Sizes of bedside tables for bedrooms and selection features

It is impossible to present a bedroom without a certain set of furniture. The main subject, of course, is a bed. Cabinet is installed for storage of clothes and bed linen. But there are things that should always be at hand, and for their convenient location is very suitable bedside table.


The bedside table is a small cabinet with drawers and shelves, with which you can place a pleasant little things, small gadgets and cosmetics. Bedside stands have a number of indisputable advantages over other types of furniture.

Any correctly selected cabinet will be an excellent addition to the bedroom interior. Moreover, absolutely any style of this room is completely unthinkable without a miniature bedside table. It not only complements and decorates the interior of the bedroom, but is also a very functional subject, which allows you to place a lot of things required at the moment and without having to get out of bed.

As a rule, the bedroom bedside table is storing books, magazines, drugs. And also you can put a beautiful lamp on it, put a mobile phone, hand cream and many other little things that may be needed at any time.

Views and sizes

The bedside tables installed in a double bed differ in the form, the number of shelves, their types and location, manufacturing materials and sizes.

Shape of bedside tables can be different. The most common is, of course, rectangular.

Standard parameters that are guided by most manufacturers are at certain limits. The width of the product is 50-55 cm, and the height is 55-60 cm. But if you wish, you can find a huge number of Tumb models not only with such dimensions, but also with dimensions that differ from the standard. There are copies whose width is 40, 35 and even 30 cm suitable for installation in a limited space.

In addition to standard rectangular forms, there are square, oval, rounded and many other forms, stylized for a specific interior.

In addition to forms, bedside tables differ in the number of boxes, their location, availability or absence of niche.

The classic version is a tube with two drawers, distinguished by practicality, functionality and conciseness. The largest share of sales are on such models.

Standard with a swing door, behind which there are 2-3 ordinary shelves. The model will perfectly protect things from dust penetration.

The cabinet with one drawer, as a rule, in the upper part and niches separated by two, sometimes four parts. Such a shelf makes it easy to access the necessary subjects.

An interesting variety of bedside table – an option with a nominated turning table. If necessary, it is transformed into the right position and the items located on it can be obtained without getting out of bed.

Bedside stands are made, as a rule, to install on the floor, but there are models that destroy all stereotypes about these objects of furniture. The sided version of the bedside table is attached to the wall near the bed and occupies quite a bit of space, while the functionality is not worse than the outdoor options.

In addition to conventional classic models, there are design versions of Tumb, attracting eyes and adorning interior.


For the manufacture of Tumba uses various materials. The most expensive material is, of course, an array of wood.

  • Wooden bedside tables differ in durability and non-toxicity. For the manufacture uses various species of trees: beech, oak, mahogany, pine. On the product itself clearly visible wood pattern. Such an option will appeal to lovers of classics. Their size is different from the standard in the large.
  • Alternative to the natural tree – products produced from chipboard, LDSP and MDF. They have an ardent structure, it is much cheaper than wooden models, and on functionality and aesthetic type are not inferior to models from the array.
  • Less common materials for bedside tables – Genuine leather and artificial leather. Products from these materials will enjoy people who have the design of the room in the original style. This material is applied only as a upholstery, and the frame itself is made of chipboard. This material, of course, looks very beautiful, but it is not too practical, especially if there are pets in the house.
  • In addition to listed materials, in the manufacture of bedside table Also used glass and metal. As a rule, these materials use designers to embody their original ideas.

Tips for choosing

In order to correctly pick up a bedside table, you need to stick to some rules.

For a bedroom with a large bed, as a rule, two bedside tables installed on both sides of the bed are purchased. One stand will not look in any interior.

In order for the products to organically fit into the overall style of the bedroom, they must be suitable dimensions and shapes that harmonize with the bedroom design.

The height of the bedside tables should be on the same level with the bed mattress, because the product is much more convenient in operation. The width of the bedside table is usually chosen on the basis of the presence of free space. An exception to this rule is the bedside tables developed by designers for a particular interior.

If your choice fell on the bedside tables, it is necessary to make sure that the surface of the product was sufficient to accommodate the necessary items for you.

One of the important requirements is the ergonomicity of the acquired product – the maximum functionality at a minimum of the occupied useful area.

Examples in the interior

  • For the bedroom, decorated in the style of Hi-tech, Bedside tables of simple concise shapes are suitable, having straight corners and smooth glass or glossy surfaces.
  • Simplicity and naturalness of the Scandinavian bedroom style Provides for the installation of bedside tables not only with strict rectangular forms with open shelves, but also unusual having an oval shape.
  • Baroque bedroom decorated, It is suitable richly decorated bedside tables with unusual carved facades and twisted legs.
  • Country Provides for stands made from natural wood of simple forms.
  • In the bedrooms decorated in modern style, Successfully look a variety of bedside tables.

Even more examples of bedside table in the interior of the bedroom can be viewed in the following video.

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