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Strong and healthy dream is very important, so it costs correctly to choosing a mattress. The famous Belorussian company Vegas is an excellent manufacturer of orthopedic mattresses. It makes high quality products and convenient use.

Benefits of Belarusian Mattres

The Belarusian company Vegas offers a wide range of stylish, high-quality and practical mattresses at an affordable price. The manufacturer uses excellent quality materials, as well as modern production technologies. Not only designers work on the development of each model, but also orthopedists, so VEGAS products are better than orthopedic “Barro” mattresses, another Belarusian manufacturer.

The main advantages of Vegas mattresses:

  • They are made from materials of famous European suppliers. All components are characterized by excellent quality and longevity. For example, the company ENKEV from the Netherlands produces coconut coir and other natural materials. Brand uses Latex blocks of Belgian production from Artilat.
  • All products are certified, What guarantees the safety and quality of materials used in the manufacture of mattresses. The LGA certificate indicates the functionality of the products, Oeko-Tex guarantees the safety and hygiene of each model. EUROLATEX certificate testifies to the good quality of latex.
  • The manufacturer gives a guarantee for all its products. Warranty on spring blocks from European manufacturers is up to 25 years. Springs are tested for strength that conforms to the standard EN 1957: 2000. Vegas provides a guarantee for all mattresses for three years.
  • Wide variety of sizes Allows you to choose the necessary version of the mattress. The company produces more than 30 models with standard dimensions that have a length of 5 cm and width – 10 cm. To satisfy the wishes of all customers, the company also offers models of non-standard sizes.
  • Vegas mattresses are characterized by convenience, Since each model is thought out to the smallest detail. Smooth surface, a good selection of surface and filler structure allow you to feel great while sleeping.

Types and collections

Belorussian company Vegas produces high-quality and attractive mattresses for every taste. All models can be divided into two large groups: Spring and flawed.

Spring models based on high-quality and durable springs withstanding even very significant loads. All spring models are divided into several varieties:

  • Models with spring base of continuous weaving. For such options, large diameter springs are used. This option is suitable for people with a healthy spine.
  • Mattresses with independent spring block. This option includes springs that are pre-packaged in a separate capsule. The number of springs directly affects the quality of the product, so it is worth selecting a model with a maximum amount of springs. To find the most convenient option, it is worth picking up models with large springs.
  • Combined mattresses consist of two layers. The lower layer is represented by a continuous weaving unit, and the upper – independent spring block.

Explosive models are represented by different levels of rigidity, so every buyer will be able to pick up the most convenient option for yourself. The company uses natural materials as a filler (latex, wool, horse hair, coconut cake, felt).

Explosive mattresses are ideal for people who have problems with a spine or for children.

Children’s mattress should be made only from high-quality materials that are safe for the health of the child. Hypoallergenicity and the optimal level of rigidity belong to the main characteristics of children’s models from Vegas. All children’s models can be divided into two Groups: for kids up to three years and for children from 4 to 17 years. The difference is the degree of rigidity of the product, which affects the proper formation of the spine.

When choosing a children’s mattress, it is necessary to take into account what filler is used. For kids, you can choose a model with coconut cayra, because it does not cause allergies, characterized by good rigidity, does not absorb smells, it has good ventilation. For children from one and a half years, a latex mattress can already be used, which is resistant to moisture and does not cause allergic reactions. From three years old, the child can be purchased a soft model with an independent spring block. This option is perfect for schoolchildren.

Since each spring is located in a separate case, such a structure evenly distributes the load on the product, and also guarantees the natural position of the spine during sleep.

Vegas offers mattresses of different sizes, among which they allocate Single, double, party, one-sided and bilateral options.Bilateral mattresses enjoy greatly popular, Because they have two sides: winter and summer. For the cold season, the side of the product is made, which is made of warm fabric and additionally heated wool. For hot season, the manufacturer offers to sleep on one hundred percent cotton.

But on this variety of models does not end. For convenient search for an optimally comfortable mattress, the company offers a division intoCollections:

  • Modern Includes models with expressive design and excellent functionality.

Mattresses from this collection are produced through the use of modern technologies, such as CLIMALATEX, MEDIZONE and SmartCel Sensitive.

  • Exclusive represented by very comfortable options that have the maximum number of springs for one square meter. The company applies modern innovations for this collection, but attention attracted unique spring blocks Skypocket, Medizone and Ultrapocket.

  • Comfort Includes a huge number of models so that each buyer can choose the best option, given the personal preferences. Mattresses are intended for different levels of load, have a different degree of rigidity. The highlight of the collection protrude asymmetric models that harmoniously combine two different qualities. All collection models guarantee a high level of comfort, because they are based on the Medizone independent springs.

  • Ecolatex produced exclusively from natural materials. All models of the collection competently combine modern technologies and naturalness of fillers. Convenience and comfort – the main advantages of this collection.

  • Active Includes orthopedic mattresses that allow you to restore the strength and remove fatigue after a hard day. They are based on a blackboard that will give you a strong and healthy dream.

  • Special offers mattresses of excellent quality at discounted prices. The company takes care of his buyer, therefore it creates excellent models in almost wholesale prices. No longer need to wait for sales and stock, your dream mattress can be purchased at any time.

