Sizes of a semi-gun bed

It is no secret that the organization of the space room always begins with the location of the bed. That is why in the interior of the bedroom the lead role always played and will play the bed. But what to do if there is not much space for a double bed of space in the room, and the single-alone is too small and uncomfortable? The answer, as usual, simple and lies somewhere in the middle. Salvation in such a situation will be a semi-gun bed.

What width and length at bed?

As a rule, on a semi-gun bed can fit both one person and two. It all depends on its size, which, in turn, varies depending on the standards installed by the manufacturer. So, the length and width of the bedroom furniture of Russian manufacturers may differ from the standards of European and American furniture companies. But fortunately, these differences are not fundamental.

According to GOST, the Russian standard size of a semi-gun bed is a resolution of 120 cm in width and 190 cm long. But at the same time, the bed width may be more and vary from 120 cm to 160 cm. GOST is not contrary.

Thus, a semi-gun bed can be considered quite spacious and at the same time miniature, as it takes less space than a double bed.

European firms can also be called variatives, however, the average size of the semi-gun bed coincides with the Russian – 120×190 cm. For more non-standard models, the width of the bed beds can vary from 140 cm to 170 cm, length – from 190 cm to 210 cm. Typically, ready-made bedroom beds have the following sizes in width and length, respectively: 120×200 cm, 130×200 cm and 150×200 cm. Models made to order often have a non-standard length with standard width: 120×210 cm or 120×180 cm.

American furniture companies have a somewhat different, atypical dimensional grid for Russian manufacturers, which is associated, first of all, with a different measurement system (length and width is measured in feet). So, the standard size of the American half-heartal bed is the ratio of 122 cm wide and the length in 190 cm. The most famous manufacturer of budgetary and high-quality furniture and, in particular, half-flight beds is a notorious company IKEA. The network of this company was originated in the distant Sweden, but in recent years it has grown and spread, covering and territory of Russia. Now the stores of this company can be found in any Russian city. This popularity is quite explained: the number of goods presented is just a huge, quality – high, and prices – available.

It should be noted that in addition to this company, the furniture of Italian production (in particular, the company is especially popular Danona). Not far from its Dutch Comrade and Finnish furniture companies Isku, But it is still not so popular among the Russian population. Those who want to support the Russian manufacturer should look at such domestic furniture brands as WEF, Alliance 21 Century, Shatura, Evanti. Of course, this list of the best Russian factories for furniture production is not limited.

Determine the height of the carcass

When buying a semi-gun bed, pay special attention to three main overall parameters. This is first, Length, width and height of the frame. But the last parameter many for some incomprehensible reason ignore, and meanwhuling it is of great importance.

Bed frames are divided into three main size segments:

  • Low frames (their height ranges from 20 cm to 35 cm).
  • Average frames (height does not exceed 50 cm).
  • High frames (height starts from 50 cm and comes to 80-90 cm).

The size and height of the frame must be selected individually depending on the age and physiological features of the person.

Beds with low frames are mostly suitable for young and healthy people who have no special problems with joints and a musculoskeletal system.

It is believed that the choice of bed relative to the height of the frame depends largely on age. In other words, than a person older, the higher the bed rise should be chosen. Elderly person will be difficult to lie down or even just sit on too low bed. At the same time, the bed will also cause a lot of inconvenience, because it is quite difficult for her and descend from her. For sick people and for people at the age, the frame is more suitable from 50 cm to 60 cm.

Beds having an average frame will be suitable for almost all. In this regard, they are universal. The size of such beds allows a person with any physical abilities to sit down and get up without much effort. Semi-gun beds with high frame are suitable, as a rule, high people.

When choosing a bed, the main thing is to take into account that in a sitting position, your legs must rest in the floor and bended in the knee at an angle of 90 degrees. If such an angle is formed, the height of the bed is suitable for your growth and will be convenient to use. Such a bed boldly you can take.

