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Orthopedic mattresses Toris Evoid very popular because they provide reliable support for the spine during night rest. Toris mattress contributes to a strong and healthy sleep, guarantees the prevention of many diseases, and also allows you to restore the strength and feel the tide of the energy every morning.

Features and advantages

The Russian Toris company produces high-quality and durable mattresses with an orthopedic effect using innovative equipment, high-quality materials. Brand designers are constantly working to create new, improved models to give more comfort and convenience.

Company Toris Engaged in the manufacture of spring and springless models to please even the most demanding buyers. Flameless mattresses can be made from both artificial and natural fillers. All materials are environmentally friendly. Motions are very popular with a layer of coconut or latex. Often mattresses have a coating of durable and beautiful jacquard.

A variety of models allows you to find the best option for each buyer. The company is the creator of extraordinary technology – the independent block of springs called “PocketSpringsilent” and the configuration of latex plates. These developments are the only ones without having analogues in Russia.

The company applies modern computerized equipment for eating products of various thickness. Individual approach is the main cause of brand product fame.

Many models of orthopedic Toris mattresses for excellent ventilation have an innovative AIRFLOW system. The company in the manufacture of mattresses creates elastic edging seams, which perfectly stretch and quickly acquire the original form.

Toris applies modern equipment for creating vacuum packaging for products. This approach allows consumers to save finances on transportation, because in such packaging the mattress takes very little space.

Initially, each model is tested in the Brand Research Center. The company even has personal certification departments. All mattresses are tested for environmental friendliness and health.

The main advantages of Toris products:

  • Durability – orthopedic mattress Toris produced from high quality materials due to the use of innovative technologies, such products are distinguished by durability.
  • Therapeutic effect – Properly chosen mattress allows you to sleep well and restore forces. A comfortable sleeping place reliably keeps the spine in the correct position, which allows you to get rid of many problems with your back. Mattress with moderate rigidity will help to cope with teenage stuff.


Russian company Toris Allocated among other manufacturers of orthopedic mattresses by the fact that it offers products of both standard and non-standard form. Round models attract attention to sophistication and originality.

All models of the Russian Toris brand can be divided into three groups:

  • Options with spring block “Bonnel”. They cost inexpensively, and also possess an orthopedic effect, because they are based on the dependent springs in the tandem with inserts from polyurethane foam.

  • Models with independent springs block. They can have different rigidity, because it depends on the number of turns in the spring. The manufacturer uses options from 6, 10 and 12 springs. To guarantee lateral support of the springs, the company uses the perimeter of a dense polyurethane foam.

Flameless mattresses are made from natural materials, which provides an excellent orthopedic effect. They are made of coconut fibers, natural latex, technology “Memory Form”, And for upholstery of springless models, natural cotton is applied.

Standard model from the Russian brand Toris includes five layers and durable and practical tissue upholstery. All materials are a good firmware with deep shimmer. Such an approach in the production of mattresses gives them relief, reliability and beauty.


All mattresses with the orthopedic effect from the Russian Toris manufacturer are represented by several collections:

  • “Grand” – Includes mattresses with independent springs blocks, which are characterized by a wonderful orthopedic effect. They are distinguished by a high level of comfort, noiselessness and allow you to relax well during night sleep.
  • “FOAM” – All models from this collection are made from natural latex. They are characterized by hypoallergenia, increased wear-resistance and high comfort. The life of products is 15 years.
  • “Jungle” – The collection includes high rigidity mattresses. They are made of natural materials, differ in environmental friendliness, elasticity and durability. Products are durable, perfectly ventilated and hygroscopic.

  • “COUNTRY” – Includes economy-class models. The basis of the product consists of a block of independent springs. Each model has parties with different rigidity, which allows you to choose the most suitable option for each. Upholstery is represented by jacquard, durable and anti-allergenic cloth.
  • “Absolut” – includes elite models of orthopedic mattresses, which are made based on the innovative spring unit, including seven rigidity zones.
  • “Kindy” – Collection of children’s models, attracts attention to wonderful properties. Each mattress is represented in a removable case, one side of which is made of waterproof fabric. Case Soft knitted with silver threads. The AIRFLOW system provides good ventilation of the product.

  • Toppers – Thin mattress covers with orthopedic effect. They are made of holofayber, which does not cause allergic reactions, quickly restores the form and effects the air perfectly.

  • Round Mattresses “Grand” – non-standard products that are manufactured based on the system of independent springs “PocketSpringsilent”. They have several layers of latex foam and coconut fiber. All products are environmentally friendly, reliable, practical, durable and comfortable.


In the manufacture of orthopedic mattresses, the company Toris gives preference to natural, environmentally friendly fillers. From the selected system of fillers depends the rigidity of the product. The manufacturer offers models with different stiffness so that each buyer when choosing a suitable product is able to navigate to personal preferences. The classic variants of fillers for soft orthopedic mattresses are holofayber, latex or viscoelastic foam, prolatex:

  • To make the mattress more tough, the manufacturer applies Coconut Coyra.
  • Vyazkoelastic foam It has the memory of the form, since it very accurately takes the shape of the body, creating the effect of “weightlessness”. When there is no load on this material, then it quickly takes the original shape.
  • Prolatex It is a highly elastic material that has a cellular structure that is responsible for the light massage effect. This filler is often used for soft models.

Coconut Coyra is distinguished by maximum rigidity and is often used in combination with natural latex – to create an elastic and comfortable model.

  • Foam from latex Provides an average rigidity level. The naturalness of the material makes it in demand and indispensable in the manufacture of environmentally friendly orthopedic mattresses.
  • Modern material Hollofiber Provides an average rigidity level. It consists of hollow fibers that form spiral springs. Such a structure allows the material to take the form of the body and quickly return to the initial position. Material refers to environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic.

Customer Reviews of Products Firm

Russian Toris brand has been producing orthopedic mattresses for 20 years, so knows what to buy. Mattress makers pay great attention to the convenience of products. The manufacturer offers a wide range of environmentally friendly mattresses that are distinguished by a long service life.

In the manufacture of mattresses with an orthopedic effect Company Toris Uses modern technologies, high quality equipment. Special attention is paid to testing products.

Among the diversity of orthopedic mattresses you can find decent models of economy-class, as well as amazing and luxurious premium options. But all models are made from high-quality materials that will give you comfort and comfort while sleeping.

Many buyers like that the company cares about children, offering a separate line of children’s models. All of them are designed specifically for a growing body. Children’s mattresses prevent the development of scoliosis, because the baby’s spine reliably, creating the maximum level of comfort.

Fans of mattresses Toris Family couples are often preferred by different stiffness mattress. The company takes into account such wishes because it offers models with the possibility of choosing elasticity and rigidity of the product. The independent springs block makes it perfectly to sleep each spouse, because the movements during sleep one remain unnoticed for another.

Some buyers of Mattres Toris complain about a specific smell, but after a few hours it disappears. After buying a mattress, it is better to bring to fresh air, so the smell will disappear faster. Not always wonderful product quality meets service. Many customers complain that they have long been waiting for the delivery of the product, and when exchanging mattresses, it was necessary to wait a few months.

More detailed review of the above products see below.

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