Beds from an array of oak

Oak bed will be an unsurpassed bedroom decoration. Such products are distinguished by a good and rich design. You need to choose furniture from oak with full responsibility, since the quality of sleep will be directly dependent on your choice.



Features, pros and cons

Everyone knows that furniture made of natural wood is the most successful, durable and beautiful. But it is impossible to forget that the price of such products is quite high. If the budget and the member of the apartment allow you to purchase a bed from a natural and environmentally friendly material, you can “get roaring” and acquire a luxurious version of an oak array.

As a rule, such options have impressive dimensions and look massively. For this reason, the spacious beds in small-sized rooms are not recommended, since visual space can decrease and seem close.

The main advantage of a beautiful oak bed is not her royal and rich appearance, but durability. Such furniture will serve as one decades and will attract admiring guest glances.

At one mention of the oak bed, a cargo brown furniture immediately comes to mind. In fact, the oak is rich in shades and in pure form has a light surface. As a rule, natural oak products are not painted in any colors. This is explained by the fact that such a luxurious material has a unique natural pattern, to hide which is impractical.

Putting an aristocratic bed from oak in the bedroom, you can enrich the interior and bring notes chic and luxury into it. Many owners acquire such adorable models in order to emphasize the status of all housing in general. High-quality oak bed will not harm the ecology of the apartment.

Products made of natural wood; you identify any chemicals.

It is also worth mentioning that the oak is not subject to the formation of mold. Different wood parasites and bugs appear on it.

But there is this magic furniture and its cons. For example, a natural oak model may afford not every person due to its high cost. Even the most laconic and strict bed from the oak massif looks hard, because of which such products are not suitable for small areas.

Oak beds have a lot of weight and do not differ mobility. Only adult strong man can move such furniture during cleaning or permutation.


From natural oak, a variety of bed models are manufactured. They may have different options for configuration and decorative elements.

  • Most often people buy classic oak Rectangular beds. These may be double, single-bag or semi-liter options. The design of such models can be performed in a variety of directions, but most often there are luxurious classic beds.

  • Oak beds occur a little less Corner design. Such furniture looks modern and interesting, but not suitable for all layouts. Corner models are equipped with sideboards, which visually make a sleeping place wider. Because of this, such furniture looks rather large, and you can only put it in the corner of the spacious room.

  • Not so long ago, the market appeared incredibly fashionable and original beds Round shape. Oak rounded models will look harmonious not only in the apartment, but also in a country house of a big time.

  • For the bedroom, in which two children live, the most successful option will be comfortable bunk bed From an array of oak. Such sleeping furniture has been popular for many years, as it is ideal for small rooms, combining two separate bedroom beds. Often, similar designs are complemented by stairs, steps, cabinets and folding tables. Multifunctional two-story bed from oak hardly it will cost cheap.

Many experts argue that for children it is not at all necessary to buy such expensive furniture, even though it is distinguished by unsurpassed quality. This is explained by the fact that the children grow rapidly and soon a costly bed will have to be postponed, replacing it with a new and more spacious model.

  • Convenient and functional beds are widespread today With lifting mechanisms. In such models there is a folding base that rises with the mattress and opens a spacious niche at the bottom. Many owners store seasonal things in such compartments, shoe boxes with different objects and, of course, bedding.

  • For a small room you can purchase compact Bed-Tahtu From an array of oak. Such products are more often single and do not differ in great space. Looks like the furniture is very interesting and rich, especially if it has elegant and smooth lines of backs and armrests.

Oak beds can have various heads and squatting.

As the backs, it is most often served rectangular or square details of a small thickness. They are made of the same material as furniture frame. Head of the bed from oak can be tough or soft.

Strict options are often complemented by beautiful carved compositions, patterned weave or laconic relief lines.

No less attractive and expensive, products are found in which the headboard is decorated with genuine leather or high-quality velvet cloth. As a rule, such models are equipped with expensive and high quality upholstery.

