Single beds with lifting mechanism

Lifting mechanisms in upholstered furniture today occur very often. Similar structures are convenient and functional. They are present in single beds, bedchair, sofas and other similar interior items.

Features, pros and cons

Lifting mechanisms are equipped not only spacious double, but also compact single beds. The main advantage of such models is ergonomic.

Such furniture is suitable for the bedroom of any area, as it takes little space. However, the dimensions of such models do not affect their functionality and practicality.

Options with convenient lifting mechanisms are distinguished by practicality.

In the bases of the base of such beds, you can store clothes, bedding, pillows, blankets and shoes boxes.

In operation, folding beds are very simple. There are several varieties of lifting mechanisms. With more modern and high-tech structures without difficulty will cope, since they do not require a lot of effort.

Single beds with lifting mechanisms are very durable. They differ in durability.If there is a high-quality orthopedic basis with natural wooden lamellas in such furniture, then it can be used in the role of sleeping space daily.

In such models there are the most spacious storage systems. If you raise the base of the bed with a mattress, then you will open a large and loose niche. In such a space, you can position not only bedding, but also seasonal things, boxes with shoes and other similar items.

Folded bed is universal.

Today, a wide range of single-layer models is available. They have different forms and design styles. You can choose the appropriate option for any room.

Do not think that such functional interior items will cost you too expensive. Modern beds with lifting mechanisms are distinguished by acceptable prices. In addition, acquiring such a model, you do not have to additionally buy accompanying furniture (cabinets, shelves, dressers).

The disadvantages of such products are not so much. For example, it is not provided for open access to storage systems. To get to the laundry boxes or niches, it is necessary to raise the base.


Single beds are equipped with different lifting mechanisms:

  • The most inexpensive and easy-to-use are designs with twisted springs. The main minus such systems is the inevitable and rather fast wear of the springs. The warranty period of maintenance of beds with this mechanism does not exceed 5 years.

In the process of regular operation, the springs can pop up, stretching and emanating a fruitful sound. Such furniture quickly comes in disrepair. It will not be repaired, so in the case of strong wear, it will have to fully change the existing mechanism.

  • High quality boast single lifting beds with gas shock absorbers. Such models are equipped with special campaign systems with elevators. To raise the base with the mattress in such beds, do not need extra efforts.

Many consumers celebrate silent work of such beds. Sleeping beds in them move smoothly and neatly.

Such beds on average serve 10 years. Choosing such a model, it is necessary to take into account the size and weight of the bedroom to choose the right shock absorbers. Such durable and high-quality structures are adapted for lifting springless mattresses having a considerable weight.

Read more about this form of lifting mechanisms, you will learn from the following video.

  • On the furniture market there are single lifting beds with manual mechanisms. They do not have additional details, so the design of the design is heavier. But such models are distinguished by strength and wear resistance. Built-in mechanisms without springs are not very expensive, however such products are not recommended to buy for children’s bedrooms, as they climb hard, and the child can not cope with them.


Modern beds with lifting mechanisms are made from various materials.

  • The most durable and wear-resistant are metal options. Such beds are not subject to mechanical damage and deformation. High-quality metal bed will serve its owners for more than a dozen years and will not deliver any trouble.

Purchasing such furniture, you should consider its weight. Such beds weigh much more than ordinary options from a natural or artificial tree. They are difficult to rearrange for new places.

Metal frameworks are recommended to put on wear-resistant flooring or carpets.

  • No less reliable and high-quality beds with a wood frame. Today, many factories are used in the manufacture of bedroom furniture such durable rocks like beech, alder, Gevei, and so on. Such models are expensive, but they are distinguished by stunning appearance and wonderful performance characteristics. More accessible are pine or birch beds.

  • If the budget does not allow, you can purchase an inexpensive model from MDF or chipboard. Furniture collected from such materials is distinguished by an attractive appearance.There are such models, the design of which is not bad imitates the natural tree – with its unique pattern.

Few people know, but a cheap DSP material has in its composition toxic formaldehyde resins. They are used in the process of producing this raw material. To protect yourself from negative impact on the part of such furniture, it is recommended to buy beds trimmed with veneer.

  • For the upholstery of single folding beds, the skin (natural or artificial) is most often used, as well as various types of fabrics. For example, it may be velvet velveteen, plush, jacquard, velvet and so on.


Single beds are available in the following sizes:

  • 80 × 190 cm;
  • 80 × 200 cm;
  • 80 × 210 cm;
  • 90 × 190 cm;
  • 90 × 200 cm;
  • 90 × 210 cm.


To the selection of sleeping furniture must be treated very seriously. Attractive and convenient options, which are suitable for the style of style and color, should be selected

  • The most popular are classic colors. For example, a beautiful snow-white single bed will harmoniously fit into many settings. Such a model can be put in a small room, without fear for a visual clogging of space.
  • It is necessary to be more neat with beds of black or gray. It is not recommended to put such models in rooms with dark and gloomy trim. As a result, a depressive atmosphere can be formed in the premises. It is better to have similar products on a contrast bright background and beat such ensembles with bright accents.
  • A stylish brown bed is suitable for many interiors. This color literally radiates warm and homemade comfort, so it is perfect for a bedroom.
  • In modern settings, the beds of bright and original colors will be spectacularly. For example, models of green, yellow, orange or red shade. Such products are able to decorate an interior and breathe life into it. However, it is worth considering that they will not fit into strict and classic interiors.
  • If you buy a bed for a children’s room, you can choose an option of interesting color. However, experts are not recommended to acquire too motley and bright products for such premises, as they will disturb the child’s nervous system and interfere with rapid falling asleep. It is better to give preference to colored beds of gentle and calm tones.

How to choose?

Choosing a bed, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • Frame. The most environmentally friendly models are made of wood, most durable and durable – options from metal, and inexpensive – beds from chipboard and MDF. You should choose the appropriate option, relying on your budget and personal preferences.
  • Base. It is recommended to choose high-quality models with orthopedic bases having wooden lamellas.
  • Mechanism. The most reliable and durable is the mechanism with gas shock absorbers. Not the best operational characteristics have beds with spring mechanisms. They quickly come into disrepair.

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