Features of beds with a lifting mechanism of 120×200 cm

The bedroom should be not only beautiful and harmonious, but also functional regardless of the area. To cope with this task, you should buy appropriate furniture. It must be comfortable and practical. Especially popular lately bed with lifting mechanisms. These designs are equipped with not only spacious double, but also compact semi-gun beds with a size of 120×200 cm.



Features and advantages

Putting a small lifting bed in your bedroom, you will noticeably save free space. In such interior items there are highly spacious storage systems that can replace cabinets and dressers. No extra furniture in the room will be much spacious.

Such large storages are located under the base of the bed on which the mattress lies. To get to them, you need to lift all this design. Many hostesses loved such furniture due to the fact that dust does not accumulate under it. Thanks to this quality, the process of cleaning in the bedroom is becoming less laborious, since the folding furniture does not have to move away from a permanent place and climbing it with a cloth.

A semi-gun bed with a folding mechanism can be purchased for any interior. Small options with width and 120×200 cm longs, easy to fit into many settings. The main thing is to correctly pick up an instance of a suitable design.

Such furniture can be put not only in adult, but also in the children’s bedroom. Often in the impressive storage facilities, small users place their toys and books, which allows you to get rid of room litigation.

Types of mechanisms

Modern manufacturers produce several varieties of lifting beds. They are equipped with various mechanisms, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages:

  • Convenient and affordable are semi-gun beds With twisted springs. The base in such versions rises and falls as a result of stretching springs. These details are susceptible to wear and the average service life of such furniture is 3-5 years. If the springs in the lifting mechanism failed and lost their flexibility, they will not be repaired. Will have to fully change the mechanism.
  • Widely distributed Current Beds Gas lifts. Such details are more practical, durable and convenient to use. In such structures, the impressive weight of the mattress is completely shifted to the mechanism, which means that a person of any complexion and physique can cope with laying the bed. It is also worth noting that mechanisms with gas shock absorbers work almost silently. The base in such systems rises and lowers smoothly and without jerks.

The main disadvantage of such sleeping furniture is its value. But acquiring an expensive model, you ensure yourself with high-quality and functional sleeping lies, the average life of which will be 5-10 years.

    • The most simple and durable is rightfully recognized bed with manual lifting mechanisms. They differ in a considerable service life, as they do not have a large number of additional details subject to wear and breakdowns. But the process of laying such mechanisms can cause the user some difficulties. To raise the base in hand beds you need to make a lot of effort. If you want to get to the niche in the inside of such furniture, you will have to remove the mattress, which will require a lot of time and free place in the room.

    It is not recommended to install similar beds in children’s rooms. The child will not cope with the manual mechanism, which can lead to serious injury.



    Functional beds with a size of 120×200 cm or 120×190 cm are made from different materials.

    MDF or LDSP

    Most often in stores there are inexpensive copies of MDF or LDSP. Such furniture most often has a fairly simple design. Find a truly unique and luxurious model of such materials is quite difficult.

    It is worth mentioning that such material as a chipboard is toxic. It contains formaldehyde resins, which in the production process be bonded with each other wood waste.

    It is not recommended to buy beds from this material for children’s bedrooms. If you still decided to put such furniture in the room, then it is better to choose the option from LDSP Class “E-1” or a bed, a biased veneer. Such products are safer for health.


      Beautiful and elegant design can boast lifting products from natural wood. Such options are able to become a spectacular decoration of the bedroom. Wooden products are distinguished not only by rich appearance, but also durability, durability and ecology. Such a bed, without a doubt, can be put in both adult and in the children’s bedroom.

      High-quality copies of beech, alder, walnut, oak, birch or pine are recognized as true. Standing these beds are expensive, but they serve very long and look amazing.

      However, if you decide to purchase a similar model, then you should be aware that it is necessary to carefully care for. Natural tree should be missed by special antiseptic means. They are needed so that the furniture does not dry, did not crack and did not lose saturated color. In addition, parasites are often breeding in natural wood, to avoid the appearance of which can also be used using special means.


        When choosing sleeping furniture, consumers rarely refer to iron options. This is explained by the fact that such beds always remain cold and unpleasant if they touch them. It is worth noting that the backrest does not always look elegantly. As a rule, iron beds are placed in more modern interiors. For elegant and classic ensembles, they will fit hardly.

        Another disadvantage of such models is their impressive weight. Iron beds are heavy enough. Rearrange such furniture from one place to another – not easy task. Similar options are recommended to put on floor coverings, complemented by carpets. This is necessary in order for the finishing materials to be left traces and dents from heavy furniture.

        The main argument in favor of metal beds is their service life. Such furniture does not lose an attractive appearance, not remembered and breaks.


        For upholstery of modern semi-gun beds with lifting mechanisms, the following materials are used:

        • Leather Natural origin. Furniture with such a finish is expensive, but has a chic appearance. Natural material is not subject to mechanical damage and maintains a commodity view for a long time.
        • Leatherette. This upholstery can often be confused with natural, but it has its shortcomings. For example, rough leatherette does not tolerate temperature drops. Over time, cracks and scuffs appear on it.

        • Ecocient. This high-tech material today is insanely popular. It looks attractive and painted in a variety of colors. But on eco-coarse, scratches are easy, therefore it is worth treating it as much as possible.
        • Textile. Textile beds are no less popular than leather. For the finishing of such furniture, such types of fabric as Shenill, velvet, velveteen, cotton, plush and other types of furniture textiles are more common.

        How to choose?

        Choosing a semi-gun lifting bed, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

        • Mechanism. Before buying, be sure to check the correct operation of the lifting mechanism. This should help the sales assistant.
        • Materials. Of course, the highest quality and recommended are wooden products, but they are not suiced. If you are looking for a more accessible option, then look at models from MDF or LDSP Class “E-1”. The most durable are iron copies.
        • Upholstery. Pay attention to the upholstery of the bed. It all depends on your budget and personal preferences. The most expensive are natural leather options.
        • Manufacturer. Purchase a lifting bed made by a proven manufacturer with a good reputation. Low-quality model will last long, and its lifting mechanism can deliver you a lot of inconvenience during operation.

        How to choose a bed, look in the following video.

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