Popular Dimensions of Bunk Beds

In a modern assortment of children’s furniture, you can “get lost”. The choice of consumers is a great many variety of models, different and its designs, and functional components, and designer design. However, when choosing an optimal model for a child, you must also consider the dimensions of the furniture. Today we will consider which dimensions of sought-after bunk beds are the most popular.

Features, pros and cons

Bunk beds are popular for many years. Such furniture items are purchased not only to accommodate two children. Often, in these beds, the lower floor is not given under the bed, and under the corner for games, sports or comfortable rest – it all depends on the specific modification of a certain model, and there are a lot of them.

    Presented such models for children of various age groups. In stores there are designs of various sizes. Pick up the appropriate copy will be as for a preschooler and a teenager.

    The main advantages of these sought-after products are:

    • saving free space in the nursery, especially if we are talking about a multifunctional model with a sofa, a wardrobe and a table;
    • Multifunctionality (on such furniture you can not only sleep, but also store various things in it or do lessons / play);
    • These beds are represented by a huge assortment in which you can find a model of any style and color;
    • You should not be afraid of the upper floors of two-tier beds – for children to store products selling products in which the second tier is equipped with a side warning of the fall of the baby;
    • Such options for children’s beds are usually produced by high strength and maximum reliable, so you can safely talk about their safety;
    • Properly selected two-level bed can be decorated with an interior;
    • You can put a bed with two tiers in any part of the room;
    • In the furniture stores, you can find two-tier beds equipped with drawers and dressers for storing different things, thanks to which you can refuse to place another cabinet in the room.

    Bunk beds have not only advantages, but also the following minuses:

    • As a rule, such models are more expensive than ordinary beds, especially if you are supplemented with multifunctional mechanisms;
    • In the conditions of a room with low ceilings to sleep on the second tier can not be very convenient, since the air exchange in a similar setting becomes scarce;
    • If the child is afraid of heights, then such a furniture does not suit him at all;
    • too active children can fall from the second tier, and here they may not save even side sides, so parents will always have to be alert.


    There are several modifications of bunk beds, which differ from a friend of the structure and design.

    • Models having 2 sections. These designs have a removable top tier, so the bed will easily turn into a traditional place to sleep.
    • Bunk models for one child. In a different way, these beds are called “attic”. In them, the sleeping place is present only from above, and the lower floor is usually assigned to other elements, for example, a sofa, a table, a gaming zone or a large chest of drawers.
    • With game functionality. In these embodiments, the lower floor may be a small playground. The second tier, as in the case of the attic bed, is given under the bed for sleep. Often these varieties of children’s furniture are performed in the form of machines, aircraft, spacecraft and other similar objects.
    • Transformers. These models today are especially popular, despite the high cost. In such versions, the upper bed can be removed or removed, or rotated at a different angle. Transformers are especially useful in a small area.
    • Modular. Similar types of bunk beds have additions in the form of spacious cabinets, drawers or chest.
    • With non-removable tiers. This furniture cannot be separated because it is a single design.
    • Semi-coarsery. In these varieties of duplex beds, the first tier can be pulled under the second, thereby freeing a lot of free space. Such furniture is not suitable for hyperactive children, because under the influence of permanent jumps may fail.


    Modern beds for children consisting of two tiers produce from different materials. This parameter is very important to pay attention, selecting the perfect model.

    Popular natural woods are recognized as reliable and secure. The bed from the massif is the perfect solution because there are no chemical compounds in such a natural material and any hazardous substances. Sleeping on such furniture is absolutely safe, even if the weather is hot outside the window.

    Wooden designs can boast of excellent strength characteristics and long service life. Often, such furniture is transmitted from generation to generation, because it remains relevant even after many years. Wooden two-tier beds possess a wonderful design. They will easily fit into both classic and modern interior.

    However, it should be borne in mind that a two-tier bed from a natural tree will not cost cheap, especially if equipped with various functional parts, such as a transforming mechanism. In addition, the tree as a material requires regular care – it needs to be processed by protective compositions, otherwise it will lose the primordial appearance, will fool and can even start rotting under certain conditions.

    It is necessary to consider the fact that the purchase of furniture from the wood array may not be the most profitable solution, since the child will grow out of it, and it will have to be changed to another model, so it is better to choose something cheaper or contact the inxpensive breed of tree type pine or Berezov.

    Much cheaper cost Beds from MDF. This material is less demanding, because it is not necessary to care for it. Similar furniture can be performed in any form and style. MDF – Safe Material that does not harm human health.

    In search of the most cheap option you can stay on the bed of chipboard. This material is affordable, but it is more likely to make simpler furniture of a non-sparkling design. Moreover, there are dangerous formaldehydes in the chipboard, which can harm the child’s health. That is why buying such products for children should not. Of course, you can find a variant from LDSP Class E-1, however, there are too many products in stores that are made from a regular chipboard, but sold under the guise of structures from the E-1 class material.

    There are metal products, however, they are hard, cold and have no most attractive design. Despite their durability and resistance to wear, similar models are rare.

    Bed What size to choose?

    Choosing a suitable two-level bed, it is worth paying attention not only to its design and manufacturing material, but also on the size. Such furniture must match the growth and age of the young user.

    Based on the bed parameters, a suitable mattress is selected to it.

    • Birthdays and up to 3 years old are ideal for standard models with a size of 119×64 cm. If the child has a little height, then such furniture will be relevant and when they reach 5 years.
    • Children aged 3 to 5 years it is desirable to buy bunk beds with dimensions (standard) 141×71 cm, 160×70 cm or 196 cm.
    • Children from 7 to 13 years old are suitable products with dimensions 70 at 180 cm -91×201 cm. Such furniture is close to adult single options.
    • For adolescents, modern manufacturers produce two-tier beds with such dimensional parameters – 180×90 cm, 190×90 cm.

    Determining with the specific size of a children’s two-level bed, it is recommended to give preference to models that are slightly larger. Thus, the child will sleep on them as convenient as possible, and the furniture does not have to change too quickly. Do not take very little options, as the young user will not be very comfortable in such conditions and it will grow out of them faster.

    On the dimensions of the selected furniture should affect the area. For this reason, before going to the furniture salon, it is necessary to carefully measure the room in which you plan to locate the product.

    A two-story bed should not interfere with the passage, and access to it should be free, otherwise it will be uncomfortable to use it.

    Today in stores you can order furniture for individual size of the buyer. Such models are more expensive, but you can not worry about the fact that the child will be uncomfortable to sleep on them.

    Read more in the following video.

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