Brous beds: Strong furniture for your bedroom

Furniture made of wooden bar, has been at the peak of popularity. It is distinguished by high quality, strength, environmental friendliness and very interesting design. Wooden timber is very popular and in the manufacture of beds, it is a very strong bedroom furniture.

You can easily pick up the appropriate version of the bed from a bar in one of the numerous stores, but if you wish to make this product, it turns out and independently.

You can build a design with a glued, profiled, rounded or planed timber.


Bruz beds are of different sizes, they are divided into certain species depending on the designs. This can be a double model, one-and-a-half, single, children’s bed, and podium bed, attic bed or other options. It is worth staying in more detail on the most popular models.


Data model beds are very comfortable and spacious, resting on them will be most convenient. Double beds from Bruusyev – Modern, practical and eco-friendly.

Especially comfortable are models equipped with a back. It can have carved elements and figures that will become an additional decor of the bedroom interior, as well as a soft upholstery. Most often it is made of polyurethane foam.

Double bed from a bar will look great in any modern interior.


Small single beds are most often purchased for children and adolescents. For them, the bed is usually not only a place to sleep, but also a leisure area where they can listen to music, watch movies, read books.

Bed made of wooden bar, will become an excellent option for the children’s room. It fully complies with all the most important requirements put forward to such products: durability, comfort and absolute safety of baby health materials. Another plus of models from Bruusyev: This material is warm enough, which means that it will not pass the cold from the walls and other surfaces of the room. It should also be noted that the product can be supplemented with a special protective side of wood.

The sale presents a wide range of most different colors of single beds. You can choose with the child that shade of the tree, which will give him the soul and harmoniously fit into the interior of the children’s room.


The attic bed is a bunk design. Both tiers can be equipped for sleeping places. However, there are models that, on the first tier there is a convenient workplace (desk with drawers, wardrobe for things or chest), and on the second – a comfortable bed.

Bed-attics from timber are very popular among consumers, as they are distinguished by high quality, reliability, compactness and functionality, as well as stylish appearance.


This option is the most simple for self-making. A homemade podium bed from BRUSEV looks very modern and stylish. It can be installed both in a large bedroom and in small – this option is universal. Most importantly – correctly plan the situation. If the room is very small, you can equip a sleeping place under the podium, and on it you can organize a seating area or a working office.

Products from bars do it yourself

The designs of their own production are anywhere.

If you are going to create a piece of furniture with your own hands, keep in mind that it is best to use a design option that includes:

  • Support product in the form of four or six legs whose height will be very small – about 20 cm.
  • Rama from Bruus. It will be the basis of the whole design that should be based on legs.

  • Extra spacer in the middle of the frame. It will ensure the strengthening of the design. This strut will be divided into two parts.
  • Laminets are transverse crossbars that are installed inside the frame. Mattress will be laid on them.
  • Back. It is made from massive boards or plywood sheet. The back will be attached to vertical supports.

By defining the size of the product, follow the following parameters:

  • The distance from the floor to the upper boundary of the frame – from 25 to 30 cm;
  • Leg length – from 20 to 25 cm;
  • The width of the 1st bed – from 150 to 170 cm;
  • The width of the double bed – from 180 to 200 cm;
  • Bed length – from 200 to 220 cm;
  • The size of the back – selected individually (most often – no more than 80 cm).

Necessary materials

To create such products it will be necessary to purchase the following materials:

  • Brussia – a cross section of bars should be 5 × 10 or 5 × 15 cm;
  • Board for the side: The width of the board must be in the range from 30 to 35 cm, and the thickness is more than 2 cm;
  • For lamella – Bruks 3 × 5 cm;
  • fastenings – the usual metal corners are perfectly suitable;
  • a sheet of plywood to create a back;
  • Self-tapping screws, glue and various finishing materials.

Stages of work

Move the beds should be in a certain order. To make a product quality and durable, you need to take into account certain recommendations.

Creating support and frame

You need to cut blanks for frames from bars cross section 50 × 100 mm. For greater strength of the design it is better to use bars with a cross section of 100 × 100 mm. The obtained billets must be combined with each other with the help of self-tapping and corners. So you will collect a frame, in the middle of which an additional spacer should be installed. Then you need to cut 4 or 6 identical legs and attach them to the bottom of the frame.

To the inner side surfaces of the frame with the help of screws attach the support bars 4 × 4 cm. They will be the basis for which the lamellas can be laid. Place support for lamellas at the bottom of the frame. In this version of the edge of the frame will be able to fix the mattress.

Lamed and back

First you need to cut the lamella. Their size must correspond to the width of the frame, inside which they will fit.

Ready lamellas should be laid at a short distance from each other (about 5 cm). On the support bars they can be fixed with the help of screws.

Then you need to attach two bars to the legs (about 7 cm long). Already to them can be attached to the future back of the bed (from the board or sheet of plywood).


In order for the finished product to have aesthetic appearance, it is necessary to pay special attention to his finish. First you need to grind all wooden surfaces. It is necessary in order to eliminate any irregularities.

Then with the help of putty, you need to fill all the slots in the surfaces of the structure. Pick her color under the shade of the tree you use to create a bed.

After complete drying of the putty, it is necessary to make the grinding of the trimmed zones again. After that you need to thoroughly wipe dust from the surface of the product.

Now it remains only to cover the finished product with varnish or paint it. Use high-quality, quick-drying and non-toxic materials for these purposes.

When the lacquer or paint is completely dry, it will be possible to lay the mattress on the finished bed and use the convenient and high-quality product obtained.

About how to make a bed with your own hands, look in the following video.

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