Orthopedic base for bed

To choose the bed should be approached very seriously. This piece of furniture performs one of the most important functions in any housing. High-quality and cozy model will contribute to strong and healthy sleep, as well as a full-fledged stay. The most comfortable and even healthy health are copies with orthopedic grounds.

What it is and why you need?

Not so long ago in our country they found out that sleeping on the beds with springs is harmful to health, and on the old good period – just inconvenient. After that, a fashion appeared to sleep on the boards. As a rule, rigid wooden structures were put under the mattress. Many people have used ordinary wood doors for this.

Oddly enough, such systems still had some orthopedic effect, but speeches about a comfortable rest on such a bed did not go. They also had no most attractive appearance. Currently, very convenient and high-quality orthopedic foundations have been developed, so you can refuse hard and outdated options.

Similar structures are able to make even comfortable as possible even normal inexpensive mattresses.

To date, there are several species of orthopedic bases of beds.

They differ from each other with structures and operational characteristics, but they have one action principle. Orthopedic grille is present in all models. It is made from different materials and complemented by various functional elements.

From the above, it can be concluded that the orthopedic foundations primarily perform an important function of the support of sleeping furniture. Mattresses installed on similar designs double their functions and beneficial properties.


Orthopedic components are installed in the furniture box. As a rule, the frames of these elements are made of metal and are very durable. They can be full base beds. For this furniture must have legs of different height.

The main task of the orthopedic base is the correct distribution of the load and the formation of the springing effect of the bed.

Constructions may have different characteristics and differ from each other:

  • Week material.
  • An indentation between the rails.
  • Width of Rosek.
  • Strength and reliability of the frame, as well as materials from which it is made.
  • Long and width.
  • The ability to change the degree of elasticity of the base of the bed.

The latter function is carried out by electric or by raising the base.

Different products may be present in various products.

For example, for a model designed for one person (single bed), most often there is a special lattice in which there are 4-5 supports.

There are also such structures in which there is no central leg. If the lattice has no supports, then it is attached directly to the furniture framework using the Tsarg. These details are special frames. Lamellas are installed between the kings. It is worth paying attention to the form of. They should be slightly curved. Such constructive features are necessary in order for the load to be distributed evenly along the entire length of the base.

Each individual rack is installed in the holder in which its ends will be a bit movable. As a rule, these parts are made of durable and flexible wood. They have a spring effect required for orthopedic grounds.

For a more spacious double bed, it is necessary to select the base only after all the framework of the frame and the mattress. The design of such models is significantly different from single copies.

As a rule, in such products there are rails with the same length as in single beds. However, they are a little different: in 2 rows. In the lattice for double furniture there is transverse crossbar. Lamins need to be attached to it and to the edges of the frame.

The main advantage of such models is that the foundations in them may be adjusted at their discretion. In such structures there is an opportunity to change the tension of the lamellae.

For example, for people with high weight, high elasticity of the foundation is ideal, and for lightweight – the middle or the smallest.

Often the bed with orthopedic bases are complemented by lifting structures.

The presence of such details is appropriate if the base under the mattress is the basis of the lamellae. In this case, the folding mattress and the grid with lamellas will ensure the most convenient access to the spacious open niche. It can be used as a spacious storage.

High-quality lamellae made from natural wood breeds differ in durability. Designs with such elements can serve their owners not one decade. As a rule, in really high-quality and reliable bases, the lamella change very easily and quickly. If we are talking about a low-quality product, then problems may have problems with replacing.

Special care, these thought-out structures will not require. However, if you suspect that the system is broken on some plot, then it is worth a thorough inspection. If the rakes have failed, then instead of them should be put new.


Currently, the furniture market is a shot of multifunctional and practical furniture, supplemented by various mechanisms and thoughtful structures:

Orthopedic beds with a folding mechanism are widespread today. In such copies there is a comfortable base that is not much different from classic models. The only difference of folding beds from ordinary is a special mechanism for lifting.

There are several varieties of mechanisms present in folding beds.

  • The most simple are manual structures (on loops). Similar models are distinguished by durability and wear resistance. They rarely fail. However, these options are not suitable, since it is quite difficult to put them. To raise a sleeping place with such a mechanism, you will have to keep the base on the weight and mattress, and these items are not the easiest.

Bed with a manual lifting mechanism is not recommended to put in a children’s bedroom. The child may not cope with such a model and get injured in the process of lifting the bed.

  • Not the most comfortable in the uplift are spring mechanisms. Especially often with such a problem faces people who complement the sleeping place with a heavy mattress. In the process of raising, the base is delayed in a “suspended” condition due to springs resistance. Such a mechanism is uncomplicated and trouble-free.

The main disadvantage of spring beds is their briefness. Over time, the springs in such a mechanism stretch and lose elasticity. Allow this problem will be able to only with the complete replacement of these parts.

  • The most modern and high-tech are lifting beds with gas shock absorbers. They unfold quickly and easily. The base and mattress in such models rises smoothly and silently. Such a mechanism is designed for long and regular operation. It is withstanding heavy loads. Most often, gas shock absorbers are present in spacious double beds and are under orthopedic base with a heavy mattress.

  • Recently, lifting mechanisms equipped with electric drive are gaining popularity. In such models, the base and mattresses rise using the remote control.

Orthopedic lattices are collapsible and welded. Welded varieties are usually installed in a whole metal and wooden models. The device of such designs is largely repeated by one-piece options. Collapsible bases are available with legs and without legs. However, this fact does not affect the functional characteristics of the furniture.

