Little bedroom design 6-7 kV. M

The spacious room gives almost endless planning opportunities, choosing style, design, decoration, decor. There are no problems with this. Case for small – owner fantasy and financial opportunities. Carefully opposite situation when the bedroom dimensions barely allow you to place a bed or sofa there. And I want to equip it at least stylish, modern and beautiful than a spacious room. About all the nuances concerning the arrangement of the bedroom with an area of ​​6-7 kV. m, our article will tell.

Features planning

A small area of ​​the room, of course, limits the possibilities when choosing furniture, color solutions, design. Therefore, at the design stage of the interior design, it is necessary to very carefully consider several options, sketches, schemes. This will allow you to choose the perfect suitable option for a miniature bedroom depending on its configuration, structural elements, windows.

Rooms 2 sizes 3 meters or a little more in addition to restrictions have certain advantages. Not all people prefer spacious premises, especially if it comes to a rest room and sleep. In this case, a cozy room with an area of ​​6-7 m2 with a window is exactly what you need.Nothing superfluous – only sleeping place, mining furniture, soft scattered light, pleasant decor. Cozy corner where you want to return after a hard day and relax in a pleasant, insertion.

Despite the diversity of styles, finishing materials, design options, there are several general principles that follow when developing small premises design:

  • Light color gamma (Non-lass shades and tones not only do not reduce a small space, but also make the room lighter and spacious);
  • Optimal use each square centimeter of free square;
  • Selection of the sleeping zone;
  • Replacing outdoor Tumbers and racks mounted shelves;
  • Using light curtains, thin curtains instead of heavy porter;
  • Use of different designer techniques In the same interior;
  • Using additional light sources if necessary.

A small area of ​​the room, with a competent selection and placement of furniture, allows you to create a small working corner, if necessary. To extinguish it from the bed, the lightweight curtain or shirma will allow, and as furniture will be enough for a written table, chair and a small mounted shelf.

Very often to expand the useful area, use the method of combining the bedroom with other rooms, such as living room. At the same time, the sleeping place will be fenced off from the rest of the canopy, curtain, shirma, partition.

Choosing style

Even 6-7 kV. m may be sufficient for the creation of an interior decorated in some brightly pronounced stylistic direction. To do this, you need to know the basic principles of this style and show your fantasy. Room, designed in some kind of defined style, always looks more advantageous than just a beautiful furnished room. The stylistic decision makes the interior completed, harmonious, solid.

Of course, not all directions will be equally harmonious to look in a small room. This is especially true of lush, pompous, coupling styles (Baroque, Rococo or Art Deco). They assume the presence of massive furniture, bright colors, rich decoration. However, there are several more concise directions that will look no less interesting, stylish and beautiful. This is a classic, minimalism, provence, eco-style, oriental directions. These styles imply bright color solutions in the design, concise, elegant decor, classic furniture.

Let’s tell about them in more detail:

  • Modern style. The bedroom decorated in this style involves calm shades, beautiful furniture, lack of lush decor. For the design of walls, ceiling and gender are used by monophonic materials. Beautiful fittings, mirror, polished wood furniture can be used as decorations. The situation allows small landslides or classic sconces, indoor plants, ceramic jewelry.

  • Classic. Classic bedroom never comes out of fashion. So classic style is one of the most popular. He is not screaming, not vulgar, it is characterized by refinement, grace, nobility in colors and furniture. Tender shades of beige, dairy, peach, pink, lilac, green, sandy and other colors make interior very light, air.

  • Interior “Under the Starin”. Decor in the form of ancient stucco, silver or ceramic jewelry, crystal helps to create even in the smallest room atmosphere of a luxury palace. Beautiful materials are used for registration: velvet, satin, silk, jacquard. But they should not be too much, everything is very concise and restrained.

  • Provence. The perfect solution for those who prefer French refinement and grace. For decoration is used exceptionally delicate, light palette: white and pink, blue, lilac, green, yellow. Commitable textile supplements and accessories: bedspread, plaid, curtains with small ornament (polka dot, flowers, cage). Bedroom furniture in the style of Provence should be the most simple and strict. The use of natural materials and compositions from living and artificial colors is welcomed.

  • Loft. This style is characteristic of bright, unusual natures, rejecting all the usual and well-established. The direction received its name from the former factories and industrial warehouses, which at one time were converted to residential premises. From old production workshops in the apartment there were brick walls, devoid of all finishes, high ceilings and open windows. Minimum decor, characteristic of this style, as can not be used to make a small room. Color range is quite limited: black, white, gray, brown. Additional styling under the abandoned factory room include open lamps without ceiling, walls, imitating brickwork or concrete, board.

  • Minimalism. Minimalism – another very good direction for finishing a tiny room. This style is characterized by the complete absence of any frills in the design (curls, roses, brushes, bows, ruffs, ruffles). The color solution usually consists of a combination of two contrast or close-colored shades. The interior design is built in clear, proper geometric lines, furniture is very standard, no unusual forms. Such an interior will have to do business people who prefer rationality in everything, including in the design of their homes.

  • Scandinavian style. A distinctive feature of the style is a combination of different very bright, transparent, cold tones. This is, above all, white, gray and blue. Such a stylistic solution will be optimal for the room, whose windows overlook the sun. Cold color gamut will give a feeling of freshness and winter coolness even in the hottest and sunny day.

Color palette

One of the recommendations for the design of small rooms states that the color range of furniture, decorations, the decor should be bright. Dark and bright, saturated colors not only visually reduce a small space, but also make it more gloomy and heavy.

