Bedroom design 8 kV. M.

Narrow rooms require a special approach to the selection of planning. It will allow you to visually expand the space, with benefit to use every free tens of centimeters. Bedroom design 8 kV. m You can choose yourself by making a stylish room for a comfortable life.

What style will suit?

The design of a small bedroom is selected depending on the preferences of the owner, the general design of the apartment and the functional features of the room. Minimalistic style will allow freeing space using only the necessary items and things. Zoning is used when it is required to distinguish between the sections of the room used for sleep and work. And fans of intricate interiors can pay attention to detail, decorating a room with many small decorative elements.

Styles suitable for setting bedrooms:

  • Scandinavian. His distinguishing features are concise and simplicity. Design is widely used white color and wooden furniture. The room places a minimum of items, the space is maximized by minimalism. The bedroom in the Scandinavian style is easy to clean, if you wish it to simply make a permutation.

  • Fundamental classic. Commitment to traditions and gravity to luxury, wealth – so you can characterize the style. It was intertwined in the features of classicism and modern trends, therefore it is impossible to be called old-fashioned. Furniture is decorated with figured backs, carved elements, complemented by upholstery from expensive materials.

  • Modern. Characteristic features A commitment to curved, smooth lines and mixing of different elements of styles. The design prevails furniture and elements of the decor made of natural wood, the themes and fauna are widely used and interpreted. For example, vegetable ornaments may be present on textiles.

  • Loft. Modern style in which unprocessed surfaces are widely used, furniture with metal parts, glass materials. Windows are not closed with curtains and blinds, leave them open. Lighting apparatus is accepted by groups, the color scheme is characterized by rigor: calm tones, a combination of 2-3 tones.

  • French Provence. Distinctive features of the style include the use of wooden furniture, carpets, flower motifs. Pillows, bedspreads, paintings with carved frames are used as decor. In the color scheme, pastel shades prevail, acting soothing and contributing to a visual increase in space.

  • Country and ethno-styles. The bedroom, first of all, is intended for recreation, because experts recommend to take quiet tones as the basis and abandon all funeral, motley elements. During the arrangement of the room, the dominant motive is chosen: as a base is the cover for furniture, bedspreads on beds, finishing materials.

4×2 meters room layout options

For the elongated bedroom in Khrushchev, the option is suitable with a bed located near the wall. The cabinet is better place closer to the door. To free the passage, recommend putting furniture on one side. For a narrow room, compact furniture, devoid of discovering and bulky details. If it is planned to divide the room into two parts, the headboard bed is located at the window, the rack is set to it.

The bedside table is placed close to the bedroom, there should also be a lot of free space between other objects. The room with a window is characterized by a cozy, because the day in it penetrates natural light. A less than the winning option is the premises without it. In this case, the furniture can be in any of the walls, and the lack of light is compensated by an additional lamp or sconce.

Features of finishing

The arrangement of the room implies work with three types of surfaces: floor, walls and ceiling. They must harmonize each other on a friend, texture and elements of the decor, as well as relate to objects of furniture, carpet, curtains. As a rule, the bed is chosen under the color of the finishes, however, it happens the opposite situation. In this case, the coating is correlated with a specific trim.

Wall finishing options:

  • Paint – the most budget version. It costs it cheaply, represented in rich color scheme. You can choose both matte and glossy shades, make walls in monophonic or combine several shades.

  • Decorative plaster. Another inexpensive option, characterized by the simplicity of finishing work. Its disadvantages include the fact that the plaster can get dirty when touched.

  • Wooden or plastic panels. This durable material has good external characteristics. It is easy to install it, it is easy to leaving, resistant to high humidity and temperature drops.

  • Wallpaper. Traditional way of wall decoration. Highlight two types of wallpaper – paper and vinyl. The first cost cheap, produced in narrow rolls. They are easy to rush, they need more glue. Vinyl wallpapers having a greater width and thickness are the greatest practicality.

  • Masonry. Suitable for bedroom Loft style. The unprocessed surface looks stylish and conceptually, well combined with natural materials, for example, with wooden furniture.

Wallpapers and plaster can also be used to finish the ceiling. In addition, we use tiles, monophonic or with drawings. Its correlates with the color of the walls, the versatile will become white material. A more costly method is the installation of stretch ceilings: they have a long service life and allow you to create a perfectly smooth coating. You can choose ceilings with a glossy or satin surface made in any shades.

Than to strip pol?

  • parquet board;
  • laminate.;
  • linoleum;
  • tile.

Laying materials is made directly or diagonally. The last option visually increases the area of ​​the room, makes the design of the room more dynamic.

Wood coatings require additional processing. They are painted, covered with varnish, if necessary, apply protective impregnations on them. Due to the use of solutions, the resistance of materials to high humidity increases, in addition, the means are preventing the appearance of insects, harmful microorganisms and mold.

