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Children’s room should reflect the individuality of the child – and at the same time be convenient for turbulent game or training activities. Bunk White Bed in the Children’s Interior will allow to effectively dispose of available space.


Bunk beds allow you to save space, because it is much easier to arrange one two-storey bed, than two separate. Such a model is relevant not only in small apartments. Such a bed can become an original design solution, will allow you to create a wonderful environment and leave free space – regardless of the size of the bedroom.

Some bed models can not only become a place to relax and sleep, but also help in exciting games or in the expression of individuality. It is possible to achieve this with the help of decor – for example, gluing photos or stickers to walls and crossbar.

The bunk bed will allow zoning the room if two children live in it. Each of them will have their own personal corner.

Most often, safety equipment does not involve the use of bunk furniture by children under six years. For strong sleep, the child is enough 80-90 cm wide and 190-200 cm length.

Children’s furniture should be safe and eco-friendly. It is better to pick up an array of wood as materials – for example, pine or oak, metal. Bits for children should not be sharp corners. It is necessary for the presence of ports on the second tier.

White color is not only popular, but also optimal. It is neutral: even if the child has tastes, the old sleeping place can be left in the new interior. A white bunk bed does not have any kind of children’s features, so it will be relevant and with growing.

This color is convenient and in terms of design. White fits into many styles, it is easy to pick up another shade to it. In addition, neutral furniture makes focus on floor and walls, textiles or decor.


All bunk beds can be divided on double and single model. In the first case, the furniture will come in handy in the room where two children are immediately – and at the same time each of them will have their sleeping place.

There are models with a drop-down platform under the lower tier. Such a bed can be called a three-way. There are options with a single bed at the top and double bed.

Sleeping places in the bed with two tiers are most often located in parallel to each other, on the same level – and less often displaced in different directions from each other. Floors are interconnected by a staircase – or it goes from the top tier immediately to the floor.

There are models where the upper floor is located along, and the lower – perpendicular to him, due to which the silhouette reminds the letter “G”. Sleeping places are not always the same, they may differ from each other in length or width – depending on the age and physical characteristics of children.

Bunk is the attic bed. At the top, she has a sleeping place, and at the bottom – the free space, which is most often given under the chest, workplace or a zone for games and sports. In addition, below can be equipped with a place to rest – with a sofa, because such a model is not always convenient for this. Especially fascinating the game process becomes when there is not only a staircase, but also a slide.

Models from producers

IKEA offers several models of white bunk beds at once. Sverta with two beds are made of steel. Floors are interconnected by a short staircase.

The rest of the models – “Sturo” and “Stud”. These are the attic beds.

The framework of the first model is made from a pine massif. Downstairs under the bedroom there is free space.

The second model is made predominantly from chipboard and fiberboard, it is a bed upstairs and drawers, a couch or desktop – down. Some elements of the model “Stew” can be made colored – pink, beige.

Company GOLDEN KIDS Offers a choice of several models: with a double bed down and single bed – upstairs, with two single beds, a bed attic with a workplace. All furniture is made of LDSP and is equipped with additional shelves, storage boxes and storage boxes. Some details (for example, doors and panels) Color.

Sweet Home It offers double white beds from LDSP with the original and safe chest of drawers. Each Lestenka Such Design – Retractable Storage Box. Bed walls can be decorated with patterns and thematic patterns.

More options for bunk beds you will learn from the following video.

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