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In the modern world with the latest technologies and far-reaching progress, the mattress does not cease to enjoy greatly popular. From time immemorial, it is considered to be add-on to bed. To date, with variety of styles and interior preferences, many admirers of comfortable sleep follow the example of Eastern cultures.

The foundation of such an unusual style for Europeans is Japan, where the bed in the bedroom is unlikely to succeed, and instead there is a mattress. The tradition of sleeping on the floor initially went from the poor Japanese, who could not afford any other furniture, then this tendency was adopted and people’s prosperity, of course, their mattresses were much more convenient and better than that of ordinary workers. Today, the mats of the Tatami brand are specially popular


The new-fashioned style of modern housing involves the maximum functionality and ease of interior.

Consider the features and advantages of the location of the mattress on the floor:

  • Unusual and stylish bedroom type. Minimalism, High Tech, East – All these directions are assumed by the presence of a sleeping place on the floor.
  • Easy to prepare sleeping places and its use. The mattress can be collapsed and removed at any time, leaving the space he occupied free. What is perfect for small-sized rooms.
  • The beneficial effect of the environment for sleep (as you know, fresh and cool air is located at the bottom of the room).
  • The correct arrangement of the spine during sleep, which means there is no bleeding disorder, and, as a result, strong and healthy sleep. About back pain you can also forget.
  • Safety during sleep. If it is planned that children will sleep on such a bed, then you can not worry that the child falls and get injured or scared.
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The only nuance that should be noted is the quality of the mattress.

It should be from natural materials, environmentally friendly and comply with the physiological needs of a person. Agree that someone is more convenient to sleep on a tight surface, and for someone, the mattress should be soft. In any case, the choice is to approach.


Tatami trademark provides a wide selection of mattress products.

Consider models More details. It is worth noting that all the presented samples are orthopedic, which means the correct support of the spine due to a higher level of rigidity in comparison with the goods of other species.

Mattress products can be divided into two large groups – flawed and spring products with orthopedic base.

Springs mattresses have a number of advantages:

  • Stiffness coefficient. The stiffness variable is adjusted due to the number of springs in the mattress, which means that choose the appropriate option, knowing this feature – will not be difficult.
  • High operating opportunity. That is, the mattress will withstand maximum loads.
  • Price. Available cost that each can afford.
  • Comfort in operation.

Flameless mattresses – These are products, the basis of which are monolithic plates or set blocks of synthetic or natural materials.

The advantages of flawed mattresses can be called:

  • Lack of oscillations of individual parts. In other words, you will not feel like the second sleeping will swing on this product.
  • The ability to make a really tight level, which is especially useful for children up to 12-14 years, due to the characteristics of the structure and development of the spine.
  • Convenience in delivery. Such a sample can be painted independently and take it without hassle, as it can be easily minted into the roll, without applying special efforts.
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All mattresses differ in accessories to the use of people of various age categories and physical indicators. They have different rigidity, which affects the price and parameters of comfort.

Tatami factory mattress products are produced by the method of modern mechanization, in the use of which the latest technologies apply. All samples are made of natural, anti-allergenic raw materials and pass control check.

Factory products can be divided into several series:

  • Based on the spring unit TFK (256 springs per square meter).
  • At the heart – block S 1000 (550 springs per square meter).
  • On block S 1000 with 5 support zones.
  • Using a reinforced block grace.
  • With Bonnel block.
  • Round.
  • Natural fillers flavored.
  • Economy.

The pricing policy is loyal to the buyer – from 4 thousand rubles.

Product dimensions are also varied – from standard to exclusive.


Tatami factory product reviews are generally positive, customers note:

  • Quality of service. Consultants politeness, fast delivery.
  • Good quality. Lack of stares, pleasant tactile sensations, comfort during sleep. Most often buyers note the disappearance of back pain.
  • The price grid is undoubtedly also satisfied with many products of factory products.
  • The issue of environmentally friendly, which are most often excited by young parents, after some time use, they give positive recommendations.

How to choose a good mattress, you can find out by looking at the following video.

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