Anti-Orthoforma Mattresses with Compressor

After receiving the injuries of the spine or transferred complex operations, a person may be chained to bed. If he is being treated at home, during the care of the patient will be useful for anti-orthoforma mattresses with a compressor.

Models are easy to use and differ in great efficiency.

Distinctive features

The need to buy an anti-face mattress with a compressor occurs when a patient appears in the family. When a person is long without movement, the feeding of the skin, and the epithelium cells are dying. Prolesidery or necrosis of soft tissues occurs in the absence of proper care for sick and limited mobility. The emerging wounds on the body are hard to cure, especially if a person continues to be in bed for months or years.

To prevent the appearance of beds, use special mattresses. Their design is based on the camera, where the compressor automatically serves and pumps air, so that the pressure on the skin is reduced and its natural position is held. The contact site of the product with the body of the patient is constantly changing, which creates the illusion of mobility, does not give blood to be.

The greatest effect is achieved in the regions of the sacrum, buttocks, blades and a nape.

Polyvinyl chloride is used for making mattresses. The material is resistant to temperature drops, has high strength and resistance to the effects of aggressive media. It does not burn, has thick walls, thanks to which products are able to withstand heavy loads. A rubberized cloth with nylon coated is also used as raw materials. Its products are more expensive, ensure comfort, have a soft, pleasant to the touch surface.

Compressors from Orthoforma are easy to manage. They are equipped with an intuitive interface with a minimum switches on the front case. It is possible to adjust the pressure, set the characteristics of the patient to select the optimal mode of operation.

What is the effect of mattresses:

  • Prevention of sacrifice of soft tissues and combating existing beds.
  • Oxygen skin cell saturation, blood circulation recovery.
  • Treatment of burns of varying degrees.
  • Health effect on the body in injuries of the musculoskeletal system, fractures.

Among the readings to the use of products, the rehabilitation period is distinguished after serious operations, the spinal fracture, the stretching of the skeleton, paralysis, osteoporosis, radiculitis, dystrophy of the outer fibers and the articular cartilage and other diseases. Products withstand heavy loads and are suitable for patients with overweight problems (up to 135 kg).

In the navalized state of the product it is easy to store and transport, in the infrete they relate with a standard size of beds.

It is unacceptable to use anti-face mattresses with serious spinal injuries when the bone marrow is affected. In this case, the patient is needed hard fixation, and the movable surface of the product will only harm and delay recovery. The patient’s condition can worsen when using a mattress with skeletal-cerviffs.


A certain kind of mattress is chosen depending on the patient’s condition. Take into account whether it will be sick all the time without movement or will be at least a little moving, for example, sit down, rotate on the side. According to the mechanism of impact on the body of the patient, two types of anti-political mattresses. Static models have a fixed surface and inside are equipped with a variety of cells that are responsible for the redistribution of the load on the human body.

The product is recommended in cases where the patient can get up himself, lifting or saves partial mobility.

A feature of a dynamic mattress is that its surface is constantly moving. Because of this, the pressure on the skin increases, it seeks zero, so that soft tissues remain in a tone. Massage effect contributes to the relief of pain, allows the muscles to relax. Dynamic models, in turn, are divided into two more types depending on how internal elements are located:

  • Cellular. They are bought when the patient is able to move, however, it is forced to observe the bed after operations transferred injuries or burns. The model contributes to cure layers of 1-2 degrees, can be used as a prophylactic agent for diseases of the spine.

  • Blinds. Used for severely ill patients who are completely deprived of the opportunity to move. They are acquired when a person for a long period does not get out of bed, has a breakdown of 3-4 degrees or strong burns. Allow you to prevent the development of further leaning fabrics and heal already received wounds.

Allocate the three most popular models:

  • Mattress Anti-Orthoforma M-0007 has a therapeutic effect in the treatment of injuries of the musculoskeletal system. Has antigravitational performance and is used in the fight against burns of varying degrees.

  • The mesh mattress M-0003 has a relaxing, massage effect. It allows you to adjust the pressure of the compressor, it can be used for prevention, in particular, to be used by people whose work is associated with a constant load on the spine. The product prevents blood stagnation and lymph in tissues.

  • An improved model is M-0021. The surface of this balloon mattress has a plurality of small holes that provide continuous circulation of air and blowing the skin to prevent the appearance of diaper.

Features of operation

A distinctive feature of the product is easy to care. Its installation does not require the use of special knowledge or skills, while the mattress itself is distinguished by the strength and long service life, so that it is hardly necessary to repair. People who never encounter lying sick, causing exactly how to use anti-face mattresses.

Instructions for use:

  • The product is located on top of the standard mattress. The jack of the air must be in the legs of the patient.
  • With the help of tubes, the mattress connects with the compressor. The latter is located above the bed level with special arcs.
  • For complete inflation, it takes 10-15 minutes. A clean sheet is sprinkled on top of it, which should be often changed during operation, since the underlying patient may often sweat.
  • The weight of the patient is installed on the compressor regulator based on which the corresponding power is installed. After the patient laid on the bed.

The compressor cannot be turned off, it must be connected to the network throughout the entire period of use. It is not recommended to shift the patient to the ordinary mattress even on the short period: because of this, the person can deteriorate sharply.

Periodically, the mattress should be wiped with a napkin moistened in a soap or disinfectant solution. The product can not be immersed in water and exposed hot steam.

Visually with the instructions for the use of anti-Rubber mattress, you can find in the following video.


Consumers celebrate high efficiency of anti-face mattresses in the fight against proligeses. Products are predominantly acquired for relatives who are prescribed bed regime for a long time. Thanks to regular care for the sick and use of special mattresses, it is possible to prevent the development of necrosis even after several months of staying in bed.

Low price – another advantage of models. In the occupied market segment, they are relatively few standing, and thanks to the energy efficiency of the compressor, it is possible to avoid large accounts for electricity. The mattress is almost no noise, it takes little space and is distinguished by the simplicity of control, because any person will cope with the product. The soft mattress supports the body in a comfortable position, puts on the skin a healing effect and allows it to breathe. If necessary, the product is easily repaired. Included with the goods there is a special glue and patchwork, allowing to close holes that may occur during the operation of the mattress.

Buyers recommend refusing to buy very cheap mattresses. High risk that they will be made of poor-quality raw materials that have a harmful effect on the skin. In addition, products may have an unpleasant smell of rubber, which remains for a long time.

Before purchasing a mattress, it is required to check it on the presence of chances and cracks through which air can exit.

How to choose a Anti-Rubber Mattress, you can learn from the video below.

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