Lilac bedroom

Bedroom – the most intimate part of the house. I want her atmosphere to be cozy and. Today, the focus of unusual shades, the design in faded and familiar beige tones is outdated and looks boring. Lilac bedroom – original solution for design. This shade is unique and has a number of features.


Lilac hue is not an independent color, as many mistakenly believe: it is one of the most beautiful tones in a group of multifaceted purple color. Although it seems simple, but the lilac shade is complicated, since it is based on a combination of strong paints, albeit and diluted with white. The connection of two starts (male and female) makes tone contradictory and attractive.

Due to the duality of the beginning, the lilac shade may be cold or warm. This feature must be taken into account when creating a design so that the general view of the room was harmonious and cozy.

When adding a note of blue lilac becomes cool and makes a feeling of freshness in the interior.

Pinkish subton gives a special festive (or even romantic) mood.

Neutral shade, in which the balance of two colors is observed, gives a feeling of peace and relaxation.

The choice of the concentration of the shade in the design of the bedroom cannot be random. It is necessary to repel from the general idea to enter the desired mood and atmosphere. In addition, it is worth keeping in mind that a lilac is a special tone, it combines far from all the colors of the color palette: if you break the color harmony, it does not want to go to the bedroom and go.

Gentle shade multifaceted, but it is more inclined to the female start. It is appropriate in the female bedroom, the design of the hall and children’s room of girls.

It doesn’t fit men at all, even if Silene will be noticeable in the shade.


Lilac shade has long been successful among royal families and know different countries. He is considered mysterious and magical, he symbolizes refinement and speaks of a strong nature, in the soul of which hurricane hurricane. Bedroom design in lilac colors choose creative, selfless, generous and sensual individuals with non-standard and eccentric character, but not deprived of impulsiveness.

The tone “breathes” nobility, it provides color therapy, but depending on the concentration it affects the person and the general view of the interior. He can change the conceived style from a positive, encouraging and joyful to sad (and even dull). Being the main accent bedroom, he can not be the only background of design.

At least – it will have to add two soft contrast to it.

If the shade sees a bluish subton, it is necessary to add a warm tint to it. In addition, the design in a lilac color looked brighter, you can add several black or brown strokes (parts of the interior – for example, furniture colors, painting frames, chairs, dressing table).

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What shades are combined?

Lilac shade is somewhat smoaking in choosing. To pick up the contrast to it, you can use the circle of color combinations.

Opposite the lilac shade is yellow, next to it – green and orange. As the tone is light, contrasts should also be blond.

Lilac is perfectly combined with classic palette paints:

  • White and beige Pass the atmosphere of lightness, they add light, fill the bedroom with comfort and visually increase the space room.

  • Brown – excellent component in the interior. However, it is necessary to use it. It is not recommended to interrupt the main (lilac) tone, so dark color should be exactly so much to highlight the lilac.

  • Black – Another successful color with a unique ability to make brighter any paint palettes. One of the successful options is a combination of lilac with gray.

  • Lilac color successfully combined with gold and silver. These paints contribute to the luxury design and emphasize the uniqueness of the idea.

How to apply?

There are two ways to use color. You can paint or park wallpaper walls, ceiling, as well as select a method in which color is used in the form of accents. In the second case, the color can be transferred by furniture and any interior items (for example, chandeliers, curtains, puffs, flooring, paintings, photo wallpapers).


Accents may not only be explicit, but also underlined modest (unshakful drawing on textile bed linen or plaid, decorative pillows, curtains, pattern elements and even candle).

A feature of the color of color is the possibility of using two lilac tones: one – lighter, the second is a bit brighter. It will save the bedroom from sadness and “revive” the overall picture. Bright tone can be emphasized more bright (for example, to make a warmth and joy in design, you can add a small focus in Fuchsia).

Walls and sides

As for the walls, the use of wallpaper remains one of the most relevant modern techniques. If used to be considered a beautiful design of a single color and a pattern, today this technique is outdated. It is better to use different shades – regardless of whether there is a print on wallpaper or not.

And even more interesting, if the design will be a pattern of contrasting color.

Transfer the beauty of the lilac shade is not very difficult: you can emphasize the area over the bed, on the edges add a bright tone and make the transition smooth using a third color. Given this nuance, we must not forget that for the composition you need to repeat shades in interior items.

If the walls or ceiling are dominated, it is impossible to overload the bottom of the room upholstery. Enough, for example, transfer harmony through textiles curtains, pile of carpet or live flowers. Ceiling easier to make tension. So you can show not only the beauty of the color, but also the perfectness of the surface.

