Beds from pallets

The bed is the most important detail of the bedroom. But what to do if there is too little money in the process of repair work, and you want to solve the room as harmoniously and thoughtfully? You can solve this difficult task with the help of the original bed of pallets.

Advantages and disadvantages

Initially, the idea of ​​creating such furniture was developed after the appearance of the pallet necessary for the transportation of various building materials. Two-layer shields were laid out of thin boards. These could be bricks, foam blocks or cement bags. Currently, pallets are often used for packaging and transporting various goods.

Then an environmentally friendly and durable euroallets appeared, inspired home interior designers on creating unusual stylistics furniture. Such elements look attractive both in urban apartments and in country houses or dachas. Especially harmonious furniture from pallets fits into minimalistic settings that are not lost by complex decorative elements.

Unusual and eco-friendly pallets beds can be collected independently. To do this, it is not necessary to be a master in such matters. Every person can cope with work. Gather similar interior items pretty quickly and just. You can make a whole sleeping set for some couple of hours!

Another significant advantage of such beds is that for their manufacture does not require expensive material, which is difficult to find. Pallets are affordable and cheap, despite their growing popularity. Do not think that pallets furniture is fragile and unreliable. Interior items consisting of high-quality euro pallets are distinguished by wear resistance, resistant and durability. Such a bed will rather bother you than it breaks or fails.

The sickness, the assessed pluses of this furniture include the following:

  • Competently made furniture from pallets can be easily changed and transformedb. Also such a bed can be repainted at any time in the color you like. It is worth noting that such things are mobile and easily dismantled. Bed from pallets can be easily moved to a new place if it is necessary;
  • With the help of original furniture from pallets you can refresh and transform the interior of the bedroom. Such nontrivial interior items are distinguished by interesting and attractive appearance. They can also be completed with headboards, squatting and various elements of the decor. Models decorated with backlight at the bottom;
  • Many owners choose this original furniture, inspired by popular ecostele. Such a direction is ideal for cleaner. This is due to the fact that the interior in the natural key has a beneficial effect on the mental and emotional state of the person and contributes to a full-fledged high-quality rest.

But there is such furniture and its shortcomings that you should know if you decide to put it in your bedroom. Many owners of pallets are marked by their groin. The surface of the pallet is easy to dump and is not always easy to clean. In addition, pallets rarely have perfectly smooth surfaces. It can deliver some inconvenience during sleep and rest. Experts argue that it is very difficult to achieve the perfect smooth surface of the pallet. Because of this, it is often in the furniture from such materials.


Beds from pallets can have different modifications. Consider their details.

EIf you areYou are a lover of creative and fashionable interiors, then you will definitely come to taste stylish beds decorated with backlight. Look such objects of furniture look very interesting and attractive, since in their lower part there are holes of a geometric shape, through which the lighting will penetively penetrate. These beds can also be made independently. For this you need to additionally stock luminous ribbons, extension cords and self-drawers.

Beds from pallets can be put not only near the walls in the bedrooms. Neat minor furniture can be supplemented with wheels, which will make it more mobile. Such a model can be moved to another place if it wants it. But it is necessary to take into account that when a person gets on the bed, the load on the pallets will increase. For this reason, it is recommended to choose reliable wheels that will withstand large weights.

In many interiors, the bed of pallets on legs will look harmonious. As a rule, these details in such furniture have a small height. Foots made of remaining boards or wood bars. They are attached to the bottom of the pallets on both sides.

Traditional sleeping furniture from pallets does not have legs or wheels. In such options there is a durable podium that is placed directly to the floor indoors.

Create the original and stylish interior in the bedroom using a suspended bed of pallets. These instances are attached to the ceiling with strong ropes or special chains. Similar options are most often located in country houses, but such furniture and many urban apartments are found.

For the children’s bedroom, you can make a convenient and functional bunk bed. Upper floor In this model, it is necessary to put forward a bit forward, placing it at a short distance from the lower tier. From the side such designs resemble screw stairs.

Double bed of pallets can be supplemented with storage systems. It can be small boxes or shelves. Such parts are installed in space between pallets. Most often, sides are discharged under storage of books and magazines. If the podium of the bed has larger sizes than a box, then an open and rigid surface will appear next to the sleeping place, on which various items can be placed (figurines, souvenirs, gadgets).