Some models provide a mechanism that allows you to adjust the height of the frame. This feature will be useful for those who do not have particular preferences regarding the height of the bedroom and does not know, the bed with which parameters it will be suitable. In which case, such a bed can be adjusted in height. This will help avoid buying an uncomfortable bed and, as a result, will save from frustration caused by unsuccessful purchase.

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What consists of?

As standard, the design of a semi-gun bed typically includes elements such as frame (with legs or without legs) and frame.

The frame consists of a back (it is the head of the head) and the side panels, which are accepted by the Razgami. The headboard is a few species:

  • Stationary headboard. Is a non-removable part of bed, attached straight to the frame.
  • Power headboard, which can be disconnected if necessary.
  • Decorative hinged headboard. Can be attached to a cornice or bar.

Also, the back of the bed may not be speaking, while the bed does not have a clearly designated headboard and pillow location zone. The bed may not have the backs at all or have two backs at once – it all depends on the model and the designer imagination. The number of Tsarg near the bed often depends on the number of backs. Usually one bed has them from two to four pieces.

Of all the above types of the head of the head of the most popular at the moment, stationary and mounted headboards are considered. This is due to the ease of operation of such beds, because they can be delivered anywhere: at the wall, by the window or even in the middle of the room. This will appeal to those who like to arrange frequent permutations, because these beds are most mobile. They can look great anywhere in the room.

Power headboard requires laying beds next to the wall. Typically, such beds have a number of additional shelves with drawers and without or framed by small bedside tables on the heads. Beds with an appropriate back can not be put in the middle of the room – the gear element simply will not hold on without additional support.

Bed frame is usually static elements and cannot be transformed.

However, in the market of upholstered furniture, there are models of semi-gun beds, the frame of which has a special lifting mechanism that allows you to change the height and angle of the head.

Some beds can be equipped with such an element like lamellas. This is part of the framework formed by the combination of small plates on which the mattress is based. They are needed so that the design of the bed location is stronger, and the mattress did not resist. Lamanes significantly increase the orthopedic characteristics of the bed.

Some beds have special bed linen storage boxes and other textiles. Such boxes can be retractable. In this case, they are located under the framework of the bed and put forward on the sides. Also built-in storage boxes can be inside the frame of the bed. Then access to them will carry out an additional lifting mechanism, which on the principle of action is very similar to the mechanisms of transformer sofas. Such a design is so easy to use that even a child will cope with it.

It should be noted that the lifting mechanisms are divided into several types:

  • Spring mechanisms. Beds with such mechanisms are sufficiently stable and affordable, but the mechanism itself is rapidly wears in the continuous use. Such beds will need a replacement in a few years.
  • Mechanisms with a gas shock absorber. In contrast to the previous version, these mechanisms act quite smoothly, which significantly extends their life.
  • Manual mechanisms on loop. Of all the options, this is the easiest. It requires certain physical efforts, which may not be very convenient for the owner of the bed. However, prices for such models are quite democratic.

To date, the design options are a great set design, and everyone can equip a sleeping place to their taste and convenience.


Materials for the manufacture of half-timer beds can be the most different. For example, furniture companies represent us models from wood, chipboard and chipboard, metal, veneer and many other. Sometimes several materials are aligned in one model, each of which is suitable for its part of the bed.

So, most of the frames are often produced from chipboard or wood. DSP used in more budget models. Beds from such a material, as a rule, cheaper, lungs, and do not look very cumbersome. But in strength wood-chip furniture loses. But despite this, with a careful use, a bed with a chip from chipboard will last long.

Disputes about harm chipboard long ago. It is believed that the substance used in its composition harms health and can be dangerous for allergy. Therefore, many specialists in the manufacture of furniture advise as an alternative to chipboard to choose carcasses from veneer or natural solid wood, among which Oak and Beech are especially popular. They are somewhat more expensive, but their quality is higher. Such models are safe for health, do not spoil from moisture and do not lose their present species for a long time.

The most durable option is metal frames. Due to its polymer coating, modern metal frames are protected from mechanical damage and premature corrosion.

