Features of the choice of the bed-chest

Create comfort with the highest possible space, you can even in a small place – it is only worth useing the bed-dresser. Such a transformer will rescue into any of the rooms, it will be appropriate even in a small office: a place to relax is useful everywhere.

The dresser bed appeared in residential premises relatively recently, with the functionality of this furniture items, only a bed hidden in the closet can compete. However, the dresser bed still wins with his versatility. Not everyone knows what the features of the choice of such furniture are.


This original furniture item has many advantages. For a long time, such products are produced by supplemented by numerous spacious shelves and drawers. The dresser bed is just perfect in operation.

Advantages of such furniture:

  • It is quite compact in folded form. In the afternoon, such a product looks like a chest of drawers, and at night serves as a comfortable sleeping place.
  • Light and reliable transformation mechanism. Even a child can cope with this furniture.
  • Interesting design decorates interior. On the upper shelf, which serves as a side of the box, where the bed hides the day, you can put books, toys, photos – or something else (depending on the purpose of the room).
  • Possible options for configuration. When purchasing a bed-chest, you can add the design of the meresers, a school table or any other useful devices.
  • Unlimited design features. Facade of furniture can be perfect in the interior.

Finish and appearance

Dresser beds are drawn up in different ways, it all depends on the preferences of customers. For kids and teenagers, the product is usually equipped with drawers, often disguised or coinciding in color and accessories with the rest of cabinet furniture in the room.

A typical version of the facade design is the installation on it of false handles – for greater convenience of transformation of the bedroom in the chest of drawers and back. Often with such handles complement the imitation of boxes on the bed viewed side.

The design of this bed implies that it will be rooted by the bottom. Therefore, its design is paying very much attention.

The facade can be decorated with photo printing or pattern – depending on what style is withstanding the room.

Minimalism and naturalness lovers choose the unpacked body surfaces with severe wood pattern. Ecosil – Very popular Direction at this time.

For the manufacture of facades, sheets of LDSP, painted PVC (or covered with a film), as well as natural MDF veneer. LDSP is more profitable to take 25 mm thick – if you plan to actively use furniture by appointment. Economic and accurate users are suitable and LDSP 16 mm.

If desired, the front side of the chest-bed can be made from the solid wood massif, but it will significantly lose it and increases the cost. In children’s use of natural materials is always welcome, but in this embodiment it may not be too appropriate due to the significant weight of the facade of the finished product.

Sleeping place

Facades Designers are designing differently, but in relation to the bedroom place experiments do not allow. Here the rule is one: healthy sleep with maximum convenience.

All modern dresser beds are equipped with an orthopedic mattress, reliably fixed in the framework. The dimensions and level of rigidity of the mattress are selected individually – under each, for whom it is manufactured or purchased.

In some rooms, a sleeping place is raised above the floor – usually this solution is used in children’s to release more space for drawers with toys. For teenagers, often bed is raised significantly higher by installing a retractable table under it. With the help of a small staircase in several steps climb on the bed will be very easy.

Sometimes the dresser bed is provided in the design of the bunk bed. For two children living in the same room, this is a very convenient and thoughtful solution. Day behind the wall of the chest “hiding” the mattress, leaving a place for free movement, and a comfortable bed is organized for the night.

This option is also suitable for adults, so it is often found in the interiors of modern hostels. Sometimes the lower bed is not the main, and the reserve – it expects its o’clock.

Sleeping device

As a base, the mattress traditionally use a critical design attached to the facade of the chest. It is manufactured in compliance with all orthopedic requirements. This is the best option for healthy sleep and rest, which cannot be said about a solid foundation. His benefit is exclusively in finance. Compensated for such minus high quality mattress.

The mattress is chosen by the growth and weight of this one who will have to operate it. The dresser is manufactured for long-term use, therefore it is preferable to stay on a mattress with a filling from latex, Coconut Coi or other orthopedic versions.

To the base, the mattress is fastened with belts, they fix it reliably.

The optimal height of the mattress is 20-40 cm, since this parameter is reflected at the depth of the chest. The thinner the mattress, the smaller the design. Mattress dimensions determine the size of the base.

Typically, a single horizontal disposable transformer bed is made with a sleeping place 70-90 cm in width. In the assembled state it looks like a chest. There are no restrictions on the length of sleep space, but 200-205 cm for comfort.

As for the bed for two – a sleeping place with dimensions from 140 cm requires a vertical transformation mechanism. The “adult” model looks harmoniously in the bedroom, where, if necessary, “hiding” into the closet, or is located in the living room – in order to save space during the daytime.


At the bed-chest is the bottom, sidewalls with rigidity ribs, front panel, ribbon frame under the mattress. To further strengthen the frame of the chest made from an array or composite wood, angle of metal and steel hinges are used. The frame is attached to the frame that provides high structural strength.

The base for fastening the accessories is the steel plank, welded to orthopedic basis.

If the design does not provide for the kard, the furniture is equipped with a thin mattress – not higher than 20 cm. Otherwise, the base will not join the wall close.


In the campaign, an important component is the transformational system. Simple models are opened by moving the base panel (for the handle, on itself). In models with a push-mechanism, smooth laying of a bed from a box-chest occurs after clicking on the base.

Types of transformational systems.

  • Hand lifting. The design is extremely simple and inexpensive, but at the same time – durable and reliable. The only inconvenience – the mattress must slightly raise, laying out. For a children’s bed, this option is not the most suitable.
  • On twisted springs. The advantages of this option are in the hidden installation and beauty of the design – with general ease. Such a mechanism is adapted for any products. When placing the spring will be tightened, thereby ensuring a light movement of the bed. Such a mechanism is suitable in all cases without exception, since the ease of transformation is combined with the endurance of springs (up to 120 kg).
  • Gazlift. Provide smooth and silent movement, can serve their owner for a very long time.

For technical considerations – if one person has to sleep on a folding horizontal bed-transformer, it is usually installed that the spring mechanism is installed.

For service life, this system is not inferior to the Gazlift, since there are no parts sensitive to friction.

To choose the best model, you need to consider a variety of nuances. If necessary, it will be possible to take advantage of the councils of consultants.

More options for the bed-chest, see the following video.

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