Bed from pallets can be supplemented with headboard. Similar parts are also made of pallets, vertical boards or wooden panels attached to the wall behind the bedroom.

Where to begin?

Before you begin to make the bed, you should decide on some important aspects of the future design:

  • It is necessary to decide: there will be a bed stand on legs / wheels or her podium will be located on the floor. In this matter, not only aesthetic appearance of furniture plays an important role, but also its practical characteristics. So, wash the floors under the bed without legs will be problematic;
  • Decide in advance with the dimensions of the mattress you are going to equip a ready-made sleeping place. It will have a direct impact on the future sizes of the bed. Some people install in such furniture industrialized bases with durable lamellas and the mattress is already placed on them. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to just put on pallets. Contact lamellas are completely optional;
  • Do not forget about the headboard. It can be a continuation of the furniture frame or be a separate part attached to the wall above the sleeping place;
  • An important role is played by the choice of high-quality pallets. For the manufacture of furniture, durable wooden euro pallets are ideal for. Their surface may have offered, swirls or discover nails. From these defects need to get rid of before starting to create a bed.

It is recommended to choose pallets having a dry and clean surfaces. If you picked up old materials, they need to be carefully cleansed from pollution with simple detergents.

Do not buy pallets from which an unpleasant chemical smell comes. Must cause suspicion and inhomogeneous pallet color.


For the manufacture of a simple and fashionable bed of pallets, you need to get the following necessary devices:

  • high quality and durable pallets;
  • roulette and pencil;
  • grinding machine;
  • hammer, drill or screwdriver;
  • with a hacksaw or electric bison;
  • nails and self-drawing for fasteners;
  • paint and varnish coatings and brushes;
  • Mattress of suitable gabarites.

How to make pallets with your own hands: step-by-step master class

There are no single rules for the manufacture of beds from pallets. Each master adheres to his action plan. The prerequisite is only the fact that pallets must be preached.

To begin with, the tree is shuffling with grinding and sandpaper. The better you handle the material, the more comfortable the result will be a sleeping place.

If you plan to put a bed on a veranda or in a summer house, the pallets are recommended to be treated with special protective impregnations that will protect the frame from the formation of fungus and parasites.

The size of a convenient double bed can be 240×240 cm. Dimensions of furniture, first of all, are determined by the form of pallets that need to be decomposed in a row of three pieces.

Consider the manufacturing process in stages:

  • First you need to prepare 6 or 12 pallets. The amount of materials depends on the height of the future bed;
  • After that, it is necessary to grind all the wooden surfaces and to be treated with antiseptic drugs;
  • If necessary, pallets need to be painted or covered with varnish. After that, it is necessary to wait for their complete drying;
  • Now you can go to a simple furniture assembly. Pallets need to be put on the floor and bore them with each other with nails or screws. Possend all the details as soon as possible;
  • If you make a bed with legs, these details must be attached to the main frame with metal plates or corners;
  • Next, you can start laying the mattress on the pallets;
  • If you want to add a sleeping place with backlight, then you should add a LED tape of the resulting colors to the homemade design. This illumination is attached to the inside of furniture frames around the perimeter. Set the switch so that you can easily repay the light without getting out of bed.

Making the headboard

Homemade beds can be supplemented with beautiful headboard. Such bedroom furniture is made a little more difficult. As a rule, 1-2 prepared and ground pallets are used to create a back. They need to be installed in a vertical position between the sleeping place and the wall from the pillow. So that the design is more reliable and durable, pallets must be attached to the wall on the self-tapping screw or nails. The headboard can also be painted in any color and cover with varnish.

More clearly, the process of making beds from pallets you can see in the following video.

Choosing a mattress

The mattress for the homemade bed must be chosen according to the features of its design. Its size can be a little less of the main pedestal. The mattress should be selected by relying on the criteria set out below.

Age of owner

Young people whose age has not reached 25 years, it is recommended to buy more rigid and blackout options, which contains high-quality coconut fiber. Such sleeping beds are ideal for children and adolescents, the body and the spine of which is still under growth.

For users whose age exceeds 25 years, it is better to choose a high-quality mattress with an independent spring block.

Spring rigidity

Choosing a comfortable mattress, it is necessary to take into account the level of rigidity of the springs in it. This indicator is indicated by the letter “F”. Also, many manufacturers are used and digital values ​​from 1 to 3.

