Xiaomi air conditioners: pros and cons, species, choice

Xiaomi is known to the world as a manufacturer of high-quality home equipment. Mobile phones brand got the greatest popularity. However, few people know that the company produces devices that facilitate our life in the summer and allow you to warm up in winter. In the article, we will consider Xiaomi’s air conditioning, we will give some tips for choosing a device, as well as make an overview of reviews left by buyers online.

Xiaomi manufactures a wide range of air conditioners. Consider the most sought-after products.

Mijia Smart Air Conditioner

This device is designed for the area to 23 kV. M. Power consumption – 900 W. The main feature of the model is the ability to control with the help of a special mobile application for the smart home Mihome (without using the remote control). Xiaomi Mijia Smart Air Conditioner has two modes: cooling and heating. The air conditioner has a built-in antibacterial filter, which cleans air from harmful bacteria and microorganisms. If necessary, it can be washed alone. The device is rather quiet: noise level varies within 22-46 dB, depending on the load. Diverse power modes, the ability to adjust the temperature with an accuracy of 0.1 degrees and switching on / off, even when you are not at home, make a model perfect for any apartment.

Laconic rectangular design design perfectly fit into the modern interior

Air conditioner price is 44,000 rubles.

Floor Standing AC

“Smart” New, which has become a real hit in the technological world. Vertical air conditioner has a cylindrical shape, it does not need to hang under the ceiling – it is enough to choose angle in the room and put on the floor. One of the main advantages of the portable model is the ability to move it from place to place if necessary. The device is designed for a room to 32 square meters. M. It has two modes of operation: cooling and heating. The special design of the blades allows you to direct the air in all directions. Product Power – 5100 W. The instrument management occurs by means of the controller with the LCD or Mihome mobile application. The cost of the air conditioner is 35,000 rubles.

Mijia Internet Air Conditioner

Highly efficient model with concise design will look great in any room. The product is very quiet, noise level – only 22 dB. Inventory design of the device provides low power consumption, which is very important. The right bottom corner is built into a small round LED display, which shows the temperature supplied temperature. The maximum product performance is 650 m3 / hour, which allows you to quickly heat or cool the room to 28 square meters. M. The main feature of Xiaomi Mijia Internet Air Conditioner is the ability to control not only a console or Mihome mobile application, but also with voice. Control the temperature and angle of inclination can be up to 0.1 degrees. Price – 44 990 rubles.

Smartmi DC Inverter Air Conditioner

Inventory air conditioner with original design hanging on the wall. The corner has a small round display showing air temperature and operation mode. The model has four modes: cooling, heating, air supply and air drying. The device is designed for a room for up to 23 kV. M. Built-in antibacterial filter cleans air from harmful microorganisms and removes excess moisture. Thanks to the special design of the heat exchanger, the temperature in the room will reach the specified level faster. Noise-canceling technologies in combination with sound insulation materials provide almost silent operation of the aggregate. Xiaomi Smartmi DC Inverter Air Conditioner refers to energy-saving models and does not spend excess electricity. Temperature control can be performed as a remote control with the LCD and using a special phone or tablet application. Once the degree of the room reaches the specified value, the temperature maintenance mode turns on. For the manufacture of this air conditioner, high-quality and high-tech materials are used, which are characterized by a long operational period. The cost of the product is 47,990 rubles.

How to choose?

When buying an air conditioner, you must pay attention to some nuances that will help make the right choice. First of all, it should be solved, for the placement of which area the unit is purchased, since the main parameters of the product depend on it. If the room is small, try to choose a compact model that will not look too cargo and fit into the overall stylist. The power of the product depends on the element. Rooms up to 25 kV. M. It will be enough 900-1200 W. Indoors over 30 kV. M. It is necessary to put the device with a power of 2500 W. When buying, find out the number of operating modes.

The optimal option will be the unit with two modes: heating and cooling. But if you are going to use air conditioning only in hot weather, then do not waste extra money and purchase a model with one mode.

Pay attention to the noise level. The optimal indicator is 22-46 dB. Try to choose air conditioning with low power consumption or with the presence of climate control mode, which allows you to maintain the desired degree, while not spending a lot of electricity. Another important point is the presence of the display on the device body, which will display the air temperature. Du the console must have convenient buttons and be easy to use. Modern smart models can be mounted with a mobile application and control all the indicators through it. It is very convenient, because you can cool in advance or warm the room before your arrival home to relax after working day.

Current stores offer a wide selection of air conditioners. You can take a suspension horizontal device that is hanging on the wall, or a vertical model with the possibility of moving. Plus, the second option is that one product will be able to work alternately in different rooms, so you can not spend money on several air conditioners for one apartment. Same Outdoor portable model will not load space, especially indoors with low ceilings, On the contrary, the device will help visually stretch the room. So far, such models are not so popular yet, but soon they will become an integral part of each house.

Additions in the form of voice control system or built-in antibiotic filter are welcome. The first function will facilitate the control of the air conditioner – it will be enough to say the introductory words, and the technique will fulfill all instructions. Air filtration is needed in the modern world, especially if you live in the city, and not in the country. A huge amount of machines have a fan of air, the built-in filter will clean it from harmful bacteria and microorganisms, and also removes extra moisture. In your apartment will always be freshness and purity.


The opinion of buyers about the air conditioners of the Chinese brand is mainly positive. Xiaomi has proven itself as a manufacturer of quality products, so confidence in the company’s top-level products. And the goods do not disappoint. The reviews mark the interesting design of models that fit into any interior. The aggregates are perfectly coping with both cooling and heated air and well support the specified temperature. Products are easy to manage, and the ability to use the application in a mobile phone once again emphasizes what the firm is aimed at an innovative approach.

Many users praise and voice control – the device reacts almost instantly.

Pleases buyers and low electricity consumption by brand air conditioners. Many included products an hour before returning home to cool the air, and each time they met the coolness and freshness. The greatest plus for some has become almost silent operation of the device, the sound of the air conditioner did not interfere at all. Ecology in many cities leaves much to be desired, which is why buyers drew attention to Xiaomi air conditioners with antibacterial filter. There were users who measure the presence of harmful microorganisms in the air by a special device, which confirmed that the brand developers did not rotate the filter efficiency. He really served not only cold, but also clean air.

Of the minuses there is a poorly running application that does not always connect to the aggregate. Also disappointed the absence of Russian. There are only English and Chinese, unfortunately, they limit the use of all the functions of devices for those who do not know the languages ​​at the proper level.

Air conditioner Review Xiaomi Smartmi Zhimi Full DC Inverter is waiting for you below.

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