Bed transformer for small-sized apartment

    An excellent option for the arrangement of a small room is a transforming bed, which is a practical and comfortable furniture. Such a bed perfectly fit into any interior, transform the room and will allow rationally to use square meters even in small rooms. With a simple mechanism, a transforming bed with light movement of the hand turns into any other piece of furniture. The transformer bed will help ensure the availability of free space even in the smallest apartment.

    Pros and cons

    Folding furniture was invented back in 1921 by American William Murphy. Since then, the design of such furniture is constantly improved. To date, the topic of saving space is particularly relevant, because residential areas in modern apartments are small. Designers create new and creative ideas of hybrid and practical furniture.

    The transformer bed is perfect for fans of minimalism and will preserve as much free space in the room as possible. Distinctive features – the presence of a special lifting mechanism that allows a couple of moments to change the form of the subject.

    The obvious advantages of this type of furniture are as follows:

    • Practicality and functionality. Transformer bed is not only sleeping furniture. Such a bed can be used and as the other furniture items with apartment arrangement. The transformer can easily turn into a dresser, and in the table, and in the sofa, which makes it very mobile.
    • Ease of use. Thanks to the simple device of the transformer bed, you do not need to make great efforts to lay or fold this furniture, while the time spent on this process is minimized.
    • Saving space indoors. Transformer beds can be used not only at home, but even in an office space, which will allow you to fully rest right at work in the break, while not clutching the workplace with large-sized furniture.

    • Using uncomfortable sections of the room. For sections of the room, where it would be impossible to put full-size furniture, the bed transformer is perfectly suitable, which can be placed even in the corner.
    • Ability to choose furniture of various sizes for both adults and children.
    • Price availability. Transformer beds are a fairly budget option for apartment arrangement.
    • Caring for health. Modern transformer beds are supplied with orthopedic mattresses, which is perfect for posture care. This is especially important when buying a bed for a child.

    But certain disadvantages were identified at folding types of furniture, in particular:

    • Since the transformer bed has to be laid frequently, the internal mechanisms are quickly wearing, so it is important when buying furniture to pay attention to the quality of the material and reliability of the folding design.
    • It is important to remember that it is undesirable to put a transformer bed near the usual interior partitions. Often they may not withstand weights of folding design. Therefore, the installation of transforming furniture must be carried out near the capital wall.
    • Transformer beds should not be acquired by the elderly or physically weak people, since when placing this bed, some efforts are needed that it can be complex or traumatic.

    Nevertheless, despite some shortcomings of the bed of transformer,Pluses such furniture is much more, which indicates the undoubted need to acquire such products for a small-sized apartment. Transformer beds are able to turn into furniture items of absolutely any destination.

    Let’s talk about the varieties of transforming furniture for the premises of small square.


    Several varieties of transforming beds are distinguished, each of which can be selected based on the purpose of the room.

    Here are some of them:

    1. bed table;
    2. chair bed;
    3. Dresser bed;
    4. wardrobe bed.
    • Bed-table. Your child goes to school, and places in the nursery and for the table, and for the bed is not enough? A very suitable option in this case is the furniture-transformer model “bed table”. Similar furniture is relevant for accommodation in children’s and teenage rooms. Such transformers tend to have shelves for textbooks, and retractable boxes. The bed combines two zones in itself – sleeping and working. This furniture allows the child to have an individual space where he can do lessons, play and fully rest. Also, such a transformer is perfect for accommodation in the home office even at a minimum of free space.

    • Chair-bed. One of the most famous and massive options for laid out furniture is the bed bed. Such a model is excellent for one-room apartment or for accommodation in the living room. Leave a guest for the night even with a lack of beds in the apartment, you can download the chair-bed. This model usually has a comfortable laundry storage boxes and bedroom storage boxes.

    • Bed-dresser. Stylish dresser turns into a full-fledged bed. Such a model is equipped with several bed linen storage boxes or other small things.

    • Wardrobe bed. Variation of such a model allows you to store things wardrobe, turning from a bed to a full cabinet. When choosing such furniture, it is necessary to consider varieties of folding mechanisms. There are wardrobes with a horizontal direction of transformation. Such a model is able to accommodate in one wardrobe and sleeping place, and a wardrobe. The model of horizontal placement has, as a rule, one bed. In this case, the lifting mechanism is attached to the side of the bed and to the wall. That is, the bed is located along the wall. During the daytime, the sleeping place is folded up in the dresser, freeing the room space. The folding model significantly saves space space.