In many double mattresses there are two springs blocks having different degrees of stiffness. Similar options are ideal for couples with a large weight difference.

The rigidity of mattresses depends largely on the type of top layer of filler. It may be coconut coir, latex or polyurethane foam.

Weight owner

So, the mattress with softer springs is worth choosing people whose weight does not exceed 60 kg. Variants of the average rigidity are designed for a load of 55-100 kg. Enhanced varieties of mattresses are stronger and dense and suitable for users with weight from 110 kg.

Beautiful interiors

Homemade beds from pallets look harmoniously in many interiors.

  • White model with headboard You can put in a room with purple walls and floors laid out a red parquet. You will beat the space with a small gentle-purple rug with a high pile, a decorative light stepladder near the wall with a window and a white contrast image of birds on the wires deposited on the wall with a window;
  • Unpainted pallets with black and beige pillows, And also a gray-black blanket can be put opposite the black accent wall in the white bedroom with gray floor. Above the headboard, you can hang a big map stylized under the old. On the surface of the white walls, small paintings in dark colors will look harmoniously;

  • Beautiful and wide model from pallets, Augmented in a narrower and short mattress, you can put in a room with gray-violet walls and caramel floor, trimmed carpet. Complete the interior with white pillows with blue prints, plaid with blue stripes, a wooden bedside table with a lamp, pictures on the walls and yellow illumination under the berth;
  • Bed from pallets painted black, It should be put on the background of a wall with dark blue wallpaper decorated with contrasting silver or white patterns. Paul in a similar room can be separated by light laminate and add a small fluffy carpet of white. Complete the ensemble with red linen and a large mirror on one of the walls;

  • Dark brown bedroom furniture will harmoniously fit into the loft style interior. Place a bed from pallets with a wide wooden headboard against a gentle caramel wall and floor trimmed with dark rough laminate. Make a breakfast with brown bedding with contrasting prints, and over headboard hangs inhabitant paintings with urban scenery. On the floor, you can lay a round fearful carpet of the beige color, and the window in the bedroom is supplemented with translucent curtains;
  • You can also put a white bed in a gray decorative brick room/ stone. Such a room may seem too dark and depressive, so it must be diluted with a bright colorful bedside table near the bedroom furniture and contrast paintings on the shelves or walls;

  • High model of white pallets with headboard You can put in a black room on the background of an accent wall, plated wallpaper with black, white and purple stripes. Paul in such a room should be separated by materials of neutral and calm colors. On the bed there will be a harmonious look black case for mattress, white plaid and pillows of black, purple and gentle pink shade. Complete the interior with translucent purple curtains on the window and large mounted chandeliers;
  • The original model in which the pallets are painted in a dusk-salad color, Can be put on the background of a coffee wall in a beige bedroom. Paul should be separated by carpet red shades. Position in such a room wall light shelves for letters or photos, wooden low racks for different things, and over headboard hang a small picture in brown tones. Sleeping in this interior should be supplemented with cream-brulee bed linen;

  • Bed of unpainted pallets with high wooden headboard Will look harmoniously on the background of the black wall in a beige bedroom and floor laid out gentle brown laminate. On the walls in such a room will effectively look like pictures of small sizes with images of contrasting colors. The window in such a room can be supplemented with dense black curtains;
  • Interesting Loft style ensemble, If the bed is made of white pallets with black pillows, opposite the wall, decorative white bricks. Paul in such a bedroom should be arranged with dark materials with a matte or glossy surface. Near the bed you can put alive flowers, and over its headboard hang contrasting black light bulbs and a large picture of black and white tones;

  • Sleeping with a high headboard and grant You can decorate with white bedding with contrasting colored prints and put in a gray room with a light floor. Near such furniture will be found two wooden bedside tables with floral vases and large light lamps. On the floor you can lay a large purple carpet, and away from the bedroom to place a rude wooden rack for books and different little things;
  • Model from well-processed pallets of a gentle-brown shade It will be spectacular to look in the white bedroom with a floor, trimmed by brown laminate. Private bedside scene bedside skeletons and rich-turquoise bedding. The headboard can be supplemented with yellow illumination and hang over it a small picture. Under the bed will be harmoniously looked white outdoor carpet from durable fabric.

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