  • Vegas Kids Designed for children, because for a growing body it is very important to sleep on a properly selected mattress. The company offers children’s orthopedic mattresses for children from birth and up to 4 years old, which have suitable sizes for a crib. All models are presented in a case of genuine terry fabric, which can be easily removed for cleaning.

Rating models

Vegas offers a wide range of models to satisfy the wishes of all customers.

Some options are in great demand and steel sales hits:

  • The Mattress F3 has excellent orthopedic properties. It will be a good solution for adolescents, since it contributes to the formation of the correct posture. Coconut coyra is used as a filler, which gives the mattress of rigidity and elastic material Vegaflex. The model has a removable cover of knitted fabric that does not change the structure and initial appearance even after numerous washed.
  • The model of medium softness S2 has parties of various rigidity Due to the presence of MEDIZONE springs and the use of innovative material VEGAFLEX®. A block of independent springs from high-quality steel provides different zones of rigidity, guaranteeing comfort and rest during sleep. The filler uses natural coconut coir and an innovative porous material, characterized by soft and elasticity.
  • High RX mattress is represented using an independent springs block,consisting of 7 zones. It is one-sided and complemented by an attractive mattress staff. The removable case of a combination type has two sides, one of which is presented knitted fabric StressFree, and the second is made of durable fabric Jersey. The lower block of springs has a hybrid design and in a ensemble with foam inserts SmartFlex responsible for the stability of the product. Upper blocks of independent springs Medizone R1000 Create a rigging distribution in different zones for comfortable rest.


Belorussian manufacturer Vegas uses natural and environmentally friendly materials of European manufacturers only:

  • For the stiffness of the mattresses answer Coconut Coyra, which refers to natural materials. Fiber Coyra in its composition has a lot of lignin, which gives it a rigidity. This material is impregnated with latex to impart elasticity and flexibility. When using the mattress body weight is distributed evenly. Coyra also has insulating properties and hygroscopicity due to its unique structure.
  • Latex models are manufactured based on Latex monolitha. Such mattresses attract the attention of an excellent orthopedic effect. Latex refers to natural materials, which has elasticity. Due to this property, the material is widely used in the manufacture of mattresses. Latex has such advantages as hypoallergenicity, elasticity, elasticity. He misses the air well and is not afraid of moisture.
  • Climalatex – A good natural latex substitute from the famous company Artilat. This material has increased elasticity and porous structure. It produces both orthopedic effect and micromassage, so often used in the manufacture of mattresses.
  • VEGAFLEX filler Refers to the exclusive development of the company. It is represented in the form of an elastic porous material consisting of a huge number of identical cells. VEGAFLEX is characterized by elasticity, resistance to wear, good air permeability.




Vegas tries to produce universal mattresses to satisfy the wishes of all buyers.

Mattresses are presented in 30 standard options, At the same time, the step in length is 5 cm, and in width – 10 cm. Each buyer will be able to find the necessary dimensions of any mattress model. Among the large range of standard sizes, the brand offers both products of non-standard dimensions. Their length or width can be any. Mattress to order is made in just 7-10 days.

Children’s models are usually widely from 60 to 80 cm, and their length can be from 120 to 200 cm. For a single bed, a model with a width of 80 to 95 cm will fit. For half-and-and-half models, one-sized variants belong to 135 cm, and in length from 190 to 200 cm. The minimum width of the double mattress has 140 cm, and the maximum – 200 cm. The universal option is the product with dimensions of 160×200 cm.

Covers and bases for the mattress

To extend the life of the mattress, it should be purchased with the mattress cover. Vegas offers a wide range of covers with contour or angular fastening, which are able to protect the mattress from mechanical impact, dust and moisture.

The Belarusian brand produces modifying type covers that are used not only to protect, but also to change the rigidity and height of the mattress.

Such a cover will determine the situation in the root if you have purchased a model not that thickness or rigidity:

  • Case Protect Ideal for the embodiment of a convenient zone for sleep, as well as reliably protected from external factors of exposure: moisture, any kind of pollution and mechanical wear.
  • TRANSFORM Mattric Status allows you to return lost properties or give new. Mattress can be made hard, softer or higher. The choice remains for you.

Vegas is engaged in the production of reliable and qualitative bases for mattresses, which are characterized by the presence of flexible lamellae from wood. Such a base is characterized by elasticity, and also acts as a good shock absorber, providing the most convenient adjustment under the mattress. Only the orthopedic base allows the mattress to fully disclose its properties. The company uses exclusively metal frames for grounds, which gives them strength and reliability.

The bases for the mattresses can be used separately, then they are put on special legs, or installed in a bed.

Customer Reviews Manufacturer Production

Wegas orthopedic mattresses are in great demand due to excellent quality, stylish design and reasonable price. Each model attracts the attention of a thoughtful design, as well as a competent combination of modern technologies and materials. Vegas mattresses are ideal for creating comfortable conditions during sleep.

Vegas products are characterized by reliability and durability, since all products are made from high-quality materials that come from Europe.

VEGAS products are preferred by this brand, since all models are convenient in operation, and also retain anatomical form.

The indisputable advantage of Vegas mattresses is the ability to choose a model with the desired type of rigidity. You can also purchase a variant with non-standard dimensions and asymmetric shapes. The company provides a wide range of stylish and comfortable mattress covers and wooden frames. The use of mattress covers extends the service life of products, protecting them from various factors of impact.

More details about Vegas mattresses will learn from the following video.

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