Bunk Transformers

Modern apartments, like Khrushchev, do not indulge in a honey. Slant a small apartment for a family – the task is not easy. An excellent option is furniture that does not occupy a lot of space, but combines several functions, for example, a bunk transformer bed. Such models are suitable not only for children, but also for any small room.


All models of modern transforming furniture are quite convenient to use. Main function of any bed transformer – Hide a sleeping place during the daytime. At the same time, it should not take a long time to assemble bed and get it plaid. The variety of colors and styles allows you to choose a model for any interior.

Main advantages:

  • One of the weighty advantages of such models is affordable price. Compared with two standard beds, bunk significantly save the family budget.
  • Saving the place and preservation of the intimacy of the bed.
  • Optimization of space.
  • Some models are complemented by storage systems with shelves, niches and boxes, which allows rational to use each square meter room.
  • High sides for the second tier protected from falling.


  • Classic Bunk Bed Option represents two beds that are located under the other. But, as practice shows, some people sleeping below may experience discomfort from the bulky design from above. Therefore, a more successful option is to place beds with some displacement from each other.
  • Construction with one sleeping place upstairs and pull-out bed to the side or forward at the bottom – This is the easiest option of the transformer model with two beds. If there is a task to equip a children’s room for two children, then the transforming furniture will become an excellent choice. Children with joy sleeping on bunk beds, and at the same time everyone can save their secluded corner. If one of the kids is afraid to sleep on a tall bed or a child often come friends with overnight stay, a model of a retractable two-level bed is suitable.

For young children, it is better to choose a bed with a height of no more than 116-120 cm, and for adolescents – up to 180 cm.

  • Models with drawers or with a cabinet Significantly save space in the room and optimize the storage system. Modern multifunctional furniture does not look cumbersome and not “eating” extra square meters.
  • For a family with two schoolchildren, furniture is suitable, which combines two beds and a table. This design will allow combining three zones on 4 square meters and will be perfectly combined with the rest of the furniture. Choose such a model only because of the significant savings of the family budget. Ordinary two beds and writing desk will cost more than bed-table.
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  • The design of the bed table is quite simple and durable. The upper bed remains unchanged in all models. The lower part is advanced over the table or turns over, transforming into the table. That is, there is always a choice: either a sleeping place or a working area. Lifting to the second tier may differ in various models. It can be a dresser-dresser with drawers or a simple staircase that can be removed or to be fixed to the frame.

  • Folded bed represents furniture disappearing. Bedding along with mattresses are hiding into the wall and turn into a wide wardrobe. Folding sun beds are lowered and rising without more effort, so the child can cope with the task. In addition, this option will greatly facilitate the cleaning of the room and free the space for study and games.

The cost of such beds is significantly higher than ordinary bunk.

  • Transformer beds are suitable for adults that stop in the sofa. Such models will allow combining the bedroom and living room and have two more full-fledged comfortable beds. The sofa can be with a back or without. Metal frame with wooden elements – a fairly reliable and safe option for such furniture. Therefore, the model will serve for a very long time.

The staircase with a restrictive side will create not only comfortable, but safe sleep upstairs. In folded form to distinguish the sofa transformer from the usual is impossible, so only dedicated to the secret features of the furniture will know.


In the manufacture of transforming furniture, a combination of several materials is used. Combined wood, metal elements and textiles. And as the attributes of the decor stands plastic.

  • Beds made of wooden array safer and reliable. Most Popular: Oak, Walnut, Beech and Pine. The array has high environmental safety and is able to withstand a large load. The design is painted in any colors.

Massif furniture is the most expensive, but metal beds are much cheaper.

  • MDF and DPP – the budget options, but also the most unreliable. Therefore, for bunk beds-trasnformers, the use of such materials is unacceptable. Perhaps use only for additional elements – shelves or boxes.

Collapsible models are in demand, which involve division into two beds in the future. This option is very convenient for two children, when there is a risk that kids will refuse to sleep on the second tier. Or when the prospect of the settlement of children in different rooms is foreseen.

Bed options Great set. A variety of textures, materials and colors allows you to choose furniture for any room. Children will be delighted with the bed with fabulous heroes and characters of favorite cartoons.