For connoisseurs of “Royal” interiors, a luxury oak bed is suitable with curly headboard. Such options can be completed by the upholstery or remain hard. These spectacular interior items will look organically not only in classic, but also in firmware.

How to care?

High-quality and expensive furniture always needs special care. Oak beds will not maintain a primordial appearance without the participation of the owners:

  • Immediately after you put a bed from an oak massif in your apartment or house, it should be left for a day and not loaded with a mattress or linen. It is necessary so that the remnants of furniture oils are weathered from natural material, which are handled by wooden furniture before transportation.
  • Oak bed can not be placed next to heating devices or direct sunlight. In such conditions, wood will dispel and crack.
  • From time to time, the expensive model is recommended to wipe with a rag with a special composition, a moisturizing tree and attractive shine. Similar funds can be found in specialized furniture stores. Most often, they are based on flaxseed oil.
  • If there is a need to move the oak bed, then it is necessary to do this as careful as possible, since the furniture from this expensive material is very heavy. In no case cannot pull the bed behind the legs, squirting or the back, since under the influence of heavy boards fastening these parts may not withstand and break.
  • Take care of the oak bed from various contaminants, for example, from spilled coffee, tea or wine. If you still stain the wooden furniture, then you should wipe it immediately so that dirty stains do not have time to enter the frame structure.

Beautiful interiors

High quality bed of oak massifs can decorate with many interiors. Consider in detail several interesting and thoughtful ensembles in which such a chic subject of the interior is located.

The minimalistic and hospitable interior will work if the bed is made of a calm brown tint oak with a rectangular headboard and bedside oak stands in a room with light gray walls and a floor, placed on white carpet. You will beat a concise bed linen, a dark brown plaid, a fluffy beige carpet on the floor, alive flowers and white table lamps.

Spacious oak bed of a dark chocolate shade can be placed in the bedroom in Loft style. Place it on the background of an accent wall with wallpaper decorated with contrast lines. The rest of the walls and the ceiling in the room separate the white plaster, and on the floor Laminate laminate with a large carpet having ethnic drawings. Above Sleeping Place Hinged Wall Lamps Black. Opposite the bed can accommodate a wooden poorly processed tv under TV. Complete the interior with gray blanket on the bed, white linen, pillows with geometric patterns and small black lamps on the ceiling.

Stylish and cozy Irish style bedroom will work out if on the background of soft coffee walls and a light brown laminate to arrange a large oak bed with elegant trap and headboard, an oak bedside table near the sleeping place and a dark cheerful dubber from a mounted mirror. The bed can be decorated with beige bedding and decorative pillows of green and pink shade. Windows in the bedroom Bashes caramel curtains with red patterns. Live on the floor Large carpets of pastel shades with contrast patterns.

Oak bed with high and slightly curved legs made of chocolate shade tree will look attractive in an ensemble with a small bed and a chest of drawers of similar materials. Put this set in the bedroom with white walls and floor laid out light laminate. Take the bed with white bed linen, on the floor of the bed fluffy white carpet, and on the end of the tumb and the chest of drawers, the white lamp, mirror and live flowers in the vases.

Romantically and expensive will look a graceful bed of dairy oak with embossed and elegant lines on the headboard and popping, as well as a high wardrobe from the same material with a glass sash against the background of beige walls. Paul in such a room can be put on milk laminate and add soft carpet. Hang over a bed of a large picture with a white frame, and on the right side of it put the oak light bedside table.

Light double bed with an angular back and flying to accommodate in a country house. It will be beautifully highlighted on the background of walls and ceiling, decorated with wooden panels. On the floor you can lay a pale brown laminate. Put the snow-white tables with lamps next to bed. In the corner opposite the bedroom, place a oak dresser with a mirror and a light chair with a floral upholstery. On the windows hang simple and light white curtains.

Different types of beds from an oak massif you can see in the following video.

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