High Beds

Locating a high bed in a small bedroom, you can get not only a comfortable space for sleep, but also combined with storage systems. High Floor Option is suitable for almost everyone: Lonely living, young couples, families with children and the elderly.


Comfortable sleep – pledge of good health and mood. Today in stores you can find the most different furniture for sleep, but most people still prefer various sofas, chairs, sun loungers. Traditional sleeping bed. True, different height. Manufacturers noted that the standard distance from the floor to the surface of the bed can range from 45 cm to 175 cm. Most often there are models up to half a meter and a little more.

But, in addition to the usual most of us, high beds are quite common today. They are addressed not only to children, ready to turn such a bed into their toy, but also adults who are looking for their benefits in the use of original models.

High bed, as a rule, consists directly from the bed and base. This design allows you to place the boxes at the bottom, thanks to which the useful area of ​​the apartment will increase.

In other words, a sleeping place high on the floor compensates for the horizontal square, which the bed “eats”.

Even if there are various lifting mechanisms in the design, there are enough space for the organization of storage systems. Their total volume can replace a fairly spacious wardrobe, due to which a significant space is released in the bedroom.

Podium under the bed can also be an excellent idea for saving space in a small room. Raised Sleeping Place Creates a lot of opportunities to accommodate on a large area of ​​storage systems. Library, Bed linen and Winter things – all this and much more successfully can be hidden in boxes built into the podium. And on the territories liberated as a result, it is no less necessary for the life of things and devices.


In order for the bed perfectly fit into the room, it should be taken into account its features.

High beds are several types:

  • With drawers. This is the perfect option for small apartments – such storage systems in the bedroom are able to become an excellent alternative chest or Chiffira. The only nuance: establishing them, it is necessary to foresee the distance around the sleeping bed so that the boxes can freely open.
  • Children’s bunk. Wonderful way out for families with children and little living space. The design intended for children, seriously saves the place, like the kids and allows you to arrange a full-fledged game or working area in a niche under bed.
  • Air mattress. This option, rather, “for every fire”. If you suddenly got the guests or there was a situation when there is no opportunity to put a sofa or chair, then inflate such a bed – the matter of several minutes. And after use, it needs to be easy to blow and remove into a special bag.

Every day they are not too comfortable to sleep on them, but from time to time they are perfectly cut down, and they are easy to store them. In addition, today they are made from hypoallergenic materials with orthopedic properties.

Advantages and disadvantages

The possibility of successful placement of drawers for things at the base bed is the most tangible advantage of high beds. It is for this reason that they prefer their usual models.

Another advantage can be the use of such a design for the elderly. Due to the age and health status, many of them are difficult and inconvenient to get up from low surfaces, so the bed with a high base will be a good option for them.

The disadvantages include a noticeable bulky of such a bed. Although, if you use designer techniques, for example, the organization of the podium with steps, then this minus is easily turning into a plus.

What affects the price?

In some cases, the price may become a decisive condition in favor of choosing a particular bed model. Cost, according to the laws of the market, consists of many factors, among which brand of manufacturer, quality and uniqueness of materials, unusual design model, sizes. All this is worth considering when buying.

High bed does not necessarily stand insane money. Today, many domestic manufacturers can offer consumers no less worthy and high-quality copies than their foreign colleagues, and you can safely save.

In addition, the ability to quickly and efficiently perform the original model according to individual parameters, personally negotiating all the details with the customer, it benefits favorably with local masters from distant overseas.

Material for a good bed is unlikely to be cheap. Otherwise, such a sleeping place will be rather dangerous than comfortable or will serve much less than it was possible to hope when buying. It is important that the lifting mechanism for the mattress (if applicable to the design of the product) was made of reliable materials.

To whom will fit?

High bed is suitable for almost everyone, from Mala to Velik. Especially rejoice in such designs in the bedroom children who have the opportunity in a regular apartment to climb to the top floor, setting up their secluded corner there. Yes, and their parents are satisfied, as they can arrange children’s furniture in the room more compact and ergonomically.

And if a sleeping place is part of the whole furniture complex, then such a children’s room will also look original, which will only strengthen her little ten.

A bed with a higher basis than traditional models is suitable for high growth and elderly people. The latter often experience inconvenience, getting up from low beds, it is difficult for them to bend and blend legs. And if the distance to the floor is comparable to the length of their lower limbs, then the awakening and the beginning of each day will be more joyful for them.

Of course, here you also need to know the measure – too high bed will create even more difficulties for older people than low and may be unsafe.

Location in the interior

Unusual bed design will help create and a special sleeping room interior. High bed can be located on the podium with steps or to be equipped with a staircase, which is easy to get to the place of sleep. It may differ from the familiar bed only the base height or to appear the crown of designer thought and become a real bedroom decoration.

In addition, the high bed will be a very functional option for organizing space in the apartment. In any case, choosing a high bed, it should be remembered that the comfort is primarily important, because the most important purpose of any bed is to give it the owner the opportunity to relax and gain strength for the new day.

Read more about High Beds You will learn from the following video.

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