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For a family with two children of different ages, it is perfect Models with different bedroom seats. At the bottom of Korychka for a newborn baby, upstairs – a bed for an adult baby. In this case, the whole design can be equipped with a chest of drawers or a spacious cabinet.

According to psychologists, similar beds for multi-age children allow you to keep love and respect in the family without jealousy, because parents spend the same amount of the bed of two kids.

  • Model “Friends” – This two-level bed easily transforms the bottom bed in a table with two sofas, where it is convenient not just to learn or work, but also take guests and drink tea. In the evening, the bottom of the lower part turns into a single bed. If desired, the design can be supplemented with drawers under the bed.

  • Bed “Duet-8” represents more half-liter bed. Such a model is suitable for a family with kids, has a low sleeper and steps instead of a staircase. From other models “Duet” This design is distinguished by the presence of a large number of spacious storage boxes for children’s storage.

  • Model “Karina Plus” – Beautiful wooden bed with high side. Sleeping width 90 cm, so an adult can sleep on the bed. First time sleep with mom or dad will allow the child to adapt to a separate bedroom faster. You can supplement the model with spacious boxes under the bottom bed. And if desired, one bunk bed is divided into two ordinary.

How to choose?

Choose furniture for a small apartment is quite difficult. The main factors affecting the choice is the area of ​​the room, the presence of other furniture and budget. Preference should be given only to the most functional, durable and reliable models.

Basic rules before buying a new transformer bed:

  1. Examine certificates and all documents for each model you like. Prefer only furniture from natural and safe materials, the use of chipboard and MDF is permissible only in separate elements, for example, in shelves or boxes.
  2. Make sure the strength and reliability of all items and check the folding mechanisms yourself. Fixing elements and sides must be performed not from plastic.
  3. Earn multiple variants of models with various types of sleeping space organization. Consider folding, retractable, folding and offline options.
  4. What model to choose: with a staircase or steps is solved on the basis of the room features. For a small room, preference should be given a staircase with flat crossbars, and the most convenient location – with a slope at an angle.
  5. Make sure the mattresses are if they come in the kit, because it is a bedding for a healthy dream and a full-fledged vacation.
  6. Note that some beautiful models can be whimsical cleaning.
  7. Do not stop at the first appropriate version, learn the proposals of various sellers.

The warranty period of service must be at least 8 months.


Modern transforming furniture is a great option for a small apartment or for a family with several children. Convenience, comfort and functionality at an affordable price. Folded beds cause some doubts from parents. Therefore, such models are not used as often, although the demand for them is quite large.

As the manufacturers assume if placing folding beds at the carrier wall, the strength and reliability of such furniture are not different from ordinary stationary models.

Buyers of models “Karina-Lux” and “Friends” leave only positive comments. True, they advise you to buy them only for adult children, because for the kids, the staircase may not be comfortable enough and safe. Buyers of the Duet Beds are generally satisfied with the purchase, but advise you to buy such models for less active children, because the design does not withstand moving games and jumps. And the advantages include a comfortable height for children, high sides, safety steps and an acceptable price.

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About the bed “Friends” Buyers noted one unpleasant fact – the mattress for the lower bed is going out of four elements, so sleeping on such a surface can be convenient not to every child. Additionally advise to use the mattress staff to smooth the joints. In general, the bed is made of pine and has a durable frame.

Beautiful interiors

Bunk bed with shelves will not just save the place, but will help preserve order in the teenage room. The design consists of an autonomous and movable part. Height and number of shelves, as well as color and material are selected by the owners of the room.

Compact and functional set of furniture for schoolchildren. Included with the table and wardrobe, the headset looks very harmonious. Additional drawers will allow all the things of children in one place and teach to order. And saved place will give space for active games.

The furniture kit has one stationary, and the second moving bed. Along one wall cabinet and drawers are placed. The movable bed is complemented by a work desk on which you can place not only training equipment, but also a table lamp and a laptop.

The folding model of juicy shades will fill the children’s mood and color.

Review bunk beds-transformers See next video.

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