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Matramax mattresses – products of the domestic manufacturer, founded in 1999 and having an active position in their segment. Mark has proven itself as a manufacturer of high-quality products for ordinary buyers and a hotel network. Mattresses of the brand are unique and have a number of features.

Features and advantages

Matramax mattresses are made from the best raw materials of imported suppliers of Belgium and the Netherlands, using Russian steel steel. Products are created on high-tech equipment that allows you to produce models of standard and non-standard sizes both mass and partially within two days from the date of order. All products at each stage of production passes hard quality control. In the process of creating a block, an environmentally friendly raw material is used and harmless assembly technologies are used.

The range of the company includes more than a hundred names of mattresses, characterized by the structure of the block, filler composition and the degree of rigidity.

The company’s mattresses have a number of advantages:

  • are certified goods, have the necessary documentation confirming compliance with hygiene standards;
  • Depending on the model, three degrees of block rigidity have (soft, medium and firm tough), expanding the circle of buyers with different interests;
  • Performed from hypoallergenic raw materials of natural and artificial origin, not excreasing toxins with antimicrobial impregnation, which eliminates the damage of the mattress during operation and the appearance of fungus, mold, rotting;
  • Based on the features of the bed or sofa, differ in the form and have a guarantee for each model up to 5 to 20 years;

  • Compared with products of other companies, have the highest level of maximum permissible load in place – 165 kg (suitable people with excess weight);
  • Thought up to little things, have a removable zipper case with a pleasant coloring and design, decorated with different stitches pattern;
  • Different with a wide range of each collection category, allowing you to vary the width and length of the mat depending on the set of a specific user;
  • Depending on the specific model, possess anatomical and orthopedic properties, and due to the special reservoir of the filler, may have an additional effect.
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Brand uses high-quality packing type and wire diameter (2 mm). The main participants of the company’s range are:

  • latex – perforated and dense small-pourous material of natural origin with high levels of elasticity, elasticity;
  • Coconut Coyra – Coconut recycling product soaked in small amount of latex to maintain elasticity;
  • Polyurene Foolder – synthetic analogue of natural latex, characterized by the greater stiffness of the block and less elasticity, having high practical characteristics and long service life;
  • Independent Springs “Microbacket” and “Multipape” – steel elements of a small-sized cylindrical shape, packed in fabric pocket covers interconnected by means of textiles covers.


It is worth noting the high cost of some models of the company, which is an obstacle to the purchase of a mattress for most of the ordinary buyers. Often the difference depending on the size is obvious in the same model. The minus of many models of the company is an impractical color of the cover: white tone material quickly yellowes and loses attractiveness. It often needs to care and washing, and if you consider the difficulty of removing the cover with an additional fibrous layer, to such mattresses will have to order additional lightning covers, but already practical color.


The rules are divided into spring and flawed models with a symmetric and asymmetrical block structure. Models without springs are presented in a monolithic and combined type. The first consist of a solid reservoir of the padded material packed in a textile jacquard cover of a quilting plan. The second is divided into a combination (dense base and additional thin layers) and a puff variant (several layers of different compound and filler density).

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The range of company mattresses is wide and for the convenience of choice is divided into separate series, which include mattresses:

  • Standard – Classical line of mats, designed for an ordinary buyer with an acceptable cost.
  • Premium – Premium mattress line, characterized outwardly and having high-quality characteristics that do not change properties for many years resistant to model deformation on the springs and without them, with a volumetric coat of sand color and high cost.
  • ELITE – complex multi-row structures based on independent springs and perforated latex, distinguished by a high cost and a 20-year warranty designed for a certain contingent of the buyer.

  • Inerghetik – Brand, launched since 2005, using innovative latex material, perforation mats, massage case with embossed surface, two-rowed orthopedic models with high cost.
  • Children’s and teenage line – mats from 7 to 28 cm blur and spring type sandwich, ecosenenvic, ultraflex, emix and others with proper support for children’s backs and guarantee of the manufacturer of 5 years, including flavored toppers from latex height 7 cm.
  • Options for seniors – Products from 7 to 39 cm tall for old-age users, taking into account the debrity of muscles, unloading the body to ensure the most comfortable stay.

  • Models for hotels and yachts – Medium-grade models with a height of 17 to 27 cm with hydrophobic properties and increased wear-resistance, intended for users of different ages and a set, made on a spring and black-based basis by implose technology.
  • Non-standard products – Models in the form of a rectangle, circle, oval, block of components, unlike products of other companies providing for spring blocks for any non-standard form.
  • Orthopedic mats from latex and coconut fiber – products of three types (monolithic, combined and puff type with a mandatory additive fiber coconut from two sides of the mattress, sometimes 3 layers, as well as latex of the usual and perforated structure).

  • A group of anti-runa blocks – models with a height of up to 36 cm for immobilized patients made of fine-sized and perforated latex with a fragrant additive and options for combined type with latex and independent micropacles, which are distinguished by the relief surface of the block, the optimal surface rigidity.
  • Vacuum (rolled) mats – a separate line of packed with machinery for convenient transportation of independent spring and flawed mats (closed in a special film mattress for adults height from 7 to 27 cm and diameter up to 45 cm).
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A separate category of mattresses make up custom models made with an individual approach to each client and options for a sofa without springs and on independent composite springs with a latex additive and a coir equipped with a volumetric covench.


The dimensions of the brand mattresses are pleased to please every buyer. Conditionally they are divided into 4 groups:

  • Children and teenage – dimensions are subject to single models, although they can be manufactured on request;
  • Adult single beds – 80×190, 80×195, 80×200, 90×190, 90×195, 90×200, 120×90, 120×195, 120×200 cm;
  • Adult semi-liter – 140×190, 140×195, 140×200 cm;
  • Adults double – 160×190, 160×195, 160×200, 180×190, 180×195, 180×200, 200×190, 200×195, 200×200 cm.

The height of the models varies depending on the structure of the unit and can be from 7 to 24 cm. The average spacing of flawless blocks is up to 17 cm, spring to 39 cm.


Trading mark gets a lot of positive customer reviews. Users mark the middle rigidity of the blocks, optimally comfortable and comfortable for high-quality sleep, the absence of an extraneous chemical smell, high design designs, no assembly defects. Vacuum company mattresses quickly take the right form, do not deform in the process of waiting for unpacking, perfectly fit into the parameters of the bed and do not publish an irritating sound even after several years of operation, – buy buyers in the comments, leaving feedback on the sites of suppliers and furniture forums.

About how Matramax mattresses produce, you will learn from the following video.

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