    • Double transformer bed It is usually a vertical position when laying. The headboard of such a model is fixed to the wall, being perpendicular to it, and in the assembled bed is located on the height of the wall.


    When choosing a transforming furniture, the most important aspect is the transformation mechanism. After all, with a constant use of a transformer bed, you need to be confident in the reliability and durability of the design of the decomposition. Highlight three main types of mechanisms:

    • spring;
    • gaslift;
    • Counted.

    Any of these mechanisms have a definite number of working cycles, simply speaking, expiration date.

    • Spring mechanism is the most popular, thanks to its cheapness and simplicity. It is believed that the spring mechanism is quite reliable, because it is very difficult to break there and nothing. But it is obvious that the springs will quickly stretch over time and lose their elasticity. Therefore, the working resource of spring mechanisms is on average twenty thousand cycles.

    • Gas lift mechanism will work at times more – about ninety thousand times. Transformer beds with such mechanisms laid out without the slightest effort. It is best to choose a bed with a gaslift mechanism, which is filled with nitrogen, not by air. Such a mechanism includes a piston, which is filled with nitrogen, metal axis and swivel plates made of steel. Due to nitrogen filling, the corrosion of the details of the mechanism decreases. Accordingly, the furniture with a gas lift mechanism will cost more than spring, but its reliability is much higher.

    • The most rare, but the most durable mechanism is considered counter. The lack of it is the need to lead a separate space for counterweight cargo. Such a mechanism is characterized by great reliability, but, as a rule, furniture with such mechanisms is made to order or own.

    Type of mechanism

    Working cycle

    Reliability level


    20 thousand. once



    90 thousand. once


    Counterformed mechanism




    To the selection of the material of the bed-transformer must be considered responsibly. We describe some features of various types of materials.

    • The most popular and budget option are transformer sofas from chipboard (Wood chips of large dispersion). But the model of furniture from the chipboard is unlikely to be able to serve for more than five years. In addition, it is important to know that this material is 90% consists of waste components. The chipboard includes some formaldehyde resins and various adhesive mixtures that can have a negative effect on human health. Therefore, choosing furniture for a child or a person prone to allergies, it is not worth considering this option.

    • Much more durable, harmless and reliable option is furniture from MDF (Melkodissive fraction). MDF material is more environmentally friendly and dense. The term of the furniture from such a material is guaranteed more than five years.

    • Well, the most durable options are the patterns of natural wood, which is absolutely harmless to humans and guaranteed last years.
    • Recently, manufacturers of some brands often offer Beds with metallic frame, which is also the basis of the reliability and durability of transformable furniture.





    Less than 5 years



    More than 5 years.


    Natural wood






    Much attention should be paid to the quality of the material of the bed-transformer. For reliable fastening it is worth using confirmates (that is, the same screws, but with a blunt tip), as well as reinforced steel corners. One of the main parts of the transformer bed is its support, that is, legs. They account for the main load (about two thirds), so it is worth selecting furniture with durable legs. In some models, the legs can be replaced with a wide supporting board or a curved steel pipe, which is a rather strong support.


    The size of the transformed furniture is very diverse and allow you to pick up a bed individually for each. You can choose a transforming bed for a child, but when choosing it should take into account its age. Properly selected furniture is the key to convenience and comfort.

    For children

    Age of child

    Bed width

    Length bed

    Up to 3 years

    60 cm

    120 cm

    From 4 to 7 years

    70-80 cm

    140 cm


    90 cm

    180 cm

    For adults

    Adults can be double, one and a half and single beds.

    Bed view

    Bed width

    Length bed


    70 – 90 cm (in imported – 90-100 cm)

    one.9 – 2 m


    one.4 M

    one.9 – 2 m


    one.4-1.6 M

    one.9 – 2 m

    What mattress will suit?

    Full rest is impossible without a high-quality mattress. To date, there are many mattresses with various fillers and price categories. Many of them have wellness features. But not any mattress is suitable for transforming furniture, so it should be considered responsible and with attention.

    • For a transformer bed, it is best to choose a mattress without springs. Spring mattresses, often being in a vertical position, quickly come into disrepair. Metal springs can quickly rust. Few people will be glad to a unpleasant metallic screap or a sensible bed. Moreover, spring mattresses accumulate dust within themselves, which can not be better affected by health.

    • Consider mattresses with coconut chips filler is also undesirable For a transformer bed, as such a filler is pretty heavy, which creates an additional load on the bed mechanisms. But such a filler is 100% natural, respectively – harmless. Most experts recommend mattresses with coconut filler.