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Frame for bed – the most important element on which the sustainability of the whole structure depends. As a rule, it is made of long and thin wooden (and sometimes plywood) boards or metal pipes. Frame can have thin lamellas that are most often made of wood and special plastic holders. Tsargi are also often made of wood, in rare cases – their chipboard. Rama and lamellas should be very hard to keep the bed frame tightly.

Excessively waters, braided beds made of rattan and cane. They could easily decorate the interior in ethnic style. However, despite its unusual appearance, such structures have a significant minus – they are easily damaged. Change or repair them will have to be quite often.

Such dense tissues like Shenille, Zhacard or Flock are as finishing materials for beds. Less often used type fabrics Velory, Since such materials are more suitable for the upholstery of sofas and chairs. Often you can meet beds, trimmed Artificial suede. But models are especially popular from artificial and genuine leather.

We select the size of the mattress and bed linen

Special convenience and comfort of any bed will give correctly selected mattresses and bed linen:

  • When choosing a mattress size, you must navigate the parameters of the bed. The mattress should not be less frame frame, otherwise it will constantly move, adjacent to one, then to the other side of the bed. This, to put it mildly, uncomfortable. In addition, the bed, seasoned in this way, does not look aesthetically.

  • If the mattress turns out to be too big, then when you try to put it in the frame of the bed, it will be too much shrinking and starts to strain. Sold off on such a bed will definitely fail. Therefore, before buying a mattress, you need to measure the dimensions of the bed (as a rule, they are indicated in the object passport). However, now there are models of beds that are originally sold with the mattress of the appropriate size.
  • Relative to the length and width of the main sizes of mattresses for semi-gun beds are ratings 140×190 cm and 160×200 cm. These are the most frequency parameters for ready-made mattresses sold at once with the bed.

  • It is also worth considering the height of the mattress. It is believed that its width should be 15-20 cm above the side edges of the frame. Approximately the standard height of the mattress for the two-sided bed should not exceed 60 cm, otherwise the bed will be too high, it will be inconvenient to it and it will be difficult to get up.
  • If we talk about bedding, then the exact dimensions in this case will be difficult to specify because each manufacturer has their own.

There is no defined standard size for this type of textile. So bedding worth getting the same as the mattress. Namely: by measuring the mattress, pillows and blankets.

  • To date, linens has a lot of variations not only about the size, prints or quality of materials used, but also relative to the model. For example, Sheets can be standard or with a rubber band around the edges. The second option is more convenient to use and indispensable for large beds. In addition, such sheets are not knocked out from under the mattress, and they do not need to constantly correct.

  • Pillowcases vary depending on the type of fastener. So, they can be zipped, buttons or not but. Pillowcases without a fastener, as a rule, have a special pocket with a smell that holds the pillow in the pillowcase, not letting it slip.

  • Duvet covers also have two types: with a hole in the middle and with a hole side. Duvet covers with a hole side are also called solid. Such models may have zip in the form of lightning or buttons.
  • For the most comfortable sleep, experts advise to acquire mattresses with an orthopedic effect, which will ensure the correct position of the body during sleep and remove the extra load from the spine. Regarding the selection of bed linen Recommendation One: choose environmentally friendly natural fabrics that would be pleasant to the body. In this case, the dream will be as comfortable as possible.

How to choose?

The choice of bed is the responsible business, and it is necessary to approach it seriously. In the end, an incorrectly chosen bed can cause a lack of sleep, poor mood and back pain. To avoid all these horrors of life outside comfort and choose the right one-sided bed, you need to follow a row of simple rules:

  • Choosing a bed, measure the part of the room in which you are going to locate the bed. This will help you understand the approximate dimensions of the future bed. This is especially true of owners of small rooms, where every centimeter on the account. Agree, it will be a shame if the selected bed does not fit into the room or stand with another furniture in principle. With such an arrangement of furniture, any design will not look at the winning, not to mention that to live and move in such a room will be simply inconvenient.

