toilet table-box;
  • Console-fastened to the wall with a folding mirror;
  • a set consisting of a mirror and a small console on bent legs, there are also various drawers;
  • toilet table with a mirror in a richly decorated frame supplemented by two large stands on the sides.

There are different modern models:

  • in the form of a compact shelf with a drawer;
  • supplemented with all sorts of parts in the style of high-tech;
  • various forms and configurations, sometimes completely fantastic.

Today there are not only familiar rectangular and square forms. In the catalogs of furniture companies you can always find an angular tremor, which will help take the empty corner of the room and easily fit into the interior even the smallest bedroom.

Thanks to the special design, the mirror of such a product will allow you to inspect yourself from several sides, which is very convenient, for example, when laying hair.

By size, the manufacturers conventionally divide all models of this type of bedroom furniture in three categories:

  • Large – from 1.5 to 3 meters wide. Such furniture is equipped with a significant number of boxes and shelves of different sizes, as well as a large mirror. In its appearance, this product is more like a chest of drawers. There are models with a mirror space for the legs (and without it).
  • Middle – by the number of boxes and shelves may not differ from large products, but the capacity is no longer so significant.
  • Little – the most sought-after version. Such a product is suitable not only for small-sized, but also for large bedrooms. It has only a few small lockers (directly under the mirror) and a narrow countertop.

Among the color solutions (the palette varies in a large range) designers highlight the white color and pastel shades. They will harmoniously combine with furniture objects in your bedroom. But on brown models, small scratches formed during operation are less noticeable.

From classic to high-tech

Making a bedroom, pay special attention to shared harmony, combining all furniture items with selected interior style. For the convenience of consumers, the furniture industry offers a tremor with a mirror in various versions:

  • Classic. Distinctive features are clear straight lines, massiveness, compliance of forms and shades. Best suited for big spacious bedrooms.
  • Baroque. It is highlighted by models of light shades with carved legs, inserts “under gold” and floral ornaments.
  • Ampir. Involves various options that are combined with the severity of forms. All details are maximally symmetrical. Characterized by various decorative decorations.
  • Biedermeier. Mix ampury with romanticism. The trumpem in this style is distinguished by the maximum balanced proportions in combination with simple shapes. Decoration of the product serves elegant fittings.
  • Vintage. Models made under ancient, with underlined rough and rubbed parts and brass handles. The main feature is that they are manufactured manually.
  • Country or Rustic Style. Different with simplicity and ease. Nothing superfluous and confused – everything is most natural and functionally. Characterized by a large number of boxes and a large mirror. Product lines are correct and smooth.
  • High tech. Products of this style is distinguished by the maximum conciseness of all parts, chrome elements of fittings and maximum functionality. Truma in this style can be made of plastic or glass, have the most unusual design and modern “chips” in the form of illumination or mechanical locks.
  • Minimalism. Simple geometric shapes are welcomed with a minimum amount of additional decorative parts (or with their complete absence). Characterized by one-window or contrast of black and white colors.

Each style dictates its own rules that should be held. However, when placing its own bedroom, it is possible to make a highlight to it, experimenting with combinations of various directions. Some designers offer to combine an ampir style tremor with a common High-Tech style. But here, as they say, everything is on your taste.


If earlier the tree used for the manufacture, then a tree was used, now we can find models from chipboard and slab materials that replace wood and tinted veneer veneers or film materials. There are also options from:

  • plastic;
  • metal;
  • Glasses.

Models from any materials are represented by various design solutions. At the same time, classic dressing tables with a mirror make mostly out of natural wood, and more modern models – from its substitutes.

Plastic, metal and glass are also used to make a ship in new style directions.

Make the right choice

In order to carry out all its functions, it served as a functional decoration of the bedroom and a harmonious addition of the interior, it must be correctly selected. For this, professional designers propose to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Form. Corner options are considered more preferred, as they are compact and allow you to leave more free space in the room.
  • Dimensions. They must fit the area of ​​the room. Wide dressing tables will look inappropriate in small bedrooms. In addition, it should be enough space in order to put a chair or pouf, as well as be able to see yourself in the mirror in full.
  • Functionality. The more lockers, drawers, shelves, the more functional will be this piece of furniture. However, if in the room already enough cabinets, bedside tables and shelves, then you should give preference to more decorative and elegant models.
  • Equipment. Many models are sold already equipped with chairs and stools made in a single style and a single composition. However, there are both options that are offered individually. In the latter case, they will have to select more or less suitable additions, which is not always convenient and takes much more time and effort.
  • The material from which the furniture itself is made and its fittings. This parameter will depend not only the price, but also the service life of the furniture.
  • Bedroom design. The product should not contrast with the rest of the interior and “fall out” from it.
  • Colour. The most successful color solutions – those that will be mixed as much as possible with the environment.

In addition, before buying a dressing table with a mirror, it is worth choosing a place for it. For this designers advise to pay attention to well-lit zones. If there are no such in the room, then in a place intended for the ship, it is worth placing additional light sources.

Even more ideas for the placement of the dressing table with a mirror in the bedroom, see the following video.

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