Sliding beds

Practicality, compactness, favorable price – all this is about sliding beds that purchase both for children and adults. Models have an unusual design and allow the original to furnish the bedroom in a modern style. Such beds can be placed in conditions of limited space, so they become an ideal solution for small apartments.

This furniture is currently choosing many, because it is characterized by plenty of benefits.

Advantages and disadvantages

Small dimensions – one of the main advantages of sliding beds. Preferably, they are acquired for small rooms – in order to save precious centimeters and to rationalize free space.

However, on this advantages of sliding models do not end:

  • Economy. Such a piece of furniture is cheaper than two beds individually, in addition, it eliminates the need to acquire new products along the growth of the child.
  • Comfort. As a rule, the models have a flat surface, providing convenience during sleep. When buying a special orthopedic mattress, resting on the bed will be even more pleasant.
  • Functionality. Sliding beds are often equipped with boxes and shelves, allowing to remove bed linen and unnecessary things, freeing the cabinets and space around them.
  • Strength. Made of high-quality raw materials are resistant to external influences, durable.

The disadvantages of furniture include the design features of individual models. Beds with a continuous bottom impede the ventilation of the mattress and lead to the appearance of an unpleasant odor. In addition, it may cause fungus.

The minus is that the child will not be able to play or jump on the bed, because not all products are able to withstand heavy loads.

Principle and transformation mechanisms

Specifications of laying sectors and tiers of beds – feature of individual models. From the type of transformation, the convenience of using the bed and its service life depends. However, there is no ideal transformation mechanism: it is selected, focusing on preferences.

Popular transformation mechanisms:

  • Book. This is one of the most popular models. It consists of wooden frames bonded by fittings, fastening elements and springs. To disassemble the bed, you need to raise it and drop back the back to it takes horizontal position. The front of the bed will advance. At the bedroom, the location of the orthopedic mattress, distinguished by comfort.

  • Eurobook. Modern mechanism for transformation of beds characterized by reliability and ease of operation. From the previous model is characterized by the fact that the walls and other interior items will not touch the walls in the disassembled state. The operation of the mechanism is the action of springs that retain elasticity and rigidity at regular bed transformation. It allows you to supplement the model and other nominating elements.

Usually beds understand the extension of the lower tier. After that, the model will double and from a single bed will turn into a product for two people. Children’s furniture unfolds along the types of steps located above each other: it is enough to pull the handle. As a rule, the mattress is already located on the lower tier.


A feature of sliding beds is that if necessary, they are transformed and incremented in the amount. This occurs in different ways and depends on the characteristics of specific models. In addition, they differ in dimensions and appointment.

Varieties of sliding beds:

  • Double. It has large dimensions and is intended for two adults. In the assembled state, the piece of furniture takes up little space, which allows you to install it in a narrow room and release the passage during the daytime. In the disassembled state, the model is not inferior to double.

  • Children’s crib. Original solution for the child aged 3 to 8 years. As children are growing up the length of the bed increases by extending the end elements at the bottom of the product.

Often the model is equipped with storage boxes for storage of toys, bed linen and other things.

  • With sideboards. Another model intended for small family members. It is equipped with small fences on the sides, so suitable for children under five years. Bursts defend a child from falling, can have original decorations and be part of the design project.

  • Teenage. Bed above the nursery, she often missing fences. These models are characterized by original design, interesting colors, they are complemented by built-in shelves and drawers for the needs of a teenager.

  • In a separate group, you can select beds intended for very young children, including babies. Models are distinguished by a high level of functionality and can be equipped with a built-in changing table, chest of drawers, drawers.
  • There are beds in the rules For two children at the same time. The top tier of such models remains fixed, while an extra bed is extended from under it. As a rule, the furniture is equipped with restricters ensuring child safety.


For the manufacture of beds take both natural and artificial materials. Frames make from the arrays of different varieties of wood, plastic, metal; In addition, different types of raw materials can be combined.

The best raw material is a tree, especially if the bed is purchased for children’s. Such a frame is absolutely safe, in addition, it is distinguished by an attractive appearance.

What mattress will suit?