Pastel gamma colors is rich enough and diverse to choose the perfect suitable option for trimmed bedroom. Before choosing a color should take into account the design features of the room, its area, configuration, location and, of course, their own desires and preferences.

Make the emerging windows on the northern side of the room more warm and cozy, various shades of peach, orange, yellow, light pink, milk color will help. And on the contrary – to muffle too bright and sunny interior will help cold shades of lilac, blue, pistachio color. Natural, natural colors will help create an atmosphere of home comfort and heat.

Consider how one or another color or its shade, I can compete with a little bedroom design

  • White color. The brightest, clean, light color instantly transforms even the most modest interior, making it elegant and beautiful. The snow-white bedroom will always reign the atmosphere of comfort and calm. Dilute this idyll with bright colors will help colored lamps or decor items;
  • Blue color relieves tension, cools the room with hot summer, gives calm and peace. Blue bedroom – an excellent option for people engaged in active business. Blue color will help relieve voltage and give the charge of energy and a positive attitude;
  • Green shades have a beneficial effect on the psycho-emotional state of the person, help relieve tension, soothe nerves. Very light and pleasant to perceive color;
  • Purple color is perfectly combined with green, yellow and pink shades. The bedroom decorated in such colors looks very comfortable and warm;
  • Add to a small bright bedroom, sunlight will be helped by different shades of yellow.

Wall clearance, floor and ceiling

Choosing the appropriate option for the room, do not forget that wall coverings, ceiling and floor should not be too relief, heavy and textured. The volume ornament “eats” a few extra centimeters from a small space, making it even less.

For the design of the walls, it is best to use the most flat, lightweight materials (wallpaper, decorative plaster). Paul can be covered with parquet, laminate, thin carpet or linoleum. The ceiling can be painted or even stretched if the height will allow.

One of the basic rules when choosing a finish is the close combatibility of shades. In the interior should not be too pronounced contrasts. For example, if white paint is used for the ceiling, the color of the wallpaper can be sandy, and the floor covering has a beige shade.

Other Rule: It is necessary to avoid pregnated and overwhelmed coatings. Multiple rooms are preferably preferred. Either print can be used for registration or separation of one of the walls. In this case, the drawing must be as low and low.

How to furnish?

Bulky and massive furniture in a small room will look inappropriate. It should have a concopted and very comfortable design. When choosing exactly such furniture, the interior will not be overloaded, and the space will be solved as rationally.

Bed – Main Interior Element. Well, if it is without high legs or supporting structures, on the platform, for example. Luxurious headings and wide backs better also avoid. It is advisable to choose a model with built-in boxes.

Cabinet – another mandatory object for the bedroom. Optimal option – wardrobe. It can completely take one of the walls and solve the problem of storing clothing and other things. Another attribute of the bedrooms – bedside table or table.

Competently thoughtful furniture alignment is no less important than its choice. It depends on the overall impression of the room, as well as the availability of free space. The wardrobe is best put along a narrower wall, and the bed is near the wide.

In addition to the main items, you can use slightly smaller, such as hinged shelves that will help accommodate books and magazines.

Hinged furniture (shelves, lockers) saves free space and equip the interior more functionally. As additional furniture items, you can consider folding chairs, countertops, tables. Instead of bed, you can use a folding sofa or chair bed. Transforming furniture is perfectly suitable for small rooms.


When arranging a small room is important every moment, including lighting. Heavy, massive chandelier with many suspension only visually weighting interior and emphasize the humble size of the room, so it will have to refuse. Choose better small neat models with nonsense design.

If a stretch ceiling is installed in the room, then you can consider the option with LED lamps located around the perimeter of the room, along one of the walls, circle in the center, Zigzag. To illuminate the cabinet, the head of the bed can be used local lamps. An additional source of lighting can be a small table lamp, flooring, flat sconium or pendant lamps. Additional lights can also give and shimmering or reflective particles of wall decor.

Choose curtains, textiles and decor

Big Plus For Little Room – Presence Window. It should be the most open and light. For shading it is better to use curtains and curtains from light, flowing, translucent materials.

It is worth avoiding complex drapes, heavy materials and saturated colors. It’s only weighting interior. It is better to choose elegant curtains, Roman curtains or blinds.

Posted by a special charm and charm help accessories. Choosing suitable decorations and elements of a decor for a bedroom with an area of ​​6-7 kV. m, it is worth limking to several subjects. It can be a small picture on the wall, a photo on the night table, a vase with flowers or kashpo. Accessories should not be too large and bright.

Make an interior, weathered in bright colors, bright and stylish will help textiles. It can be beautiful bedspread, carpet, decorative pads.

Ideas in the interior

Thanks to a competently thought-out placement of furniture, choosing a color solution and an elegant decor, a bedroom does not seem like a small.



Consider some interesting decisions:

  • White and pale green combination, Lightweight, air curtains, elegant furniture and compact lamps create a sophisticated, beautiful, very cozy interior with rest;
  • Square room It can be not only a bedroom, but also a comfortable and convenient working area. The recreation area is equipped with a compact bed, bedside drawers and mounted cabinets. Worker consists of a table, chair and several shelves. The interior is descended in combination of light tones. Multicolored pillows are used as decor;
  • Snow-white bedroom It always looks very neat and smart even with such a minimum setting and concise decoration. Decorative plants are used to decorate windows. Tiny sconium complement light, air chandelier. Walls, ceiling, furniture, textiles are sustained in white. An animation of a snow-white interior and make it more dynamic dark color floor covering and elegant wallpapers.

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