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The Russian company Consul is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality orthopedic mattresses that will give you rest and relaxation during night sleep. Brand products are of great popularity in different countries of the world. Production creators are constantly offering new models of Consul mattresses, applying new materials and modern technologies.


Russian company Consul produces stylish and high-quality beds, mattresses and orthopedic bases. A large number of professionals, specialists and creative personalities work on the manufacture of products. Creating a new model of the mattress begins with sketches and finishes a ready-made solution.

Thanks to the exact size and fantasy of designers, the company produces ideal mattresses and beds that are very well combined with various style directions. Designers involve unique technologies – for the realization of the most bold and extraordinary ideas in the reality. The peculiarity of the brand products is handmade, since it is impossible to replace it.

The company cooperates with many European manufacturers of fabrics, fillers. Supply of materials from the best manufacturers of Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands. They are characterized by aesthetic, durability and durability.

Consul applies best fillers. Coconut Coyra and Palm Fiber Company buys in Africa, Cactus Coyra – from Mexico, in Bananova – from Philippines. Fille supplies are carried out from Italy, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary and other countries.

The company itself is engaged in the manufacture of durable spring blocks using high quality steel. The key to the success of the brand products is a harmonious combination of handmade and automated production. Production Production occurs on high-quality equipment of Germanic, as well as American, Italian, Swiss production.


Consul orthopedic mattresses today are in great demand, products are bought out very quickly, because the manufacturer guarantees high quality and offers a well-thought-out product design.

The main advantages of Consul mattresses:

  • Wonderful quality of materials used and fillers. The manufacturer cooperates only with the best global companies that specialize in the manufacture of durable materials.
  • Orthopedic mattresses contribute to the improvement of sleep, and also have massage properties. Thanks to the right body location, you can get rid of snoring and get strong sleep.

  • Products are made of natural fillers, What gives mattresses antallergic properties. You may not doubt that all models are safe to health.
  • Durability. With proper use, the mattress will last for many years, while ensuring wonderful conditions for relaxing and restoring the forces during night recreation.

  • You can choose mattresses with different rigidity – to create the most comfortable conditions during sleep. The mattress with a correctly selected rigidity is ideal for people with a sick back, because it does not bend, and also takes the shape of the body.

Each model of the mattress is already equipped with a removable case, which provides such advantages:

  • Hygienicity – Case can be easily removed to wash it or replace. Your mattress will always be clean.
  • The company provides Post-warranty service. If the cover is damaged, you can replace.


The Russian company Consul offers a variety of orthopedic mattresses that are made from high-quality materials, best fillers, soft and durable covers. You can find a decent option, given your financial position, since the price range is quite wide.

Products can be hard, medium rigidity or soft. Models with medium rigidity are the most common because they allow you to sleep overnight and restore forces. The stiffness of the product largely depends on the fillers used. Coconut Coyra makes mattresses more rigid, and latex and polyurethane foam are responsible for the softness of the product. Their combination allows you to achieve the necessary rigidity.

The company creates three types of mattresses:

  • Spring products, natural fillers;

  • Spring models with antiallergic layers;

  • Flameless options.

All such products are divided into several categories – depending on the appointments. They are children, for teenagers, adults, large people and the elderly.

Children’s models are characterized by an orthopedic effect. They are represented by hardless and independent spring options. BLock independent springs perfectly supports the spine, which in childhood is still formed. Such a model is safe for the health of the baby, because it is made from natural fillers, which additionally pass antibacterial processing.

Among flawless mattresses, the sale of sales is the “Filon” model. This mattress has an orthopedic effect, has an average level of stiffness and is inexpensive. It is made of polyurethane foam, which by properties is very similar to Latex. This model is the perfect combination of wonderful quality and affordable prices.


To create convenient and durable mattresses, the company uses modern technologies and better European equipment.

Thanks to the use of innovative nanotechnology, all fillers are additionally treated with silver ions. This gives products antiviral and bactericidal properties. They are reliably protected from reproduction of bacteria and microorganisms. Treatment of silver ions give mattresses strength and increases the life of their operation.

For ease during transportation, all brand mattresses are subject to pressing. They are placed in a special vacuum packaging that makes them more compact. After removing the package, the mattress acquires the original shape – due to the energy of the springs.

Some models are equipped with a special electronic system “Antichrap”. It allows you to control the headboard. When snoring the mattress, the headboard is slightly lifted when a person stops snoring – goes down.

The innovative system “EVER DRY” is responsible for automatic drying, as well as heating the product. To protect the mattress from reproduction of bacteria and microbes, products are often complemented by the “Purotex” system.

Rulers and models

Consul offers mattresses of several categories: economy, standard, premium and VIP. The difference between them lies in the price. Such a distinction helps customers first select the appropriate price range, and then in this category find the best option.

The company’s website presents a wide range of models that are classified by different criteria.

Designers of the company are constantly developing new models using various combinations of fillers, innovative technologies:

  • The latest innovations of the company are models “Indiana” and “Texas” – Spring Mattresses of Middle Hardness. Mattress “Indiana” Includes four layers: Coconut Coyra, Independent Spring Block, Ecolatex and Leodesire Case from Cotton Jacquard. The model height is 20 cm, it is able to withstand the load up to 110 kg. Mattress “Texas” also consists of 4 layers, but only instead of the ecolatex, coconut coir is used. The model height is 18 cm, it will suit people with a weight of up to 120 kg.