    • The most optimal version of the plaque for the transformer bed is a model with latex filling. Such a mattress has orthopedic properties, is very easy, elastic and able to retain his form for a long time. Thanks to the latex filler, the weight is evenly distributed over the surface, which allows the mattress to protect the mattress. The cost of the latex mattress will be higher compared to spring, but on this form of the mattress is guaranteed strong and healthy sleep.

    Tips for choosing

    Every buyer picks up furniture depending on its taste and interior of the room, But there are several aspects that you need to pay attention to when choosing:

    • Quality material. It is best to choose a transformer bed from MDF or genuine wood. Such material guarantees a long service life of the furniture.
    • Do not stop the choice on the cheapest models. Large cheaper goods can talk about low design quality. It is better to give preference to a more expensive, but proven furniture brand.
    • Choosing a product in the store, you should be asked to provide an opportunity to personally try to disassemble and re-assemble the transformer bed. Operation of furniture should be carried out without load. If the disassembly does not cause much effort and passes easily, you can safely acquire this particular furniture.

    • Previously, transformer beds were made exclusively Western furniture brands (Germany, France, Spain). But modern furniture of domestic producers is little less inferior to his foreign competitors. Especially since it will cost Furniture from the domestic producer much cheaper.
    • Special attention should be paid on the strength of fixtures, folding mechanisms and supports, because it is the main component of transformer beds.
    • Dimensions of furniture must comply with human growth. There is an easy way to determine whether a person’s bed will be approached: for this you need to lie on the bed and lay hands for the head. If the elbows do not go beyond the limits of the bed, and the distance is 15-20 cm from the elbow to the edge., then such furniture guaranteed will be approached by size.

    The small area of ​​residential space is not the reason for the failure of comfortable and stylish furniture. Compliance with the above simple recommendations will help correctly select a high-quality transforming bed for a small-sized apartment, capable of listening for a long time.

    Beautiful room interior ideas

    Practicality and compactness – the main features of the modern interior. Creative designer moves can even turn into a bright and spacious room.

    Tesne is the main disadvantage of small apartments, but it is quite simple to solve such a problem.

    The main feature is lighting. Do not hang on the windows heavy and dark curtains. They are suitable, rather, for spacious premises. It is better to let in a room more sunlight. The main thing is to avoid the presence of dark corners. Along the floor or ceiling you can start artificial LED backlight. This technique will allow you to visually expand close space.

    The decoration of walls and furniture in bright colors will help visually increase the room. The room must be withstanding in a single color scheme. The most suitable colors will be light blue, white, cream, peach, light gray.

    An even more interesting reception – photo wallpaper. Image of a spacious landscape or urban panorama on the wall gives a feeling of freedom, expanding the room and as if continuing it further, transferring the inhabitants to another place. It should be noted that images of cold tones visually will increase the room. It is best to choose a photo wallpaper with the advantage of green, blue or blue colors.

    You can use the wallpaper of two different variations. Monthly wallpaper on all walls create a sensation of closed space. It is worth experimenting with flowers or to separate one of the walls with tiles under the stone or a tree.

    Minimalism – Modern Design Style. The conciseness and rationality of the interior of a small room is stylish, and convenient. Abundant journey of items of decor creates a feeling of graceful space, so applying them in a small indoor should be dosed and carefully. Do not climb the walls with a large number of paintings, and shelves with various vases and statueries. Script loves order.

    An excellent option for visual increase in space are mirrors. A wardrobe with a mirror door perfectly fit into any interior and will create a feeling of freedom.

    You can hang on the wall of the window from the highlighted mirrors, which will be a very unusual and creative piece of decor. Ceilings with mirror or glossy coating will also increase the height of the room.

    When making a small room, you should smash the room to the functional zones. That is, you need to imagine what that or another area will be to serve (rest, work, sports). Depending on this, it is worth posting decor and the necessary furniture.

    Multifunctional furniture, such as a transformer bed, will be an ideal solution when saving space in the room. Align in one design and a sleeping place and a wardrobe, you can solve the problem of lack of place.

    Do not climb the middle of the room. The furniture should be located preferably along the walls, freeing the space in the center of the room.

    Following such simple rules, it is possible to easily and without much costs to convert a close, dark dwelling in a cozy, bright and spacious room where it will be pleasant to spend time and with yourself, and in the company.

    More transformer models See next video.

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