Color solutions

Competent selection of shades – the path to creating a cozy bedroom, in which it wants not only to sleep, but also to rest in the afternoon, read books and do your own business. Light cold tones are known for visually expanding space. A classic solving for a narrow room is white. Only individual elements and the whole interior can be performed in it. In the latter case, it is important to choose objects that differ in shades – otherwise, things are soles with each other.

An excellent option will be a gray bedroom. Due to the use of neutral tones, it is possible to make a pleasant eye of a room in which the pacifying atmosphere reigns. This universal color is easy to combine with light shades, it is also diluted with motley splashes. For example, red or scarlet pillows can be placed on a gray bedspread.

Use in the interior of green, blue, purple colors is possible if the light tones are taken. The furniture performed in pastel shades is well harmonized with white walls and vice versa. In the design of the bedroom, it is permissible to combine 2-3 colors maximum, otherwise the space will be oversaturated with different elements.

The exception will be a bedroom in an informal style: permissible inclusion of aggressive (or even acidic) shades, if they complement each other. In this case, it is better to address the help of professionals or additionally read about the rules of the compatibility of colors.

When placing a bedroom in 8 kV. m recommend to avoid major drawings on walls and furniture, especially if they are made in too dark colors. Thin black patterns can be located on wallpaper or trim, they can be added to the chandelier, the lamp of the same tone. If the interior of the bedroom is thought out independently, it is recommended to give preference to neutral tones, since it is easier to combine with each other, in other cases you need at least at least minimum of specialized knowledge.

Choose and put furniture

The efficiency of using space depends on the choice of furniture. The central element of the bedroom is the bed, which is located at the wall or window. A double model or folding ottoman will suit the family pair. The corner sofa will help save place, it does not require the purchase of a mattress, allows you to clean the bedding in the built-in box. Transformer Chair – a solution for those who live alone: ​​so that it is comfortable to sleep, the spring block should be chosen as a filler.

In addition to the scene, the room has a bedside table, a wardrobe or shelving. If there is a niche in the bedroom, the furniture is placed there. The attached bedside table is suitable for storing clothes, seasonal things, technicians. For those who do not want to select furniture individually, there are ready-made headsets. They cost cheaper, and all items are made in a single style and color scheme.

Beds and wardrobes with rounded corners will give the interior smoothness and softness. And from the models on the legs will have to be abandoned, because they will look too sophisticated, and the dirt and dust and dust are accumulated under them, because there will be more time on cleaning.


Large chandeliers and massive lamps – taboo for small rooms, as they take space. For bedrooms suitable miniature night lights, lamps, sconces. The winning solution will be a light closet or built-in lamp ceiling. As a rule, one source is located upstairs, the other is installed by the bed: especially this fits to lovers read before bedtime.

Installation of lighting is made after decorative decoration decoration, but the place to accommodate the lamps and the chandelier is marked at the stage of spit, painting, or wall sheat and ceiling. Preference should be given to mild lights, having soft light and not irritating. Night light and landsrs pick up the color of the interior, one-photon appliances look better.


Bedspreads and pillows are an important component of the interior. They are selected under the tone of the walls and furniture. Textiles can be decorated with small pattern correlated with other decor elements. It is better to choose soft fabrics, pleasant to the touch, distinguished by hygroscopic, strength and resistance to wear. You can pick up the pillows of another color to one-point bedspreads, and things are doing business and sofas.

As decorations use figurines, photos, pictures. Small shelves for books, decor, pots with flowers can be located in the bedroom. You can not overdo it with the details: there must be in moderation, and it is better that they were in a single style. In particular, if the bedroom is decorated in Asian style, choose Eastern motifs: panel, figurines. If the room allows you to put an aquarium with fish in the bedroom.

When designing windows, you choose curtains or blinds. It is necessary to choose bright monophonic fabrics, sufficiently dense to ensure that the light from the street does not interfere with the lantern. Eaves made of wood, plastic or metal. Wood looks noble, suitable for classic style, provence, however such models are massive, bulky. Most practical plastic curtains.

Mirrors are used to increase space. The same thing is and with glass details: transparent shelves, tables, lamps, doors will be appropriate in the bedroom. They are combined with vases in which there are dried or living flowers, books.

Ideas in the interior of a small bedroom

In apartments with high ceilings, you can make a sleeping place on the antleesoles. Second option – remove the bottom of the two-tier bed and place there the table. The final room will have two “floors”: the first is intended for work, the second – for rest. In this case, you will have to independently design unusual furniture, stairs and upper tiers. The last stroke will be brickwork on the walls, a combination of white and dark shades.

Graceful curtains, retro table, mirrors in wooden frames and light-salad walls – a bold solution for the bedroom, in the design of which the features of classical and modern styles are intertwined. As a basic color, any pastel shade can perform, which is easy to combine with light tones. In this interior, smooth lines prevail, smoothed angles, restrained patterns.

The bedroom performed in the sandy shades will be associated with comfort and comfort. Under the color of the walls and flooring, furniture from natural wood is selected. Admissible location of parts with ornaments, if one-photo items will prevail in the design of the room.

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