Dressers in the bedroom

Furniture performs an important element of the interior design of the room, and is also indispensable for the convenient location of things and items. To maintain order in the bedroom, an excellent choice is a chest of drawers, because it can be stored clothing, underwear, bedding and much more. Due to the presence of drawers, you can easily find everything you need.


Many manufacturers of cabinet furniture are engaged in the manufacture of drawers. Their variety just fascinates. You can find a decent option for spacious and small bedrooms. Manufacturers offer luxurious models for various purposes.

Without mirrors

The most popular options for chest of drawers in the bedroom are models without mirrors. They are represented by classic design and are mainly used for storage of linen. Large models with multiple boxes are ideal for convenient placement of things.

Toilet tables

Often in the bedroom there are a toilet table, but if the size of the room does not allow using different furniture, then the optimal solution will be the chest of drawers with a mirror. For spacious bedroom, designers create amazing large-scale chest of drawers with a toilet table.

Domogo coupe

Dresser with a table is called a chest of drawers. It can be used for storage of things, convenient placement of cosmetics or various trifles. Models that contain many small boxes designed for convenient placement of documents and decorations are called a chest of drawers.


In a small bedroom, you can choose an angular version because it is distinguished by compactness and capacity. It will not take a lot of space, and also allows you to decorate the bedroom interior.


Unusually and attractive looks suspension chest, because it does not touch. Hinged option gives the interior and light interior.

On legs

The model on the legs is often used to embody the classic style. Exquisite legs give furniture refinement and luxury.

With bedside table

Often the chest are sold already complete with a bedside table. They are presented in a single style and color solutions. Such an ensemble perfectly complement the interior of the bedroom. American-style models are characterized by multifunction and act as aesthetic value.


Modular chest attracts attention to unusual forms. The transformer is used not only as a drawer, but also as a bed, a table or ironing board.


Will be a good choice for a small bedroom or children’s. Compact bedside models allow you to abandon the bedside tables, thereby freeing the bedroom space.


Differs in exquisite appearance. Due to the presence of rounded edges, it is completely safe for young children.

Dimensions and forms

Modern manufacturers of cabinet furniture offer a wide variety of sizes and shapes, which allows you to find the perfect option, emphasizing the selected style. When choosing sizes of furniture costs from the size of the room.

So that you can comfortably use the chest of dresser, the distance from the pens of the chest to other furniture or the opposite wall should be at least seventy centimeters.

The choice of the shape and size of the chest of drawers largely depends on their functional destination:

  • Narrow model (no more than 40 cm) Ideal for storing things and zoning space. You can select a part of the bedroom to create a working area. Dresser depth 30 cm is suitable for the rooms of the oblong form. You can place your photos within, toys or just put a small basket for storing various trifles. The narrow option is not intended for location of bedding, but is a good solution for storing documents, cosmetics or underwear.

  • Middle Size Dresser usually has a depth of 40 to 58 cm. He speaks the most demanded due to capacity and compactness. It can be used to place linen, socks or children’s clothing. Compact dimensions allow you to use such furniture in small bedrooms. Dresser of middle depth can be used as a separate element of the interior or in an ensemble with a rack or wardrobe.

  • A wide variant has a depth of more than 60 cm, Therefore, it is found in the bedrooms of standard sizes very rarely. Such a chest of drawers is applied to the dressing rooms to store bed linen, tablecloths and towels or in the bedrooms of large private houses. A large chest of demand is not in demand, so on sale it is quite rare, but it is worth ordering such an option for individual order.

When choosing a chest, it is worth paying attention to its height, because often manufacturers try to compensate for a small depth of the product due to height. Standard models reach height from 85 to 110 cm, high – more than 110 cm. Often high dressers acquire in families where there are small children, as they cannot reach the top panel with decor or various trifles.

Remember that in order to ensure the safety of the baby, such a version of furniture must have fasteners for reliability and drop protection.

Dressers whose height does not exceed one meter relate to low models. The maximum height of the product may exceed two meters. Dresser 160 cm long is suitable for spacious bedrooms. It asks the bedroom of the horizontal direction, but the high and narrow model – vertical.

To save space in small bedrooms, the corner chest will perform an excellent solution. On the top of such a model for decorating the interior often put a table lamp or a floral vase. The model of the angular form can be used as a bedside table. It is usually equipped with open shelves on both sides and drawers in the center of the product.

Interestingly and unusually looks like a semicircular dresser. He gives the interior of charm. This form will allow to revive the situation in the bedroom, add new notes to decorating the room.

Color solutions

The chest of drawers are usually large enough, so it is used as one of the key bedroom design elements. For this reason, you need to carefully approach the choice of color solution so that it harmoniously fit into the overall interior of the bedroom.

For small rooms it is worth picking up a chest of drawers with light, light tones facades. Ideal for the pastel palette of shades. Glossy furniture surface will give the room of light and beauty. The bedroom will look visually more.

White chest of drawers is universal, because it is suitable for the incarnation of different styles, and also harmoniously looks in an ensemble with other color solutions.

The traditional choice is the chest of color of natural wood, but do not be afraid of experiments. Painted furniture looks spectacular, stylish and unforgettable. To create a relaxation atmosphere, you can choose a chest of drawers in pastel colors. Beige option will bring in the interior of sophistication and luxury.

Chest of color ivory looks gently and fashionable.

The bright accent of the interior can be a rich-colored chest or decorated with an original print. Speecually looks option with a print in polka dot or striped. Models look brightly, where each box is represented in another color solution. Using another color, you can highlight the “tabletop” or legs of the product.


