Zoning Studio Apartment

    Studio apartment are very popular lately. They have no traditional partitions, as in housing with the usual layout. Such squares need competent zoning so that all furniture and decor objects are in suitable places.



    Types of partitions

    Partitions can be used to separate functional zones. Similar details may have the most different design. It is recommended to select such options that would fit into the overall interior stylist.

    Septures made from different materials, from bamboo to plastics. You can choose the perfect option for every taste and wallet.



    Consider popular and sought-after partition models that are suitable for zoning in a fashionable studio apartment.


    Many interiors fit glass partitions. Not so long ago, such elements were present only in restaurants, offices or bars. Today they are relevant for the design of residential apartments.

    Modern manufacturers produce products with very durable glasses, so in operation such partitions are absolutely safe. Their main advantage is versatility. These structures are undemanding against microclimate indoors. They can be in rooms with dry and wet air.

    Many home studio apartment are treated for glass partitions due to their resistance to mold and fungus formation.


    No less popular. They have a slight weight. There are modular and framework options. The installation of such elements is not difficult and can be carried out independently.

    With the help of wooden partitions, it is possible to distinguish the room high quality, without loading the floor. For mounting such systems will not need additional fittings.

    Designers strongly recommend supplen by such products in Loft and Eco-style.

    It is impossible not to note the ecology of wooden partitions. They will not come from harmful evaporation, even if the room will hold high temperature.

    Tree is a supple material and easily processed. So, you can make a unique partition with carved patterns, cover it with varnish, paint or decorate with a variety of prints.

    The lack of such copies is the need for regular surface treatment with special antifungal compositions and means to protect against mold.

    It is not recommended to install wooden partitions if the air in the apartment is too wet or dry. Do not hold such details under the right sunlight, as they can refuse with time and crack.


    The models made of plastic are common today. They are very simple in operation and possess modern design. On the surface of the plastic, dust does not settle, the curtains or models with drapes can not boast.

    Glass inserts in such versions have a small thickness, so the whole design can also be thin. A lot of plastic partitions will not take place, but it will look very careful.

    Today, various firms offer a huge number of plastic partitions with the most different design design. Apartment can be equipped with traditional matte or shiny glossy models.


    Interior sliding partitions are ideal for the studio apartment. They are performed in such conditions not only a functional, but also a decorative role. For this reason, creative people who prefer original and creative interiors are more often treated.

    Sliding models are made from different materials. Some of the most popular are glass specimens. They are often decorated with large vinyl stickers with various patterns.

    Wooden products are more suitable for classic or minimal interiors. To the selection of such options it is worth a very careful. For example, a large deaf dark wood partition is more suitable for the fence of the sleeping or working area. In conditions of the living room, it will not look very harmonious.

    Methods for separating premises on zones

    There are many ways to zoning in the studio apartment. Consider the most popular and spectacular options:

      • You can distinguish the space using the ceiling. It needs to be made multi-level and form high-altitude differences at the junction of two functional zones. Many people also add to light demarcation on such surfaces.

      • Another convenient separation of surfaces is Paul. For example, separating the kitchen and the living room with the help of two different floor coverings: put a tile in the dining area, and in the living room – laminate. The species diversity of flooring can be postponed straight, burned, along and across. With similar options for design and separation space will look more interesting and brighter.

      • Often the owners of the studios turn to such a divorce as the podium. But with such objects it is worth being careful. Their lift should not be less than 45 cm.

      • Split the room on the zones using the archer and colon. They often install glass shelves designed for storing decorative trifles. Such solutions look very expensive and aristocratic, especially if there is an appropriate interior around them. Similar options are most often separated by the kitchen from the living room.

      • In a small studio, you can contact a separator that does not occupy free space – accent walls. They are separated by contrasting materials that identify a certain zone. Typically, such techniques are used to separate the living room or bedroom. Accent walls are located on the wall at a mild corner and a TV, as well as the bed.

      Zoning color

      It looks very interesting to apartments in which there is a zoning of functional spaces with color.

      This technique can affect the walls, ceiling or on the floor. For example, it is possible to separate the kitchen zone from the living room with the help of white walls and beige flooring, and in the living room, it takes this surface with a dark blue and light gray tint in the living room.

      On the floor, the laminate of different colors is often put. So, the bedroom can be separated by light brown laminate, and in the territory of the living room and kitchen, put the dark chocolate coloring coatings.

      Be careful with contrasts. Colors should look in the overall ensemble harmonious. Eyes from multicolored zoning should not be hurting and tired, so the selection of materials should be treated very seriously.

      Many apartment owners distinguish the area with the help of materials that differ from each other with shades. For example, the kitchen picks up white, for the living room beige, and for the bedroom chocolate wallpaper.

      Examples of design projects

      If you like beautiful and spacious squares with contrasting furniture objects, you can contact the next ensemble:

      • Beige or dim a lemon sofa. Position the built-in rack and place there TVs there.
      • The sofa should be equipped with a kitchen area: put a dark headset with a refrigerator and a stove along the wall. It is possible to divide the living room and a dining area using a black bar stand behind the back of upholstered furniture.
      • Use different colors for separation. Light brown laminate in the living room, and in the kitchen – white tile with small rhombus of black. A similar interior will be spectacular on the background of white or light beige walls and ceiling.

      A very beautiful and cozy interior can be made in a small studio using the following materials and furniture items:

      • Kitchen zone from the living room Separate a dark brown tile and similar laminate.
      • Living room Subscribe beige or light caramel tint. Place white soft armchairs and a tumbler for a TV with high shelves.
      • Behind the living area can be equipped with sleeping places with dark chocolate walls. It should be separated using sliding partitions with matte glasses.

      Light shades are able to visually expand the space. Consider a spectacular option of this design of the fashionable studio:

      • Deposit the living room with white plaster, and put the dark laminate on the floor.
      • On this area, place a cream sofa, aident and coffee table.
      • Side view of the living area Tools a sleeping. Divide the space using high white racks with books.
      • In the sleeping area on the background of light beds will be harmoniously looked for a white brick wall, supplemented by a big contrast pattern.
      • Ceiling should be left white and embed several small lamps with metal edging.

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