YouTube on Telefunken TV: Update, Removal and Installation

YouTube on TV Telefunken works as a whole stably and significantly expands users’ capabilities. But sometimes it is necessary to engage in installing and updating, and if the program has ceased to be necessary, then. All these actions have their own rigorous logic, so they should be performed thoughtfully, so as not to harm the fine technique.

Why the application does not work?

YouTube – Lead World War Hosting Stock Footage. It contains an incredible mass of content. That’s why Telefunken has provided the SMART TV mode that opens access to treasures video from different countries. The built-in application interface is quite simple.

However, sometimes there are complaints that YouTube does not open.

There are a number of reasons that lead to such a sad state of affairs:

  • Standards have changed on the service itself;
  • ceased to be supported by an outdated model;
  • The Youtube system error occurred;
  • The program has been removed from the official virtual store;
  • The TV itself has failed or its software;
  • There are technical failures on the server side, the provider or on the lines of communication;
  • There are conflicts and disorders after reinstalling software.

How to update?

When it is checked that there is a program for connecting YouTube, but it does not function or works with errors, the restoration of work is quite possible. You will have to or upgrade the firmware of the TV, or find out if the new version of the program did not appear from the service itself. Important: if you fail to connect, sometimes it makes sense to wait for a while. Disorders associated with problems or special work on the service are eliminated quite quickly. But it must be borne in mind that before updating the program will have to be 100% cleaned its former version.

When the old application is removed, you can download the new version. Looking for it predictably through Google Play. Just enter the desired name in the search string.

Pick among the search results the appropriate program and click “Update”. But here you need to show maximum attentiveness.

YouTube television application icons are exactly the same as the program icons for smartphones and computers. If you do not install that program, it will not work. Pre-disabled application will have to start. When the installation is completed, the appearance of the service button must change. Most often no additional steps will not need.

However, in some cases, resetting the settings is reset. Produce it, turning off the TV, and then again launching it after a while. On separate models to set up everything correctly, it is necessary to clean the cache. Without this procedure, the normal application will be impossible. Make it like this:

  • enter the HOME menu section;
  • choose settings;
  • enter the application directory;
  • select the desired option;
  • YouTube’s inscription in the list appeared;
  • Choose data cleaning point;
  • Confirmed the decision made.

Similarly, the service is updated on Telefunken TV running on the basis of the Android operating system. In other models, the method like.

But in advance will have to look back in the browser settings to delete the cookie files completely. It is worth considering that in some models, a suitable function is located in the Client Support Menu block. Its name in this case – deleting personal data.

But The problem may be that the application for YouTube is outdated. More precisely, since 2017, there is no support for the program used on models issued until 2012. Software restoration of service performance in such cases is impossible. However, there are elementary methods that make it possible to remove an unpleasant limitation. The easiest way to connect to a TV smartphone responsible for broadcasting.

How to delete?

    Some people still use video view via browser or buy android console. But in fact it is not the only options. For example, there is one way, which is recommended to the owners of all TVs, regardless of the specific brand or model. In this case according to the algorithm:

    • upload to a computer (can and portable) widget, which is called – YouTube;
    • Create a folder under the same name on the flash card;
    • The contents of the archive are unpacking there;
    • Insert the memory card into the port;
    • Launch Smart Hub on TV;
    • I find out in the list of available YouTube programs (now it is possible to work with it in the same way as with the original application – you only have to run the program).

    Deleting YouTube utility is made through the “My Applications” section inside the Google Play Main Menu. There will have to find the program by its name. Selecting the appropriate position, give a command to delete. This command will be necessary to confirm using the “OK” button on the television panel. As can be seen, nothing complicated in this procedure.

    Instead of complete deletion, as an option, it is often enough to reset the settings to the factory done at the factory.

    This procedure is made in cases where problems began after updating software or when other software failures are found. Do this:

    • included in the support menu;
    • give the command to reset the settings;
    • Specify the security code (by default 4 zero);
    • confirm their actions;
    • Re-update software, thoroughly checking what the current version is selected.

    What if YouTube does not work on the TV, look next.

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