The history of the chest is large enough, because it appeared in the XVII century and was very popular among aristocrats. Today it is almost impossible to present the bedroom without the presence of a chest, especially since he looks great in different style directions.

Classic style

For classic style, a good choice will be the chest of wood texture of restrained shades or a model of curved shape with gilding, thread, inlay, as well as using various decorative inserts. Such a spectacular option is better to use for spacious bedrooms.


To create an interior in the style of modernity, it is worth using products without readiness, to give preference to natural shades and smoothed forms.


A very popular style today is minimalism, which requires refusal of decorative elements, since the furniture must be, first of all, functional. The dresser for the bedroom in this style is distinguished by smooth facades of laconic forms, as well as the presence of an unbearable texture.

High tech

To embody the style of High-tech it is worth choosing a chest of drawers with a glossy surface and modern fittings. For example, the drawers of the products are open using a non-mounted press on the facade due to the use of the PUSH / PULL opening system.

Art Deco

The famous Art Deco style requires luxury and mystery, so to decorate the bedroom in this style it is worth picking up the chests decorated with suitis patterns. Beautiful furniture looks in bright color solutions – pink, purple, gold or silver.

You can find a model, the facades of which transmit the texture of the tissue rhombid upholstery, and rhinestones replace the presence of “carnations”.


Furniture with darned, painted facades perfectly fit into the country style or Provence. Decoupage technique is ideal for creating a beautiful and unusual chest.


When choosing a chest in the bedroom, it is worth paying attention to the material from which it is made as it plays a huge role when decorating the room:

  • The most common material in the production of dresser is a natural tree due to the original texture. This option will allow the interior of aristocratic and home heat.

  • Dressers in the bedroom can be manufactured from MDF. Often it is used in the production of facades.

  • Laminated chipboard can also be used to create attractive facades. But on this variety of materials does not end, because there are models from a mirror, artificial stone. Great plastic, rathang and glass models.

  • Often the facades of the chest of drawers have a glossy surface, As it gives product and stylish. Such furniture will give the room of light and comfort. Long dressers are characterized by unusual forms and amazing colors.

  • Coated models from eco-leaves look exquisitely and attractive. Such a designer solution today like many buyers. Elegantly and original leather chest. This option gives the interior of luxury and majesty.

Master classes from modern designers allow you to find many ways to decorate this subject of the interior. One example is considered in more detail in the following video.

Tips for choosing

Modern dresser is characterized by a comfortable design and functionality, so it is often used when choosing furniture in the bedroom or children’s.

It is worth sticking to some of the recommendations of specialists to pick a stylish and convenient to use Dresser:

  • Must be repelled from the interior of the bedroom.
  • It should not be purchased immediately like the model, it is better to choose several options, and then make the final choice in favor of a particular model.
  • We must consult with family members, because their opinion should also be taken into account.
  • Dresser refers to expensive shopping. He will decorate your bedroom for many years, so try to make weighted and thoughtful solutions.

To properly choose the size of the chest, you need to first know the dimensions of the room. Standard option is not always suitable in size. It is very important to determine the functional purpose of this object of furniture. It can only be used for storing things or for sleeping facilities, as a dressing table with a mirror or as a television stand.

An important selection criterion is the quality and design of the chest. It is worthwhile to take into account several important points:

  • You should check the operation of each box.
  • They must be equipped with extension limiters that impede their fallout when opening.
  • Facades must have special “shock absorbers”, which guarantee soft closure of the door. Shelves should be moved forward with ease, do not creak and characterize the capacity.
  • For light closure, elite models are often equipped with special closers. Even with a small pressure pitiful, the door easily and silently closes.
  • All doors should close tightly, as well as not have any kind of defects.
  • Outdoor walls must be beautiful and smooth.

For a teenager, it is worth choosing a chest of drawers with lots of drawers for convenient location and sorting clothes. This option will allow to learn the child to order. Dresser in the nursery should be made of safe material. An excellent choice will be a plastic product, complemented by an unusual print or an inexpensive model from a natural tree.

You can offer a child on your own decorate the product using your fantasy.

Laminated chipboard furniture or plastic is featured in cleaning. You can easily wash up various kinds of pollution. Remember that children’s furniture must have a hygienic security certificate. Designer furniture option will help revive the interior, make new paints and style motifs. Original furniture will definitely become a siestwork of the bedroom design.

Interior accommodation options

Dresser is usually chosen for a spacious bedroom, since it does not apply to basic furniture elements. If the room has small sizes, then you can do without it. The dresser must be placed in such a way that you have free access to its boxes, which must be extended free and do not rest in another furniture.

What can be put on the chest? Large models can be used as a table under TV or video equipment. Narrow options are often represented by interesting forms and color solutions, so they can be put on them a beautiful vase with flowers or a small casket for different little things.

Depending on the size and shape of the room, you can choose the option of the chest that will look harmonious and beautiful. Depending on the location relative to the wall, the dressers can be:

  • Wall mounted – They got such a name, because they are attached to the wall using loops and screws or boars. They can be applied separately or as part of the wardrobe system.
  • Prienty – Usually stand shifted to the wall, since equipped with an unattractive back wall. They should not be put in the center of the room.
  • Island – You can put anywhere in the bedroom. The facade and rear wall are made of one material. This option can be used to zoning the bedroom.
  • Pilot – Usually included with other furniture. This option can be used as an addition to the modular sofa. Typically, the dresser has the same height as the back of the sofa.

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