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Many people have in our time there are problems with posture and strong sleep. To feel good all day and get enough sleep, you need to purchase an orthopedic mattress. US manufacturers offer sealy mattresses with a large range of models.

Features and characteristics

In our time, the lack of sleep is found very often. People complain a doctor on poor well-being, and those, in turn, prescribe many sleeping pills. Not everyone is able to guess that for a good sleep, it is necessary to acquire proven orthopedic mattresses of high quality.

Before you choose your choice on a specific model, you need to pick up a good manufacturer.

The best product today is sealy mattresses American production. The choice of useful mattresses and models on the market is very large. Sealy elite products will provide excellent comfort and convenience during sleep. The company is the most famous brand in the world.

Specialists carry out additional research to ensure perfect sleep conditions. Mattresses are a thorough examination of the quality of fillers and materials for the manufacture of covers. Company specialists have developed special spring systems.


There are three models of first-class mattresses:


Each product has its own level of hardness and elasticity.

  • One-sided FIRM series mattresses have increased rigidity Due to the wear-resistant spring block. It combines comfort and good support. The mattress is based on a reinforced independent springs block. Such a product can withstand constant heavy loads. It provides excellent human body support during sleep and enhanced mattress edge support. High-tech developments are connected in one system, the mattress does not require periodic turning.
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  • MEDIUM series products have medium stiffness. The height of this category of goods – 34 centimeters. You are not required to turn over the product, and the special system perfectly supports lower back. The edges of the mattress have additional gain. Due to zoning springs, the load on the product is distributed evenly. The filler has a layer of thermostatic foam, which saves the shape of the body and ensures calm and comfortable sleep.

  • Soft products in the Plus series. In the center, the product has a special compacted foam, due to which maximum support is ensured in the required areas. Each spring in the block is packed individually. Due to this, individual elements are compressed, which are subjected to maximum pressure. Fine dense foam enhances the edges of the mattress, so a person does not go out of bed. The surface layer of the product is made of the newest knitted material. It is not exposed to stretching and does not mind. In the process of assembly, special silicone glue is used, which does not taste, smell and does not harden. It is environmentally friendly.

Product covers are made of soft white knitwear. It does not succumb to stretching and not crushed. The mattress is very pleasant to the touch and has rounded corners. On the bottom, American products have a layer of solid foam, to strengthen. In this embodiment, the height of the mattress reaches 10 centimeters, the springs have excellent depreciation and are able to serve for a long time.

The most popular mattresses with overall dimensions of 160×200 cm, they have great demand among buyers. Products produced spring and flawed. Spring system patented by Sealy. The basis of the mattress is adjusted for weight and movement of man.

Springs are well harvested, respectively, lose only two percent of their height. Characteristics of mattresses in the process of use almost do not decrease.

The advantages of the spring system:

  • perfectly support the spine of man in a horizontal position;
  • comfortable;
  • safe for health, hypoallergenic;
  • do not create extraneous noise when driving during sleep.
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Disadvantages of models without springs:

  • high cost of the product;
  • Increased sensitivity to large and sharp loads.

SEALY’s flawed models are made on a latex basis, which, in turn, has pros and cons when used.

The advantages of flawless mattresses are the following properties:

  • Good strength, because in this model there is no design that can break;
  • Mattress service life of 15 years;
  • There are no springs, so the product is completely silent;
  • Useful to human health and have good orthopedic properties.

Cons Latex based products:

  • High price category;
  • Weighing Category Restrictions. Maximum load on the product not more than 120 kilograms.

Fillers and materials

In the manufacture of SEALY mattresses, only natural materials are used, which have quality certificates and meet international standards:

  • cotton fabric;
  • horsehair;
  • Latex natural;
  • sisal;
  • Coconut fiber.


In most cases, customer reviews are positive. People like natural fabrics and fillers that do not lose their properties during the period of use. A large disadvantage of sealy mattresses is too high price.

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