Repair in a small bedroom

Owners of their own housing want to turn it into a practical and cozy place. This is especially true of bedrooms, where a person holds a lot of his time. One of the problems in solving such tasks is a small room area. It does not always allow to apply standard design solutions. But one should not despair, because even a small bedroom can be turned into a beautiful and practical room. For this you need a little desire and financial investments.


Repair in a small room is a long and complex process that is not always possible to complete yourself. It is important to choose the right thing to choose all building materials. This can be done, guided by several simple recommendations:

  • All finishing materials in small apartments should visually increase the space;
  • As an outdoor coating, it is advisable to apply laminate or parquet of light tones. To expand the space on a small area, lay the boards diagonally;
  • Ceilings are painted only by light paints. Try not to decorate this surface with two-level systems, as they are not only visually, but really reduce the height of the bedroom;
  • For walls, it is recommended to apply inadequate colors. If you are not an altitude lover, then it is better to use neutral pictures as drawings. Also fit images with plants.

Repair work in Khrushchev can be divided into several consecutive steps:

  1. Dismantling operations. This can be attributed to the removal of old coatings and demolition of partitions. Recent operations are performed only if necessary and in the presence of appropriate permissions of the controlling authorities.
  2. Laying electrical networks. It is important to completely replace all wiring in the bedroom to a new one, taking into account future devices used. This will exclude the risk of failures or fire.
  3. Alignment of the main surfaces. Such work is performed using various materials and technical approaches. It all depends on the desire of the owner and its financial capabilities.
  4. Decoration. This stage is the final and most important. He implies an external trim of a bedroom in the previously selected style. Here apply a lot of materials and approaches that need a certain experience.

Drawing up design project

Regardless, in which room is assumed to be repaired, all the main components of the design should be selected before it. This also applies to the bedroom, where the design project is the key to a unique and practical interior. This plan is a comparison of several factors:

  • zone arrangement;
  • location of furniture elements;
  • Designer characteristics of all attributes.

Often, for relief, you can use any style that perfectly suitable for a small bedroom:

  • Classic design. The design of such a room includes simple furniture and curtains. All attributes are perfectly harmonized with each other, and the design is practical, but pleasant and beautiful.
  • Country. Bedrooms in such a style resemble something rustic houses with their simplicity. Here are used natural materials (stone, wood and t. D. ) who are perfectly harmonized with each other.
  • Minimalism. The name already speaks for itself, since there are no extra furniture objects in the interior of such bedrooms. Usually, only a bed and a small chest of drawers are installed in the room. If the dimensions allow, sometimes they are complemented by several simple shelves.
  • East style. In the design of such a direction there are light motifs that are connected with natural materials (partitions, furniture, accessories, etc. D. ).



It is advisable to use the mirror bedroom to improve the bedroom. These elements allow you to visually expand the room and give it originality. If such a reception is planned, it should be borne in mind that a large cluster mirrors should be thought out carefully.

It should be noted that the above-mentioned styles are not universal. In the preparation of the design project, no one bothers to combine all the directions known to you. The correct combination can turn your bedroom into an exquisite and chic room.

Choose a color gamut

Bedrooms with a small area decorated quite difficult, especially if it concerns color. Many designers are argued that for rooms of this type it is best to use light colors, as they visually expand the space. Another one of the purpose of such a gamma is to create a coziness and spiritual equilibrium in a person who stays indoors.

Today there are many design solutions of small bedrooms in various colors, among which you can select several most popular:

  • White bedroom. Design in this style is characterized by simplicity and sophistication. Color perfectly harmonizes almost with any elements of the interior. White tones are able to calm down, which is important for a person who wants to relax. If you want diversity, you can add a room with several multi-colored lamps – with their help you can create a different mood and romantic setting.
  • Blue bedroom. The advantage of this color is that it contributes to the removal of the nervous voltage and the pacification of the person. But this color is cold, so designers recommend decorating with shades of blue only warm bedrooms. If you are an active person, then with the help of such a room it is easy to dispel negative energy and a good rest.
  • Green bedroom. For the design of the room, you can use almost all bright colors, from herbal to emerald. Green is a kind of freshness that is transmitted and man. In such a bedroom, the eyes and the nervous system can very well rest. Designers recommend combining this color with shades of gray, brown, turquoise and t. D. This will create a unique and pleasant interior.
  • Purple bedroom. This color is perfect for registration of small bedrooms. To get a beautiful effect, it should be diluted with white, beige and other similar shades.

It should be understood that the described options is not the limit of perfection. Today, gray, silver, yellow and many other shades are also used for the design of small rooms. At the same time, they all are combined in various combinations, which allows the premises a special kind and atmosphere.

Furniture and details of the interior

An integral attribute of each bedroom is a bed and other structural elements. It should be borne in mind that small rooms are not able to fit full sleeping headsets (bedside tables, cabinets, chest and t. D. ). So try to use the minimum number of furniture here.

Here are some options for arranging small bedrooms, very beautiful and cute:



If you want to make the bedroom as comfortable as possible, you should follow such recommendations:

  1. The bed should be not only beautiful, but the most compact. Many designers recommend installing structures without legs. It also visually increases space.
  2. For storage of things, the optimal solution will be a built-in wardrobe, which is decorated with mirrors.
  3. To arrange the maximum number of items, place them closely. For example, the cabinets are joined tightly with a cot or cabinets.
  4. The optimal option is furniture with straight corners. Try to avoid rounded surfaces, as they take a lot of space.

Repair in a small bedroom is an important stage of the transformation of an apartment that needs careful planning. To get a quality result, be sure to consult various specialists. They will help you choose everything from materials to interior design methods.

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