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Accent with photo

Wall mural – an interesting design of the design, with which you can demonstrate the idea and pass the right mood. Often it is a photo wallpaper help to create the right atmosphere and give out the bedroom style. For example, blooming sakura on the wall and elegant porcelain vases will indicate a Japanese style, gentle pink-lilac flowers hinted about romance.



The drawing can occupy the entire area of ​​one wall or be it a small accent – depending on the size of the room, selected style and theme. Choose photo walls in lilac tones.

The hue itself does not allow aggression, so the topic should also be “tender”.

If different motives are allowed in the print wallpaper (lace, stripes, geometry, flowers – and children have their own patterns), the most relevant themes for photo wallpaper are flowers, plants, sakura. No naked female bodies, sexuality here is not needed: the total atmosphere speaks about the sublime. Such pictures will spoil the entire idea, because this is the “facade” of the room.

What to pay attention to?

In order not to break the harmony of the design of the lilac bedroom, it is worth considering several nuances:

  • The effect of color should not be excessive (enough accents);
  • It is impossible to add more than three contrasts to a lilac tone;
  • Understand the beauty and tenderness of the shade must be soft contrasts – taking into account the compatibility of shades;

  • Choosing a way to use color, you should not use all techniques to the maximum (this is devoid of taste and overload the general type of bedroom);
  • It is not added to the design of the starting tones of lilac (red or blue): they will destroy the gentle-lilac background and create a negative perception of the room;
  • Choosing lilac wallpapers or ordinary materials, it is worth correlating the size of the drawing with an area of ​​the room (the smaller the room, the smaller the picture);
  • This shade is able to change the visual space of the room, it should not be too bright (light tone increases the space even a small room).

Design ideas

Thanks to creative specialists, the design of the modern bedroom is often similar to the real work of art. Everything is very beautiful, harmonious and leaves a pleasant impression.

With roses

If the bedroom area allows you to make a Shibbi-chic design in a gentle-lilac shade with roses. Based on a gentle shade of lilac, connecting it with white and light gray. The wall at the headboard is decorated with blossomed buds. Ceiling, door, bedside table, mirror must be white. The rest of the walls can be painted with lilac paint in the tone of the bed.

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So that the interior was harmonious, it is worth picking up beautiful bedding and pillows in the tone of a bed (or walls), hang white curtains with a lilac pattern and supplement the design with two soft armchairs, as well as cape on the windowsill. The final stroke of the idea will be a gold trim chandelier, a table lamp and doors.


You can equip a children in a lilac green gamma. Since the contrast can distract all attention to itself, it is minimized, leaving the right to superiority for a lilac.

To develop the creative potential of the child, it is enough to make a bright one wall, leaving the others white. Interior items (bed, writing table, two stands and block with shelves) pick in white color.

To straighten the white, on the floor you can lay a carpet or just a light gray laminate. Gray will soften the transition of lilac and green.

You can add green together with a relative lilac tone: for example, dark purple. It can be small curtains, upholstery of ornamental pillows, drawing of bed linen.


The original bedroom design can be created with moderate color. To show the beauty of the lilac color, you can take the basis of the diluted tone of Fuchsia, pickled bedding with pillows, curtains and photo walls above the headboard.

A trio of different classical shades can be used as a contrast: gray, white and brown. You can armchair and an accent wall (except for the painting) to arrange a gray tint, ceiling and other walls – white. Paul, bedside cabinet, writing table and door will look harmonious if their tint will be light brown.

The lilac shade seems simple enough, but it does not give way to the place: the size of the flower clearly defines the main role of the main tone.

Color game

One of the interesting design options is a smooth transition of shades of lilac. You can choose a warm beige to the main color. In order not to disturb the tenderness of the planned composition, the beige color should be picked up so that it is almost identical color of furniture or floor.

For example, beige color can be repeated in the gold finish of the original cabinet.

You can choose a bed, cabinets, ceiling zones and floor in beige, and room walls, vases, bed linen textiles and decorative pillows – in lilac. The third tint will be white, which will decorate the lacy pattern of the facade of the cabinet, as well as several soft pillows. Soft taking, providing a smooth transition of tones, in this design is the lighting: the lamps are turned on as it is impossible to emphasize the boundaries, but they connect them to a white-beige tone.

To “revive” the style of the room, the pillows are better to choose different skews on saturation. Without a bright stroke can be boring even the most attractive gentle design.

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