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There are many variations of the bedroom. The interiors of bedrooms with the canopy are originally and expressively. Similar designs are distinguished by truly fabulous execution.

Advantages and disadvantages

Initially, a sleeping place, supplemented by the Baldakhin, played an exceptionally functional role in the room. With the help of a textile canopy, people protected from cold, drafts and various sounds that prevent sleeping.

Over the time of the design of Baldakhin changed. First, the cloth was attached to a frame of a natural tree, but then the material began to roll to the ceiling.

These decorative details are relevant to this day. It is worth noting a stunning effect that produce similar elements. With the help of a luxurious polarin, you can give the room a special chic.

Baldahin can create a unique atmosphere of privacy, coziness and full calm. Such qualities play an important role in creating a harmonious interior of the bedroom.

As a rule, a dense and high-quality fabric is chosen for the canopy. Such material protects the owners from the impact of morning sunlight and drowning outsiders, coming from the street and from other residents of the dwelling.

In such conditions, you can not be afraid of coolness and drafts.

Many people celebrate the fact that on the bed with a canopy can be perfectly resting in a bright day of day, since through the fabric the sun’s rays penetrate in minimum quantities.

However, such an interesting designer solution has its drawbacks. Bedroom with cavity is suitable only for the spacious room, as the textile addition visually reduces the existing space.

Dust will accumulate on the surface of the fabric, so allergies such an design of the room will not fit. The fabric will have to be cleaned regularly and sent to washing, especially if it is bright. Otherwise, Bedalchin will lose an attractive appearance. At the time of washing the material, the room will seem empty and unfinished.


There are several varieties of Baldakhinov. They are equipped with different designs and are performed in different styles:

  • The most common are the variants in the form of textiles installed on the support. With the help of such varieties, you can emphasize the beautiful outline of the bedroom and allocate the free space that is above it.
  • A no less attractive appearance is distinguished by cavity with suspended structures. They can be simple and console. The main decorative element of such models is their canopy.
  • You can purchase textiles in Baldakhins in different arbitrary compositions. With the help of such details you can create a suitable room design.

The designs of Baldakhin are different:

  • Simple and distributed are products on the frame. Space over a sleeping place from the ceiling itself is made up with a special frame structure. Packs (Wooden or Metal) are installed on the sides). The main design details can be located both in the inside of the Baldakhina and in the region of the racks. Most often beds with frame structures are decorated with spectacular forging elements or elegant carvings. If you do not want to bring such additions to the bedroom interior, you can turn to expensive luxurious fabric.

  • Another popular version of the Baldakhin design is “Crown”. The axis of such a model is located in the center of the bed. The frame “Crown” has a round or square shape, and textiles is passed through it. Such varieties are among the most attractive. With their help, you can make a unique interior design of the bedroom.

  • Frameable Baldakhins. In such designs, the cloth is attached to an arc framework.

Fabric for Baldakhina

Most often, the following types of textiles are used for beautiful and high-quality canopies:

  • Silk. With this well-known material, you can create a truly lightweight and air image.
  • Velvet. Such a fabric is more dense and heavy. Velvet Baldahin is not suitable for all interior styles. Especially harmonious he will look in the classic atmosphere.
  • Organza. An option from organza is suitable for the design of a cozy bedroom in a light nomanic style.
  • Tapestry cloth. This material looks expensive and original, but it will donate a sleeping place, so it is not recommended to apply to it if the walls of the walls in the room are made in dark and dark colors.
  • Tulle. Baldachins from this material are often chosen, since with the help of Tulle you can form charming swans or spectacular folds.
  • Linen. Linen Baldakhins are distinguished by simple and unobtrusive appearance.

Beautiful interiors

Bed with a canopy can be placed both in adult and in the children’s bedroom. Today, consumers have a wide range of models performed in a variety of styles (from classic to rococo), decorated in real luxury fabrics.

For children, most often choose options with light and air textiles. It can be both monophonic and decorated positive prints and drawings.

Here are a few harmonious interiors in which attractive beds are present:

  • In a cozy green bedroom with floor, Lowned dark laminate, will be spectacular to look a high white bed with a canopy decorated with dense white textiles. You can add a sleeping place with a light toilet table, a white chest of drawers and a soft beige carpet on the floor. If there is a window in the room, it should be decorated with white dense curtains.

  • In the bedroom with cream walls and white multi-level ceiling Will be a white bed with fluffy blanket and bed linen cream brulee. Above such a sleeping place will harmoniously look at the canopy with a translucent beige bowl cloth. Complete the interior is followed by curtains of cream color, ceiling chandelier with brown beams, wall paintings with dark frames and TV in niche opposite the bed.

  • In pink children You can locate a large double bed with a high white headboard and a pink blanket. It will harmoniously look at the Corona Baldahin with a transparent gentle pink cloth.

  • Over a high white bed in beige children’s You can place a small cavity with the design of the Crown, decorated by a translucent white cloth. Near the bedroom – two caramel wooden bedside tables with large white lamps and small floral vases. Round white ceiling chandelier will fit the lighting. Feature neutral colors with pink pillows and pink floor carpet.

  • On the background of light walls and floor, Lined with brown laminate, will harmoniously look a wooden bed with a high headboard and a skeleton canopy, augged white light cloth. Near the bedroom, you can put two bedside table with yellow lamps. On the floor will be beautifully looking a cream carpet with a brown pattern.

Even more ideas of the bedroom design with the Baldakhin look in the following video.

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