From the selection of the mattress, the convenience of sleeping during sleep. The most useful for the back are orthopedic models, as they repeat the bends of the spine and maintain it in the natural position. They are used both in medicinal purposes and for prevention. However, people with a healthy back can acquire an ordinary mattress, but it should be distinguished by high quality and be as comfortable as possible.

Several types of mattresses. The oldest and common are models with fillers, which uses foam rubber, holofiber, coconut, latex and other materials. Spring block – a modern solution that provides better back support.

Models are distinguished by durability, they are not aslertained during operation and save aesthetic appearance for a long time. Inside there are springs combined and connected in a special way.

If we talk about the design features of mattresses, then special models should be purchased for sliding beds. Since the models are laid forward, the unit must consist of several sections – one on each nominating bed element. When a sleeping place remains fixed, it is enough to choose the mattress of suitable sizes.

Sliding beds most often acquire for children’s rooms, so the furniture for small family members is characterized by the greatest variety. The most common models include:

  • “I’m ragu”. Made from high-quality wood varieties – beech and Karelian pine. The frame is covered with water-based varnish, so the beds are presented in a rich color scheme. The product is environmentally safe, since it does not emit harmful substances into the air and does not oxidize. The advantages of the model include simplicity of transformation and resistance to large loads.

  • Bambini. A feature of the model is the variety of designer variations. It has been completed in more than 20 colors, which simplifies the selection of products for any interior. In addition, so every child will be able to choose furniture for yourself. For the manufacture of products, high-quality wooden panels are taken, characterized by environmental friendliness and safety.

The maximum powerful weight for such a bed is 80 kg.

  • “Growle”. This model is focused on children from 3 to 15 years. For its manufacture, take an array of beech, characterized by high strength and resistance to external mechanical effects. The base of the bed is made of thin plywood sheet, in addition, the model is equipped with a removable side, so that a small child cannot fall during sleep.

Completely supplied box, which is located under the lower tier.

  • “Lesksyk”. The bed is present in the collection of the IKEA manufacturer. It is made of natural wood, it is distinguished by strength and wear resistance. The model is acquired for children over two years old, it is equipped with side fences. Wooden frame is covered with mourn, varnish or paint – to prevent rotting and increasing moisture resistance.

  • “Roldy”. The model has a stepped adjustment of the positions of the bed. Each of them has its own sizes: first – 120 × 80 cm, second – 150 × 80 cm, last – 180 × 80 cm. The bottom of the bed is put forward as the child grows and varies depending on its growth. For the manufacture of products taken laminated chipboard panels from European manufacturers.

Furniture complies with international quality standards and has a high security class.

Beautiful interiors

Natural materials, untreated surfaces, natural tones – distinguished by these features of the bed perfectly fit into the modern interior. Wooden sliding furniture does not require the use of decorative elements, combines the rigor and simplicity. For decoration, one-photon bedspreads and pillows, correlated in color with room decoration. With the bed will be combined by other furniture items from wood, parquet or laminate.

Combining contrasts, you can get a stylish bedroom in Modern style. Snow-white bed and light finish diluted with motley elements: for these purposes a red carpet will fit, as well as scarlet shelves or wall panels, pictures on the walls. The interior-resistant interior is characterized by conceptuality, relates to the trends dominant in the world. Beds are deprived of decorations, have rounded edges, differ in smooth lines.

If the models are located in the studio apartment, the bedroom is separated using a closet or rack.

Baby cot, composed of the motley details of different shades, will task the tone and atmosphere of the whole room. For the design of the bedroom choose two basic colors, their shades and combine them in different combinations. As a rule, the bed must be darker for several tones,than finishing materials – in this case it turns out to highlight it visually. The combination of simplicity and bright colors will raise the mood of the child every time he goes into the room. As decoration of the room use soft and wooden toys.

Camping Bedroom for Girls, prefer warm pastel colors and textiles with drawings. The bed frame is made of wood and paint in light colors, for bedspreads take materials with drawings and small patterns. The functional solution will be the location of the shelves from the head of the headboard, the boxes can be placed under the lower tier. This option is suitable for teenage girls, since the upper bed is devoid of railing and is located quite high.

How to choose a bed for a teenager, look in the following video.

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