Features of sliding beds IKEA

With the birth of a child’s child, parents have the need to buy new furniture items, in particular, bed beds. Growing new family member needs a permanent bed size change. To go to a small person to sleep comfortably at any age, and the parents have not been spent once again, IKEA has developed a bed model with sliding base.


The bed growing with the child, and adapted to its age needs, has a number of obvious advantages:

  • Budget savings. For many years, with a newborn age and before elementary school, you can not worry about buying another bed for children. Together with the younger chal, parents can increase the length of his sleeping bed.
  • Rationality. Bed with sliding system compact and does not take up much space, freeing space for games and other necessary furniture. Can be used as a guest bedroom, pushing as needed.
  • Ecology. Bed from IKEA is made of high-quality, safe for the health of materials.

  • Practicality. The cost of furniture from IKEA is available for most consumers. Her concise design looks attractive and suitable for different decoration of the children’s room.
  • Compactity. Dimensions of Beds from a tree 135-208 cm by 90 cm. Iron Analogs This parameter is 5 cm less.
  • Durability. The whole line of goods IKEA quality indicators meet the highest standards. Unless, of course, this is not a fake furniture, with a different device of the sliding mechanism and compressing sawdust instead of a natural wood array. At the beds Ikea, a branded patented mechanism of exfusion, which is distinguished by the simplicity of the design and the ease of transformation.
  • Variety of design. IKEA is trying to please different consumer tastes and make models of beds, perfectly suitable not only for classic children’s interiors, but also for modern design solutions.


IKEA produces such furniture in two categories: for baby from birth to three years and for the age group within 3-15 years. Special popularity has been gained by wood patterns, mainly from an environmentally friendly pine.

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Good demand from metal beds Series “Minnen”. Budget, but short-lived variants of sliding beds are made of fiberboard or chipboard. All models of this revered many firms are a rack, for the manufacture of which only pine wood boards are used, thoroughly processing.

Compared to a solid bottom of plywood at the spreadsheet, more strength and mattress on such a bottom always ventilated.

Some inconvenience of sliding beds.

  • None of the identified ICE models provides reliable protection for kids. About security while sleeping parents have to worry independently, acquiring additional flights.
  • There are no models with built-in boxes among sliding beds of this brand. For storage of things to be purchased from furniture separately.


Assortment of sliding furniture for children is presented with beds and couches.

Sliding beds

The most beloved and popular with customers models are beds series:

  • “Boussung”. Sleeping place made of extruded sawdust chipboard in such a designer solution, which looks great in any interior. The material does not differ in high strength, because the model is more likely to suit not too mobile children who have a calm temper. Thanks to the height of the head and sink, the sleeping baby is reliably protected from falling. The length of the length “grows” from 138 cm to 208, and the width remains standard – 90 cm.
  • “Lexvik”. The classic wooden model of IKEA, ensuring the strength and long-term operation of a children’s bed, but due to the massiveness of the design requires more space, and it is impractical in small children’s. Of the minuses – the absence of a rattle base that has to acquire separately. Sizes are the same as the previous model.

  • “Minnen”. Bed from iron produced in light or black. Frame – high strength steel, with powder coating and bottom of beech or birch peeks. Metal crib is more compact: 135-206 cm by 85 cm.
  • “Sundvik”. Neutral design model made of pine in white or gray shade. Bed Size: Length 137-207 cm, Width – 91 cm. It’s the biggest brand sliding models.

IKEA production beds sell in disassembled, which assumes an independent assembly.

Couches with increasing bed length

Excellent alternative to sliding baby beds – IKEA couches, suitable for different interiors and not only for kids in the process of growth, but also for formed adults. Ideal design and practicality for adolescents and modern interiors. Presented couches with the following models:

  • “BRMNES”. Unquestive plus design – availability of drawers and low sides. Made of chipboard, which is positively affected by the cost, but poorly reflected on the durability of this model.
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  • “Flaks”. Completed at the request of the customer: nominating boxes or another bed – a spare berth, rolled out from under the foundation. The couch is made of fiberboard or chipboard and do not complement the elements of the fence. But the possibility of acquiring the shelf instead of a traditional headboard levels this minus. Thanks to not prefigured design and affordable cost is one of the most sought-after models.

  • “HEMNES”. The most commonly purchased model, thanks to the three extended drawers and an additional bedroom place on wheels hidden under the base. The only minus minus is made only in white color.

How to choose?

Selecting the bed model for the child, it is worth considering several useful tips:

  • Optimum option – choose a white bed. In this performance, even the most overall furniture looks not cumbersome in space and is suitable for everyone, regardless of sexuality. Preferably option with a wooden frame (natural pine massif).
  • For a child, prone to creative “clearance” of walls and furniture with markers and pencils, the crib of metal will be more suitable. It is easier to cleanse from children’s art.
  • In children’s modest sizes, it is better to install a bed from the “Minnen” series, with the most small dimensions. The choice should be done taking into account the age of the consumer and its growth, because the kids feel more calm and protected on a low bed, and older children should purchase a bed with a maximum floor height to sleep.


Purchasing any of the Bed Ikea, you will have to additionally acquire the mattress, since it does not go. The most correct decision is to buy a mattress of the same manufacturer, but taking into account the following parameters:

  • The length of the mattress should not be the same size as the base of the bed, and at least 2-3 centimeters less, otherwise the mattress does not take place in the collected frame.
  • Children under 12 years old, it is recommended to sleep on a hard or half mattress, because it is formed a spine, and it needs to be fixed.
  • It is desirable that the internal filler is woolen or from coconut fiber. Dust accumulates in cotton or foam rubber, it is deformed in a short time and wear out, bringing discomfort to the body during sleep.

All mattresses from IKEA meet all quality standards and are created specifically for children, taking into account all the features of the growing body.

How to collect?

Each bed is equipped with a detailed instruction describing the furniture assembly process. Visual illustrations of an understandable language describe the entire algorithm of actions to collect the bed could anyone without special training. In the process of assembly, it is important to firmly and high quality all the elements of the design.

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More details about how to collect a sliding bed IKEA, learn from the following video.


About the models of beds with a sliding mechanism of IKEA, consumers respond positively, noting the high quality of the furniture of the famous brand. Celebrate, in particular, strength, safety and appeal design. Parents in many countries have long appreciated all the positive qualities of IKEA furniture and trust the dream of their children only their products.

Any model of IKEA with sliding base as a bed and a couch – a great choice for a child’s sleep or a teenager. Since IKEA furniture developers take into account all the physiological features and the urgent needs of growing children.

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