Select the shelves for the bedroom

Shelves in the interior of the room (in contrast to the cabinets) occupy a minimum of space, they are spacious, give individuality to the interior. Open-type shelves are perfectly complemented by the interior and take on the “Thousand Ferral” Guardians. These products can be located in the bedside zone, above the desk, above the dressing table, around the window. Shelves are an aesthetic design element, they can also be a way to distinguish between space zones. Very often the bedroom is not only a place to relax, but also the cabinet. Suspended shelves for the bedroom can be there as it is impossible, by the way, have a lot of necessary things, but not overloading the space by couches or cabinets.

Hinged shelves

Simple traditional way of location shelves – wall. This method of storing things was used by our ancestors from time immemorial. After all, it can be easier than to nail the board to the wall, immediately freeing the functional surfaces of the room! The necessary things are always at hand.

Even with the advent of a variety of room furniture, shelves have never ceased to be popular. They are successfully used in modern houses, apartments to this day.

Shelves can be the most varied – depending on the interior. The choice of material, configuration and colors depends on the taste, and the financial side of this acquisition is designed for any wallet.

Several non-speed rules will allow you to make the right choice:

  • The size of the shelf and its location in the room. The smaller the room, the greater attention should be paid to ensure that the shelves do not interfere with movement, not cluttered space.
  • The strength of the material will depend on the estimated load on the shelf. It can be practical wood shelves for heavy books and textbooks, another possible option – light plastic for figurines and photos within.
  • Fastening strength. When buying, pay attention to this important item. Fasteners should be high quality and steadily attached to the wall – to avoid both injuries from the fall of the shelf and damage the property on it. Hang the shelves best on the bearing wall or on a partition from durable materials.
  • If the shelf is located above the bed or sofa, then need to take into account its height of its location, So that she did not interfere with a sitting person.
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This kind of furniture is an easy and mobile version of the rack of several shelves connected by racks. This option is different from the rack of the reduced dimensions, compactness and the ability to change the place where the furniture is located at any time. Shelves – a universal view of furniture that fits into any interior. They do not occupy a lot of space, spacious, easy to move and cleaning – that is why they are so in demand.

In the office space on them it is convenient to fold the paper and the little things that should be at hand, but not to disappear in the boxes and do not clutch the table. At home, this is an excellent choice for storing various trifles that will delight eyes in the open space. The shelves are successfully used in the kitchen and in the bathroom, and in the bedroom.

They can be made of different materials. Wood or plastic, metal or braided – a beautiful shelf is not a very expensive product. She successfully emphasizes the interior style and pleases with its functionality.

By configuration, the feeds most often have a rectangular or angular form. They are perfectly located along the wall or in the corner of the room. More extravagant round products are suitable for spacious premises, a cascade butcher.


The rack is an enlarged and more massive shelf. Racks usually occupy space almost to the ceiling, they can be used to store more overall objects – unlike the shelters. Rack from bookshelves All the wall will create a view of a cozy and large home library.

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The rack is large enough, but at the same time quite compact. Located along the wall, the rack is able to accommodate many of the necessary items, without occupying a lot of space. Suspended rack in the bedside zone is perfect for small bedrooms. Bottom shelves can be used for magazines, alarm clock, and upper – to decorate the interior. There you can put photos and figurines.

The undoubted plus of a high bilateral shelving is the ability to distinguish the area zones. In the spacious bedroom, the rack will be visually divided by the room, separating the sleeping place from the dressing room (for example). Shelves from two sides allow you to accommodate twice as many items.

In Nisha

Niches conquer more and more popularity, they are often used in modern design of the premises. The space for the niche is determined in advance when repairing the room. Under the niche is determined by the place, the structures are created, the finishing material is acquired (which is combined with a tint of walls).

This method is characterized by consideration, but there are a lot of options, so niche can become a wonderful decoration of the bedroom – and at the same time and the place for “recessed” in the wall of spacious shelves. The most profitable area for niche from aesthetic point of view is the bedside or window zone.

Window zone

The space around the windows or between them is a bright and functional area for the placement of shelves, which are often forgotten. And in vain. If the bedroom performs a function not only for recreation, but also a cabinet, then a written table and shelves located around the window are all the necessary items, books and magazines. At the same time, the desired things will be at hand, near the table, they do not have to get up every time and go somewhere.

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The placement of shelves in the bedroom depends on your imagination, because the shelves are a universal part of the interior that will suit any style. With their help, you can mostly economically use each meter area of ​​the room.

How and where to apply the shelves competently see the following video.

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