  • Sale Sales is a model “Saltan +” – due to high rigidity, the presence of an independent springs block, as well as the use of natural fillers. This model is designed to provide a very comfortable bedroom. The mattress includes several layers: natural latex, coconut coir, independent springs block “Multipape” and Latex. It has a steam case from jacquard or knitwear.

  • Among expensive models should look at the mattress “Sapphire Premium », which is characterized by high rigidity. Jacquard case is processed by silver ions, it is forbidden to wash it. Possible exceptionally dry cleaning. The mattress provides an elastic, elastic and comfortable place to sleep.

  • Model “Sapphire Premium » Consists of several layers, fillers from different countries are used. There are 3 cm of natural latex from Belgium, hereinafter – 2 cm coconut coirs, an independent springs block “Energo Hub Spring”, the height of which is 13 cm, 2 cm latex coyra and 3 cm latex. The height of the model is 24 cm, it is withstanding the load to 150 kg.

Fillers and materials

Russian company Consul uses very high-quality materials and fillers from producers from different countries. The company is focused on materials with an orthopedic effect. It provides careful selection of fillers to ensure comfortable models for a full and strong sleep. Many models of mattresses are complementary processing of silver ions – to extend the life.

The company applies such fillers:

  • coconut coir;
  • latex;
  • Ecolatex;
  • latexed coconut;
  • Ecococos;
  • coconut fiber;
  • polyurethane foam;
  • viscose;
  • Vyazkoelastic foam;
  • horsehair;
  • Struttiferber;
  • cannabis;
  • hard felt;
  • Cotton;
  • Latex wool.

All of the above materials make mattress more dense, elastic and elastic. They provide an excellent orthopedic effect, guarantee strong and healthy sleep.

Tips for choosing a mattress

From the convenience of the sofa directly depends on a full-fledged vacation. If you sleep on a comfortable mattress, then every morning you will wake up in a good mood, with new forces and energy.

To correctly pick up the mattress, you must definitely test it before buying. Do not be afraid to sit on it, even stick. You must be comfortable and gently. Be sure to check with specialists, what materials and fillers are used.

When choosing an orthopedic mattress worth paying attention to several nuances:

  • Human growth (as well as weight) is one of the determining factors. You should preliminarily measure your growth, but necessarily in a lying position, because so the spine will be able to fully relax. To your growth worth adding 15-20 cm to find out the length of the mattress.

  • To correctly choose the width of the mattress, it is worth considering your activity at night. Determine how you sleep: calmly or turn. If at night you often turn over from one side to another, then take a mattress with a maximum width. If you choose the mattress for your child, then consider its weight and growth. It is better to buy a mattress model that will be slightly larger in width and length.

  • Always pay attention to the degree of rigidity. Mattresses with latex filling are characterized by softness, so they perfectly repeat the outlines of your body. Such a model is suitable for people who have problems with the spine or very sensitively sleep.

If you need a mattress for an elderly person, you first need to pay attention to the soft option. Universal choice for everyone is a model with a combined excipient of moderate rigidity. This option is suitable for teenagers and adults. This mattress will also definitely like people who prefer to sleep on the back.

  • For people who have problems with their backs, the hard model with anatomical properties will be an excellent solution. Such a mattress can be purchased for newborns.

  • An important criterion is the type of frame. The company offers spring and flavored options. Among spring models, the Bonnel block is popular, which is designed to load up to 180 kg. Its height is 12 cm, it will fit very well for optimal fixation of the back during sleep. The feature of the spring block “Multipape” is that each spring is located in a separate tissue case. Such a mattress adapts well under the shape of the body. At the same time, the height of the block is 13 cm. Another option of the spring block is the “duet” system. It includes double springs that are withstanding various loads. Such a mattress is suitable for a married couple, which has a significant difference in weight.

Flameless mattresses are made of various fillers. Preference is worth paying natural materials.

Customer Reviews about the company

The Russian company Consul is in demand in both Russia and in other countries. Product buyers from this manufacturer leave a lot of positive feedback, which most often relate to excellent quality and well-thought-out design.

Consul mattresses allow you to cope with back pain, give a strong and healthy dream, improve well-being. On a comfortable mattress quickly falls asleep, the body during sleep is completely relaxed, so many users marked the tide of energy and forces.

Covers are very important. The manufacturer offers soft fabrics, as well as modern and stylish design. Each model consists of several layers of fillers, which allows you to choose the rigidity of the mattress. The company’s products are suitable for all ages. Mattresses from environmentally friendly materials are often purchased for newborns and babies.

All buyers were convinced of the durability and practicality of products. They skip the air well, do not absorb moisture, and also quickly heated from the body and hold this temperature. A wide range of lines and models allows each client to find a decent option, given its financial opportunities.

Some Consul clients celebrate poorly organized staff. Mattresses were not always delivered on time, as well as during transportation, the product lost its form. Of course, after complaints of buyers, these shortcomings of the company eliminated.

More details about the production of mattressesConsulYou can learn from the video further.

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