Wireless vacuum headphones: the best models and selection criteria

Wireless vacuum headphones managed to become a real hit sales. These models are characterized by functionality and durability, they exceed all the shades of sounds, at the same time isolating the hearing pass from external noise, but the problems are invariably arising – there are many options, they all look attractive.

The ranking of the best headphones, Intracinal Bluetooth headphones and other models for the phone will help make a final solution without errors. Consider more Best Models and Criteria Selection of Wireless Vacuum Headphones.


Wireless vacuum headphones or IEMS (in-Ear-Canalphone) represent Variety of accessories for phones and other mobile equipment. They are also referred to in intra-channel or, less reliable, “plugs”, because it is not installed in the ear of the sink, but inside the auditory passage, in the ear canal. Models without wires with microphone is customary to call headsets, because With their help, you can successfully communicate with the interlocutor in voice mode. Putting or intracanal headphones of this type save the ability to reproduce music, can have a special lace or rigid plastic headband in the neck area.

IEMS differ from the “liners” method of fastening in ear shell. They are more reliable and functional, ensure the dive of the tip with the nozzle to the channel, without creating risk to fallout even at a very high level of physical activity. Sound sealing with such a type of headphone design is always the maximum, Unnecessary noises are blocked, a closed camera is formed, better revealing the entire depth of music.

There are ready-made solutions and customs – in the 2 categories of nozzles worn on the nozzle of the headphone, are cast in the form of the owner’s channel, they are most convenient anatomically.

As part of the design of wireless intracanal headphones, there are the following elements:

  • frame;
  • microdrike with holder;
  • Acoustic shutter;
  • nozzle;
  • connector;
  • Liner for the room in the ear canal.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, less frequently, IR or radio signals are usually used for wireless communication.

Review of species

All intra-channel headphones are customary to divide into groups by type and signal transmission, and also by type of drivers used. There are only 2 options for converters.

  • Dynamic, with balanced anchor (BA). In such drivers, a movable coil is used, ensuring the intensive sound of bass. Such models belong to the budget category, since the overall quality of the headphones remains at a fairly low level. It is worth adding that large, famous brands are almost never used in their acoustics such converters.
  • Reinforcement. Such drivers have less frequency range, but playback of sounds more accurate and clean. To improve the sound range in each headphone, several dynamic converters are installed. Such models are larger in size, it is much more expensive.

    Can be divided into intra-channel models and according to the type of nozzles used in them. If a soft plastic is used, the package will inscribe Sleeves, the foamed polymer is indicated by Foam. With arbitrary form, the MOLD is specified. These include silicone or acrylic tips, different in terms of hardness. And also allocate universal nozzles and having a certain dimensional range. 2 The group is selected individually, taking into account the user’s comfort. Universal models have special protrusions that allow you to change the depth of immersion. It is worth considering that their use delivers certain discomfort until the desired tightness is reached.

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    The most popular nozzles – foam. They are pretty soft and comfortable in the sock, attractively look, ensure the formation of a pleasant, warm sound, noticeably different from what silicone and plastic are demonstrated. The only drawback is the need to replace 2-3 weeks of use. Foamed nozzles are not cleaned, they only dispose of.

    In addition, wireless vacuum headphones are made to distinguish between the received and transmitted signal. Depending on the execution, this may be several options.


    They use a stationary type transmitter and rechargeable headphones. The signal is transmitted in analog form, without encryption, on FM frequencies 863-865 Hz. Such models do not differ from high broadcast cleanliness, They are very noticeable to interference. The quality and range of reception largely depend on external factors, possible signal shielding. Music lovers such models do not exactly interest.


    Infrared LED in the design of such headphones and the IR port in the phone in this case, act as a receiver and audio transmitter. A large disadvantage of this type of wireless connection is Small data broadcast radius. Devices constantly have to keep in close proximity to each other so that infrared sensors are in the visibility zone. This is an outdated and uncomfortable option, practically not found on sale.


    Most Mass Category Wireless Vacuum Headphones. Such models are characterized by a radius of up to 10 m, and sometimes – and up to 30 m, compact, do not require the search Wi-Fi connection. For the installation of the pairing you need no more than a minute. Bluetooth signal is transmitted after the encoding passage, It is better protected from interception and unauthorized intervention. Here you do not need a stationary transmitter, Communication is carried out quickly and just with any device, from the TV to the player.


    In essence, in headphones, positioning as Wi-Fi devices, the same Bluetooth technology is used as Standards of data transfer devices in this way the same: IEEE 802.eleven. The name Wi-Fi can be considered as a marketing stroke, it does not affect the method and path of data transfer, only evidence of belonging to a specific protocol.

    Rating the best models

    Vacuum wireless headphones managed to acquire massive popularity. They are valued for mobility and compactness, good waterproofing and high-quality sound. Among the models causing the greatest admiration of the consumer audience and the expert community, You can select multiple options.

    • Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless. Model of premium wireless headphones, with high sensitivity, corporatecase and excellent design. Bluetooth support range is 10 m, the device is very light, has sensory control, quickly connects to the smartphone.

