Bedroom wallpapers

To beautifully, modern and unusually complement the bedroom, the interior designers are offered hundreds, thousands of different options for every taste. One of the most popular methods of finishing is the wallpaper for many years. A wide range of colors and textures allows you to decorate your favorite bedroom in any style.

Someone prefers one-picture wallpaper, someone with an ornament, but there is a third option that is perfect and in the first, and in the second case. Wallpaper – Companions will become the best solution for setting up a small bedroom and a spacious room. They will help hide small disadvantages and emphasize the merits of the interior.


Of course, it is worthily to issue a bedroom with the help of wallpaper of one color or pattern, but the companions have a number of advantages over similar materials. Among them:

  • Originality. The combination of two different pictures of wallpaper always looks more fresh and unusual than the design of one, even the most beautiful view of the wallpaper.

  • Ability to create bright accents. Depending on the selection of color, drawing and method of pasting, you can focus on a specific wall or part of it, for example, a beautifully beat an architectural protrusion hanging on the wall of the mirror, picture.

  • Zoning. With the help of contrasting wallpaper, it is possible to conditionally divide the room for several zones (for reading, work, rest).

When choosing a partner wallpaper, you must adhere to the following rules and recommendations:

  • Geometric print (strip) will help visually “pull out” a small room up or aside;

  • Small print on wallpaper looks good in small rooms and the opposite – large ornaments are permissible in spacious rooms.

Features of use

Variants of combination of different wallpaper can be mass. Basically, it is a monophonic + fabricated canvas. Geometry, vegetable pattern, fantasy drawing, abstraction, marine subjects and other options are used as a print.

Another option – wallpaper with one drawing, but having a different background color. Regardless of the type of companions, they must be combined with each other by texture, color and drawing. Only then the interior of the bedroom will have a finished and harmonious appearance.

For the design of the bedroom in a certain stylistic direction, it is necessary to know exactly the principles that underlie each style.

  • Baroque. Luxury and wealth style. This is suitable for textured, beautiful, wallpapers, decorated with complex patterns and ornaments. Often inserts from a contrast type of wallpaper are additionally executed using baguettes and frames.

  • Classic. Traditional curls, medallions, saturated colors. Plusted wallpapers are combined with monophonic stripes of deep, saturated tones. Special attention is paid to the headboard.

  • Modern. This style implies elegant design, soft, warm colors, print in the form of plants, birds and animals.

  • East style. “1000 and one night” and other oriental fairy tales always associated with luxury and wealth. Therefore, the ornaments adorning wallpapers are distinguished by the complexity and unusualness of the shapes, beautiful colors and original patterns.

  • Provence. French provincial style for which the gentle pastel color gamut is characteristic and simple print (small flowers).

  • Japanese style is a minimum of decor, contrasting color gamut, traditional ornaments (cranes, fuel, hieroglyphs, Sakura branch).

How to punish?

Usually this embodiment can be performed in several ways:

  • Vertical. With this method, the strips are applied to the wall vertically. At the same time, the bands of companions should have the same width.

When choosing colors, you can rely on three basic rules:

  • Contrast (bright option that allocates well and limits the interior of the room):
  • Monochrome companions (strips are kept in one color, but in different shades);
  • complementing companions (medium non-contrast option. Natural, natural shades are beautifully emphasized each other).

  • Horizontal. Monophonic and pregnant bands are horizontally. Most often, darker wallpapers are located at the bottom of the wall, and brighter – in the upper.

  • The use of decorative loskutov. An interesting design option, when one-photon wallpapers are used as the main background, on which slices of different colors, prints and textures are placed in a certain or chaotic order. Patchows can have any shape and size.

  • Insert. A large pieces of inserts from the pregnant wallpaper of contrasting and texture are pasted on one-standard wallpaper. As an additional decor, the insert is made up with a thin border, molding or wooden frame.

Beautiful interiors

Very gentle and romantic design. Low-green color chosen as the main background. Companion to it serve snow-white wallpaper with pink-purple flowers. The same motive is repeated in the curtains and bedspreads.

The interior looks in spring fresh and very harmonious.

Vertical interior design option using lilac, gray and saturated purple wallpaper with floral ornament. The selected color gamut is complemented by bed linen, curtains and carpeted tops of the same shades.

Find out how to combine wallpapers you can, looking after the next video.

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