  • When choosing a specific model Pay attention to the height and materials of the frame and the kings, take care of the legs. These elements are the bases of the bed, and therefore they must be high quality and durable. Remember, the semi-gun bed must withstand the weight of two adults.
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  • The semi-gun bed is considered the most universal, because one person can fit quite comfortably, and two at once. It all depends on the size of the bed. So when choosing a half-timer should determine how many people will sleep on it.

  • It is also necessary to take into account Habits and physiological features of the owner of the bed. An important role will play its height, complexation and weight. Also a lot depends on the overall activity during sleep: is it often a person turns around, changes poses, does he love to scat up his hands. If night activity is high, you should buy a bed-one-sided bed a little more.
  • The half-timer width intended for one person usually reaches 140 cm. For two-weeks for two, a width of 160 cm and more. The length of the semi-gun bed is usually calculated on the basis of the growth of its future owner, to which another 10-15 cm is added. If you are not sure which one parameters are suitable for you, it is better to take a more compatible model. As a last resort, a semi-gun bed can be made individually under the order. This is a good solution for people with non-standard growth.
  • For people with severe complexation provided Models of beds that have additional strengthening in the area of ​​the frame, that allows beds to withstand greater weight.
  • The height of the bed-beds also depends on the growth and complex of man. Ideally, when he sits on the bed, his feet should get to the floor. But this is a reluctal rule, because the main thing is that the bed is convenient to the owner, and the understanding of the convenience of each person has its own.
  • In addition to the dimensions, when choosing a bed should be paid Attention on her bottom. It is believed that it should not be solid and monolithic, since the solid bottom interfers the ventilation of the mattress. In this case, the extra moisture is delayed and accumulated in the mattress, because of which it becomes less elastic and heavier, absorbs any odors and is faster.
  • Such a problem exists for Models with additional boxes, the presence of which also worsens air circulation. However, if the boxes are needed as an additional storage space, you should not refuse. The main thing is to immediately think about where they will open, and leave for this 30 – 40 cm of free space near the bed. Otherwise the drawers will be inconvenient.

  • If the room in the room is so small that the bed will occupy all the free space, it is worth thinking about buying toRovati-half-timer, which is built into the closet or in the deepening wall. In the afternoon, such a bed can be easily folded, thereby freeing enough room space. And at night, by performing simple actions, this design can be decomposed again and prepare for sleep on a comfortable bed. Quickly and simple!
  • Choosing a bed in the store, it is worth paying attention to For the convenience of Mattress. He should not be too soft or too tough. To check the level of its softness, spend a little experience: try to go to it and move a little (if, of course, the store policy does not prohibit sitting on the furniture). It is worth navigating on personal feelings, because the bed must be comfortable first of all to you.

  • The latter, but no less significant advice when choosing a bed to her appearance. It should be easily fit into the existing interior and not contradict his stylistics, otherwise the general view of the room will be spoiled. Simply put, the bed must be comfortable and pleasant in appearance, and then the rest on it will be one pleasure.

Beautiful interiors

Modern interiors offer us a stunning amount of fashion solutions for bedrooms with semi-gun beds of various types and sizes. Furniture style can be diverse. So, we encounter interior elements in the style of Hi-Tech, ENOSALELE, modern and classics.

For some interiors is characteristic of styles, which often looks pretty unusual and catchy. But despite the possible riot of paints, for bedrooms, designers advise to choose something more relaxed and minimalistic. This Council is quite logical, because the bedroom is a place for recreation, and excessive distround and brightness can, on the contrary, to tire after a long working day.

The type of bedroom should relax. With this task, the interior in soft pastel colors will cope well.

Bright details have a place to be, but in reasonable limits.

The less distracting parts – the better. However, the room should not look empty and “unlawful”, the coziness will not create. Soft and unusual backs will give any bed status.

Models of beds with an additional storage location can be not only practical, but also creative, because you can fill the built-in boxes than you.

The interiors of the bedrooms are a great set, so everyone will definitely be able to find something. The main thing is to approach the task responsibly, because the creation of a cozy bedroom is a matter of particular importance.

More models of semi-gun beds, see the following video.

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