    In terms of sound quality, these headphones have no competition – this is an Hi-Fi technique, providing better playback of tracks in any musical styles.

    • Apple Airpods Pro. Headphones with microphone, Bluetooth 5.0, support for all available codecs. From this model, fashion began on vacuum wireless headphones, which swept the whole world. The battery life is 4.5 hours, from the battery in the case you can extend this period for a day, supported joint (pair) mode of use.
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    • Huawei FreeBuds 3. Protected from water headphones with microphone and stylish design. From the older brand models, this device is distinguished by execution, less weight and compactness. Headphones are easily connected to the iPhone, Android smartphones, in a set of 3 pairs of nozzles, 1 of which are perforated, for sports. Fast charging is supported, the case is automatically pairing headphones when the cover is opened.

    • Beats BeatsX Wireless. Wireless headphones from the average price category. They demonstrate sensitivity in 101 dB, have a magnetized base and a rear handbook with a signal emitter. Wireless support is saved at a distance of 15 m, charging is performed via USB-A connector. Headphones are compatible even with iPhone, work up to 8 hours in a row, there is a fast charging function.

    • Meizu Pop2. Stylish headphones with a good autonomous reserve and convenient Case. High sensitivity 101 dB makes them quite loud, one battery charge is enough for 8 hours of operation – this is one of the best results. In addition, headphones are compatible with the iPhone and most of the other flagship smartphones, have a dust-excreonished housing. A distinctive feature can be called sensory control, and the noise reduction system makes conversations comfortable even in a crowd.

    • Xiaomi Airdots Pro. Popular Wireless Headphones in Compact Charger Case, What is suitable for smartphones on iOS and Android. Communication is maintained at a distance of up to 10 m, the connection of the box is carried out through the USB-C connector. The accumulated energy is enough for 3 recharging headphones in the way.

    The model has a system for active noise suppression, a waterproof housing, a built-in microphone.

    • HONOR FLYPODS YOUTH EDITION. Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones with Case. The model supports a steady signal within a radius of 10 m, battery life – 3 hours. In Case, you can charge headphones 4 times, the rapid replenishment of energy is maintained. One earpiece weighs 10 g, in a set 3 Replaceable ambules of different diameter for each side.

    • Qcy T1c. Cheap Chinese headphones with Bluetooth support 5.0, charger included, microUSB connector. The model is compatible with the iPhone and Android smartphones, has a completely presentable design, on 1 recharging it works up to 4 hours. Headphones are very light, ergonomic, complete a fairly sensitive microphone for conversations on the go or driving. The Case provides the charge indicator, on each headphone housing there is a control key.

    Criterias of choice

    When choosing wireless vacuum headphones for the phone, it is recommended to pay attention not only to the design or popularity of the model. Technical parameters are no less important. In addition, accessories for your phone should be sought based on their compatibility. Not always universal solutions are suitable for all models of devices. Among the most important selection criteria, the following can be distinguished:

    • Type of communication used – It is clear here to pay attention exclusively on modern headphones with Bluetooth 4 standard.0 and above; Radio handlers and models operating from the IR signal are not reliable enough, it is difficult to talk about a stable connection and high-quality sound in this case;
    • sensitivity determines the volume of the sound of speakers and headphones; In the case of vacuum models, you should pay attention to options with indicators not lower than 100 dB;
    • frequency range – There will be enough option from 20 to 20,000 Hz; If the first indicator has greater values, high frequencies will sound deaf and inexpressively; His understatement, too, for nothing, because of the limit of 15 Hz, the human ear no longer recognizes the signals – the wider range, the deeper will be the sound;
    • The presence of a neck rim – This analogue of the headset is often added to sports headphones to improve communication, make the entire design more convenient to use; It can be represented by a lace or a rigid headband connecting the headphones into a pair, while the vacuum “plugs” themselves will still be wireless;
    • Availability of built-in microphone – This component turns headphones into a full-fledged headset for telephone conversations; If this option is not required, you can find a model without a negotiation block;
    • Design and popularity – Brand headphones choose those who want to emphasize their belonging to a narrow circle of favorites; In practice, inexpensive models from conscientious producers are no worse, it all depends on the personal preferences of the user;
    • Type of nozzles – Usually included their several pairs of different sizes; In addition, it is worth paying attention to the material – for example, acrylic pretty rigid, foaming milders and comfortable, silicone are considered the most massive, but noticeably inferior to FOAM as a sound playback;
    • Compatible with smartphone – especially the “capricious” in this sense, the brand technique, an absolutely any model will not fit to iPhone or Samsung; The list of compatible devices is better to clarify in advance;
    • Duration of autonomous work – if there is a case in the kit, 4-6 hours of autonomous playback of music are easily turned into 24 hours; It is so much that the kit on one charging from the network can hold;
    • price – Premium models cost from 200 dollars, the middle class costs from 80 to 150 USD, the most inexpensive vacuum headphones in a wireless segment are sold at a price of up to 4,000 rubles, but the quality of music playback in them will not be at the height.
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    Considering all these moments, you can pick up suitable vacuum headphones with a wireless connection for a variety of mobile gadgets – from players to smartphones and tablets.

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