Durable and durable are metal grounds. Such options are less common than wooden foundations. In the production of such parts used high-quality anti-corrosion steel. Metal bases can be painted and they are processed by special polymer coatings. The average service life of such reinforced grounds is 25 years. They cost inexpensively and do not lose stiffness over time.

Recently, adjustable orthopedic beds are in great demand.

There are 2 types of such structures:

  • With the regulation of stiffness lamellae. Initially, the bending of the rivers is designed for a medium-term healthy person. But for people suffering from various diseases associated with the spine, the grounds with such details will not be enough. In a high-quality adjustable basis, you can change the level of rigidity at once all the lamellas or some of the rails located in a certain zone.
  • With adjustable position. Such an interesting and useful feature most often have beds with a lifting mechanism. In this case, it is used a little differently than in classic models with spacious bed linen storage niches.

The orthopedic basis in such models is divided into segments. Their position relative to each other is easily changed in accordance with the user’s desires. The upper part can be lifted for greater bedside convenience. In such conditions, you can comfortably accommodate and drink a circle of coffee, read the book or watch TV in the evening.

Also in such beds changes the lower part. This feature is especially useful for people suffering from edema. Far from always standing under the feet pillow at night. In this position, the feet are slightly lifted, and the swelling really subsides, but a large load on the knee joints is provoked. You can solve this problem with an orthopedic base in which the bottom side is slightly raised at a low angle.

A little more expensive the buyer will cost a functional combined option. Similar foundations combine all of the above properties. Such furniture can be easily adjusted for yourself.

Basic dimensions

High-quality and comfortable bases for small single beds are available with a length and width of 80×190, 80×200, 90×190 and 90×200 cm. Typical bases for a double bed have dimensions of 160×190, 160×200 cm. But there are and larger options. For example, bases for beds King Size and Queen Size have more impressive dimensions: 180×190, 180×200, 200×200, 200×220 cm.

Currently, many furniture stores meet individual bases. The most popular are copies with a length and width of 140×190, 140×200 cm. Similar models are separate interior items collecting from different elements. These designs most often buy people who are in permanent traffic. For semi-silent beds, grounds are made with the following parameters: 120×160, 120×190, 120×200 cm.


Materials from which orthopedic bases are manufactured directly affect the quality of finished products:

  • Metal options are most durable and reliable. They are not deformed, do not bend and do not begin to creak over time. They can be used every day. Metal bases easily withstand heavy loads without loss of comfortable characteristics.

The main disadvantage of such designs is their weight. Metal bases are heavy enough. Because of the similar elements, the sleeping place adds significantly in weight and ceases to be mobile.

  • However, metal options are less common than wooden bases. It is recommended to choose high-quality and eco-friendly products from the wood array. The most durable and wear-resistant are constructions from oak, beech or alder. Standing such designs are expensive, but serve for a very long time. They are difficult to break or damage.

  • Less stable and reliable are grounds from such inexpensive materials such as MDF or DSP. Lamed in these structures are not distinguished by high strength and durability. They are easy to break. If the rakes come into disrepair, they need to be changed on new.

Rating the best

High-quality and convenient orthopedic bases produces a large Russian factory “Comkk”. In its assortment there are strong models for double, single and half beds, as well as modern electric drivers. All systems are equipped with durable metal frames and wooden lats.

Bases with overhead and inner fastening of latofers, as well as collapsible and folding models produced the Glazovsky Plant Metalware “Forward-furniture”. All designs are available with different length and width, so every buyer will be able to choose the option of suitable dimensions. Foundation frames from “Forward-furniture” are welded all-metal. Nutral latoplexes are attached to them with propylene holders.

Orthopedic bases from the Italian manufacturer LineaFlex enjoy great demand. They cost inexpensively and are excellent representatives of the budget class. High-quality designs are not terrible temperature differences and atmospheric effects, as they are processed by a special powder means. The framework of LineaFlex bases consist of steel pipes, which makes them very durable and durable.

Various base options produces Vegas. The assortment of the company present the designs of various sizes: from one-room to royal copies. In the brand basis Vegas, there are environmentally friendly rails from birch wood and durable frames from a metal profile.

Many consumers stop their choice on popular and functional products from the ORMATEK brand. This famous brand offers to choose from buyers a variety of base options: from orthopedic to whole. Orthopedic options have lifting mechanisms and special transformation systems. Basics from ORMATEK can be chosen on any wallet.

How to choose?

When choosing a convenient and high-quality orthopedic basis, the following bedroom parameters should be taken into account:

  • First of all, you need to take into account the type of mattress. If there is a spring block in it, it is better to buy a support with a distance between the lamellas in 5 cm. In case you have purchased a flawed mattress, it is better to choose the basis in which 3 cm remains between the rails.
  • If you have not bought a mattress yet, then you should rely on one simple and universal rule: the more often the rails are located, the better. Such grounds will withstand large loads and will serve for a very long time.
  • The size of the foundations and mattresses must match each other. All-round big mattress will slide, and hang out the bed. It may adversely affect the comfortable characteristics of the sleeping bed.

  • Experts recommend buying a bed with an orthopedic base, together with which a suitable mattress goes.
  • Do not forget that the convenient orthopedic base is absolutely not suitable for hard mattresses consisting of coconut coirs. This material is not even calculated on the slightest deflection.
  • You should also decide on the base material. Here the choice is small: wood or metal. Most often, people buy basics with metal frames and wooden lamellas. It is recommended to choose models in which the rails are made of natural wood species, as they are more durable.
  • Buy orthopedic bases made by popular and famous brands. Such models will delight you with high quality and long service life.

Recommendations for the choice of base for the bed and the lifting mechanism you can learn from the video below.

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