Yamaha Soundbars: Model Review

Ultrathin TVs are increasingly popular today. It dictates certain requirements and to modern acoustic systems. External sound panels are compact, but functional. One of the best manufacturers of such equipment is Yamaha. Soundbars this brand provide a magnificent pure 3D sound, while being technological systems with useful features. Consider the range of this company category company in more detail.


Today, Yamaha is a leader in the creation of multi-channel sound emitters. Its technique easily creates a surround sound field indoors. At the same time, the saoundbars have a stylish design, harmoniously fit into any interior. They can be placed both in front of the TV and on the wall. The second installation option is simplified due to built-in mounts. If the TV supports HDMI CEC, you can control any model of the brand using a conventional television panel.

The quality of the acoustic systems is also at the height. The company offers several options for sound panels, each of which has its own individual characteristics.

Review models


This is a pretty compact model. Elegant design is characterized by rounded corners. The housing has a tissue coating and phase inverter ports from the side. Device power – 120 W. Product width 890 mm. Height – 53 mm. Depth – 131 mm. Soundbar supports DTS Virtual: X format. Thanks to this, the user gets a luxurious three-dimensional sound. Volumetric virtual sound creates the effect of presence. The Clear Voice option makes the dialogs as clear as possible by removing them to the fore.

There are 2 built-in subwoofers. It gives the sound powerful deep bass, which is especially important when listening to musical compositions. It is possible to connect two Bluetooth devices at once. This allows you to instantly switch between sound sources.

If desired, the user can connect an additional subwoofer to the system. It will give the sound even greater depth and assertiveness.


This system includes a panel and compact subwoofer. In the complex these elements create an impressive volumetric 3D sound. Total capacity – 200 W. There is a Clear Voice option for the perfect clarity of words outgoing from the screen. Especially expressive in such a soundbar music sounds. The device “lifts” upper frequencies, plunges medium and lower.

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Product width 930 mm. Height – 60 mm. Depth – 108 mm. Available System Management using a special Home Theater Controller application for smartphone. It allows not only to turn on and off the device, but also to choose from the finished parameters, ideal for different content (music, sports broadcasts, television shows, movies, video games), as well as create your own settings.


This 7.1-channel saunbar has 2 built-in subwoofers. The surround sound with the effect of presence is complemented by deep bass. MusicCast technology allows you to listen to music in different rooms. There is support for Bluetooth, Clear Voice, Internet radio. The AirPlay option provides easy audio transmission from a computer, phone, tablet. The user can set 1 out of 5 different sound modes (for music, games, movies, sports matches, cognitive programs). Device dimensions – 950 x 72 x 131 mm.


This compact system is a novelty in the brand assortment. It features alexa voice control. The device provides a three-dimensional sound of DTS Virtual: X, as if an enveloping room. The kit includes a wireless subwoofer, which can be placed anywhere without unnecessary cables. It is possible to stream data through Bluetooth, Clear Voice Technology. Total output power system – 200 W. Sizes of the sound panel – 930 × 62 × 109 mm. Dimensions of the subwoofer – 191 × 420 × 406 mm.


This is another novelty with voice control. There is no separate subwoofer here, but there are built-in speakers to play saturated bass. There is a Clear Voice option, Bluetooth. Despite compactness, Soundbar gives users a luxury virtual surround sound. Product dimensions – 890 x 53 x 131 mm.

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MusicCast Bar 400

This is a special saunbar. In addition to enveloping surround sound with deep low notes from a wireless subwoofer and flawlessly clear dialogs from Clear Voice, the system gives the user a number of possibilities. The device is compatible with the latest 4K Ultra HD TVs, has voice control, Bluetooth. The MusicCast option allows you to listen to music in several rooms.

Built-in streaming services allow you to listen to your favorite works, synchronize playlists, get acquainted with new masterpieces. It is possible to connect a wireless speaker system surrounding system.

Sound projectors

Models YSP-1600, YSP-2700 and YSP-5600 are not just called soundbars, but sound projectors. It is no coincidence. Unique brand technology Digital Sound Projector gives users a real (not virtual) surround sound.

YSP-1600 – five.1-channel projector with 2 built-in subwoofers. It has 8 speakers creating sound directional rays, synchronized by a digital signal processor. Rays are reflected from the walls, forming a three-dimensional sound field. The direction of sound can be monitored by a remote control or special application. The device supports MusicCast, streaming music, Bluetooth, AirPlay. There are several settings modes for different content and on-screen menu.

YSP-2700 It has a separate wireless subwoofer. This is 7.1-channel panel with 16 emitters. It is possible to play music in different rooms. In this case, the IntelliBeam sound calibration system creates an optimal sound field for each room. There is support for Bluetooth, Internet radio, Clear Voice, synchronization with other devices, streaming services.

YSP-5600 – The most expensive and luxurious sound projector brand with 44 speakers. The system supports the latest Dolby ATMOS® and DTS: X surrounding formats. The unique option Dialogue Lift “raises” the sound of dialogs. Also present Clear Voice. It is possible to use an external subwoofer (in the kit it is not). The system has several listening modes and the on-screen menu, synchronized with other devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones), supports musical streaming services.

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How to choose?

Choosing between Yamaha Soundbars, you should pay attention to the characteristics of the models. If you are a music lover, you may have the MusicCast option important for you. If you often watch movies and serials, the useful addition will be Clear Voice. Think if you want an innovative model that can be controlled by voice, or you are closer to traditional sound adjustment methods.

Consider the dimensions of products, the availability of support for Wi-Fi, the presence of a separate subwoofer. On the official website of the company, all models are presented with photos, a detailed description of all parameters and capabilities.

Therefore, before you go to the store for purchase, you should get acquainted with the range of the brand and understand which of the available options you are more suitable.

How to connect?

Connecting the Yamaha technique, as a rule, does not cause difficulties. Usually, the connection to the TV occurs through the optical or analog connectors HDMI. A detailed description of the process with illustrations can be found in the instructions that are attached to each model.

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